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Winter 2021

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SMWCentral's Time Capsule


Posted by Kevin on

53 6,560
by K.T.B.

Megamix Engine - Enemy/Gimmick requests

Non-Hack GameRequestsOther

Posted by yoshiatom on

8 1,935
by Exodust

Old and New levels i had in my Folders

Super Mario WorldOther

Posted by Big Brawler on

7 1,086
by anonimzwx

Mr Scotsman Episode 4: The Return of the CyberDudes (Requests are still accepted)


Posted by Mr Scotsman on

22 2,706
by Mr Scotsman

The Hacking of PuyoPuyo, Episode 3: Celebrating PuyoPuyo's 30th Anniversary!


Posted by Klug on

6 1,230
by Y.Y.

[SMBX2] Super Mario Zeal Winter C3 2021 Thread

Non-Hack GameDemoVideo/TrailerScreenshotsOther

Posted by FireSeraphim on

19 4,572
by Novarender

Open source SMW Central components: the SPC player and a form validation library


Posted by Telinc1 on

6 1,091
by Exodust

Super Mario World Anti-Piracy Screen

Super Mario WorldVideo/TrailerOther

Posted by 7 up on

11 2,547
by 7 up

The Otherworldly Tales of Naj - A lil' comic I have in the works!


Posted by Eevee on

19 2,231
by 7 up

Music Factory (a browser game I made)

Non-Hack GameOther

Posted by WhiteYoshiEgg on

3 1,188
by Exodust

[online toy] AI-generated hack names!

ToolSuper Mario WorldOther

Posted by WhiteYoshiEgg on

87 10,542
by Y.Y.

Very Biased Tierlists - Request Thread


Posted by Segment1Zone2 on

25 2,089
by Minish Yoshi

DeppySlide's Complete VLDC1 - VLDC6 Review Compilation!


Posted by DeppySlide on

5 1,580
by Minish Yoshi

Rykon-V73's GFX rips 2021 - bonus day

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldResource ReleaseOther

Posted by Rykon-V73 on

7 766
by Rykon-V73

SMW Fix - official patch - v. 2.2 - bonus day

PatchResource ReleaseOther

Posted by Rykon-V73 on

8 1,889
by Rykon-V73

Super Mario World Food% Randomizer

Super Mario WorldMisc. HackingOther

Posted by patcdr on

10 1,498
by Von Fahrenheit

Klug's Obvious Layout Requests Thread: THE FOURTH (Still accepting requests, don't fret!)


Posted by Klug on

5 1,069
by Klug

12 DAY: An SMW Mixtape release

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseOther

Posted by Squirrelyman157 on

1 613
by idol

Freeram Tool, GPS Update and Twisted Plains LM screenshots + Videos and maybe some other (pixi?) stuff later if I feel like it

ToolKaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldVideo/TrailerScreenshotsOther

Posted by TheBiob on

3 1,245
by idol

UNORIGINAL - Progress Update + Other Stuff and a Retrospective

Super Mario WorldVideo/TrailerScreenshotsOther

Posted by Lotica on

15 1,784
by Lotica

Powaqqatsi - New cities in Ancient lands, India (wip, mp3 link, searching a partner)


Posted by qantuum on

1 728
by 1UPdudes

Blizzard Buffalo Presents: Fakemon Drawings


Posted by Blizzard Buffalo on

9 1,177
by Redwykelz

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