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Winter 2021

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102's SNES tools for Aseprite & character exporter

ToolSuper Mario WorldMisc. HackingResource ReleaseVideo/Trailer

Posted by MM102 on

27 4,985
by qantuum

LadiesMan217's SMAS+W with SMM2 Music & Super Mario World: 30th Anniversary Edition (My First Ever Hacks!)

PatchMusicSoundtrackSuper Mario WorldMisc. HackingFull Hack ReleaseResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

64 12,207
by LadiesMan217

Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: Part 11 (Day 4)

ToolSuper Mario WorldYoshi's IslandMisc. HackingResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by yoshifanatic on

47 7,449
by yoshifanatic

PMD Abridged

Misc. HackingVideo/Trailer

Posted by Decimeter on

2 781
by Exodust

My hack is in development! Lydian Mario World

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldMisc. HackingScreenshots

Posted by Jazzman287 on

14 1,717
by Jazzman287

Super Mario World Food% Randomizer

Super Mario WorldMisc. HackingOther

Posted by patcdr on

10 1,366
by Von Fahrenheit

Russ' Misc. Hacking Thread With More SMB3 (and a hack release!)

Misc. HackingFull Hack ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by RussianMan on

24 4,086
by Von Fahrenheit

KungFuFurby's SPC Sound Driver Disassemblies

ToolMisc. HackingResource Release

Posted by KungFuFurby on

2 537
by KungFuFurby

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