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Winter 2021

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Stuff I found in my laptop (+ small update)

PatchSpriteMusicSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by Kevin on

48 6,812
by Moltz

Super Mario World Central Production 2 - Nearly complete, but at what cost?

GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldDemo

Posted by Falconpunch on

42 6,354
by Falconpunch

Some audacious ports from Mana series, Undertale and more...

MusicResource Release

Posted by qantuum on

17 2,550
by qantuum

Eternity - New Music

MusicSuper Mario WorldVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by Yoshin on

4 1,079
by Ultima

LadiesMan217's SMAS+W with SMM2 Music & Super Mario World: 30th Anniversary Edition (My First Ever Hacks!)

PatchMusicSoundtrackSuper Mario WorldMisc. HackingFull Hack ReleaseResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

64 13,051
by LadiesMan217

A background rip, player graphics and music ports

GraphicsMusicResource Release

Posted by Green Jerry on

13 2,286
by zacmario

R-ACK - A "No Rules" SMW Collab created by Team JANK [View Trailer!]

MusicSuper Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseResource ReleaseVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

10 2,620
by Klug

tcdw's 4 Ports for C3

MusicResource Release

Posted by Nanako on

21 4,810
by E-man38

Dippy's port thread (2021 Edition)

MusicSuper Mario World

Posted by Dippy on

18 3,663
by E-man38

Touhou Ports (Mostly lightly sampled).


Posted by Marcozzo Daro on

6 749
by Marcozzo Daro

A Touhou Port


Posted by monkey03297 on

3 704
by Klug



Posted by Samantha on

24 3,054
by Klug

New Super Mario Classic Series: Showroom [Winter 2021]

GraphicsMusicSoundtrackSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by xyz600sp on

10 1,827
by Fullcannon

Ported music tracks from Fortress 2 Blue and Kururin Paradise, by brickblock369

MusicResource Release

Posted by brickblock369 on

30 3,752
by brickblock369

SMW Musical Showcase V3 (5+6)

MusicSuper Mario World

Posted by Fullcannon on

7 1,432
by Fullcannon

7+5+1 Ports + 10 MIDIs + 9 Chiptunes - Dispace Troblex's Music

MusicSoundtrackSuper Mario World

Posted by Dispace on

6 1,672
by brickblock369

The (not so) Poyo Jukebox


Posted by Milon Luxy on

10 2,170
by E-man38

Hooded Edge back at it again with the Custom Music :) [UPDATE: Destroy the World!]


Posted by Hooded Edge on

18 2,709
by Teows

AddMusicKFF - A fork of AddMusicK

ToolMusicSuper Mario World

Posted by KungFuFurby on

24 4,357
by Teows

The Sacred Harp music port request thread


Posted by qantuum on

9 1,253
by qantuum

i only have 2 songs but i dont have anything else to use them for

MusicSuper Mario WorldResource Release

Posted by sincx on

9 1,378
by Ultima

Knucklesfan's C3 thing this year aka the stuff I never finished plus Day of the Muncher 2 plus I'm making an indie game or somet

SpriteMusicSoundtrackSuper Mario WorldNon-Hack GameDemoResource ReleaseVideo/TrailerScreenshots

Posted by Knucklesfan on

11 2,387
by Knucklesfan

My Famitracker work


Posted by brickblock369 on

18 1,763
by K.T.B.

I Remixed 2 Touhou 7 Musics


Posted by JX444444 on

12 1,772
by 1UPdudes

Infinity's ports (9 + 1 songs)

MusicResource Release

Posted by Zavok on

26 3,040
by Zavok

Haru's Hybrid Front Project [teaser taster]


Posted by HaruMKT on

17 3,233
by Ultima

mercurypenny's old port/composition dumping ground

MusicSuper Mario World

Posted by MercuryPenny on

8 2,441
by K.T.B.

I Remixed 2 Touhou 7 Musics(Part 2)


Posted by JX444444 on

0 408
by JX444444

Rilla Roo's C3 Stuff Part 1 - 13 Completely Ignored Ports

MusicSuper Mario WorldResource Release

Posted by Pink Gold Peach on

16 2,488
by Pink Gold Peach

Powaqqatsi - New cities in Ancient lands, India (wip, mp3 link, searching a partner)


Posted by qantuum on

1 728
by 1UPdudes

Ultima finishes his "To-Do" List #1 (also update on MM&B soundtrack - check the last post)

MusicSuper Mario World

Posted by Ultima on

16 3,043
by Von Fahrenheit

yoshi9429's C3 Ports in Winter 2021

MusicSuper Mario WorldResource Release

Posted by yoshi9429 on

9 1,115
by yoshi9429

2020 + 2007 + 16 + 1 + 1 are some numbers that have to do with this musical thread (edit: i forgot a song))

MusicResource Release

Posted by bebn legg on

23 3,147
by Mariotag1

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