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Winter 2022

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Announcement: C3 Voting - Information

Posted by Tahixham on

0 2,199
by Tahixham

Important: Welcome to C3!

Posted by The Magician on

8 2,062
by MarioAndLuigi404

Important: Mr. Switchy is On Trial!

Posted by The Magician on

64 7,630
by MarioAndLuigi404

Sticky: Spotlight Nominations - Winter 2022

Posted by AmperSam on

31 4,660
by solgaleo35

Sticky: C3 Streams!

Posted by NopeContest on

1 1,045
by NewPointless

Last Bible 3 Soundtrack

Super Mario WorldMusicSoundtrackResource Release

Posted by Kevin on

30 3,856
by icrawfish

Aeron's Golden Cookie Quest + Q&A: Anorak Answering your Questions + Unused Graphics Release

Super Mario WorldStandardGraphicsFull ReleaseResource ReleaseScreenshotsMiscellaneous

Posted by Anorakun on

22 3,884
by Anorakun

NSMC Soundtrack + Overworld Gallery (C3 Edition)

Super Mario WorldMusicResource ReleaseMiscellaneous

Posted by xyz600sp on

5 1,212
by icrawfish

Marisa and Reimu vs C3 (FULL RELEASE)

Super Mario WorldStandardFull ReleaseRequests

Posted by RussianMan on

19 3,375
by Anorakun

Amper's Troubled Journey into Porting

Super Mario WorldMusicWork in Progress

Posted by AmperSam on

7 1,314
by icrawfish

Paperdomo101's Porting Prelude

Super Mario WorldMusic

Posted by Paperdomo101 on

10 1,625
by icrawfish

some number of ports

Super Mario WorldMusicResource Release

Posted by Wakana on

12 2,294
by icrawfish

800th Post: Infinity's Ports

Super Mario WorldMusicResource Release

Posted by Zavok on

12 1,784
by icrawfish

The Cursed World of SNES Assembly in Super Mario World >> Featuring a ruthless "czar" sprite

Super Mario WorldSpritesResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

13 3,049
by Knight of Time

The Rock n Roll Mario Show: Set 2

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitMusicWork in ProgressTrailer

Posted by kaigem on

8 2,220
by Klug

Frivolous Journey (Level Sampler)

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoScreenshots

Posted by Aeon on

9 2,018
by Aeon

I ported three dozen songs for my kaizo hack, and now I'm dumping them

Super Mario WorldMusicResource Release

Posted by FalseCircus on

12 1,971
by Klug

One old port from SaGa frontier

Super Mario WorldMusicResource Release

Posted by qantuum on

2 736
by icrawfish

A C3 Collab hack made by YOU!

Super Mario WorldMiscellaneous

Posted by AmperSam on

147 16,659
by Impetus

thread of idol uxo 💣🌈

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in ProgressScreenshots

Posted by idol on

20 5,257
by idol

🎶 AddMusicFR - The Flashy Reveal... 🎶

ToolWork in Progress

Posted by LMPuny on

29 7,563
by icrawfish

Super Boss Collection - A hack with just boss fights

Super Mario WorldStandardFull Release

Posted by Green Jerry on

15 5,340
by HammerBrother

Abdu's C3 Sprite Release and ASM Request

Super Mario WorldSpritesResource ReleaseScreenshotsRequests

Posted by Abdu on

29 5,520
by buggy789

Turnabout Omicron: Objection to this C3!!

Super Mario WorldGraphicsResource Release

Posted by Roberto zampari on

18 3,442
by Roberto zampari

The Nameless World of this Romhack >> "no name" release

Super Mario WorldStandardKaizo/PitFull ReleaseScreenshotsVideos

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

3 1,711
by cybershell12

I Hate Tomatoes!

Super Mario WorldStandardKaizo/PitWork in ProgressDemoScreenshots

Posted by NopeContest on

20 3,217
by Anorakun

Super Mario World: Endless Night Demo 2

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoTrailer

Posted by Ralshi02 on

14 3,016
by Ralshi02

Another demo for my Gameboy style hack Glow

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoScreenshots

Posted by Idunno on

12 2,118
by Idunno

SMW Skill Challenge - super cool update im working on i think

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideos

Posted by Magikey on

9 1,307
by Magikey

Post something and I'll rate it from 1-10 ~ The Return of Funny, I guess


Posted by Segment1Zone2 on

29 3,378
by codfish1002

(WIP) Pierce The Sky --- a VERY hard and ambitious hack.

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideosArt

Posted by Magmatic on

16 2,496
by Magmatic

im gonna be real, i aint got anything i wanna show off

Posted by le4che on

7 1,282
by le4che

Super Luigi: King Koopa and the PU - Official First Demo Release!

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoScreenshots

Posted by edgar on

6 1,809
by Anorakun

E-Reader Levels Ported to SMW 30 (Triangle Blocks!)

Super Mario WorldStandardMusicWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideos

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

12 3,067
by LadiesMan217


Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideos

Posted by MokaCraft on

21 3,718
by MokaCraft

#Office Presents: Super Sauce Search -As Intended!-

Super Mario WorldStandardFull ReleaseTrailer

Posted by Impetus on

2 777
by Impetus

Two PC-98 Ports (possibly more in the future?)

Super Mario WorldMusicResource Release

Posted by Dippy on

8 1,676
by Klug

Wetland Trials - a challenging 39 stage SMB3 hack

Non-Super Mario WorldStandardFull ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by GbreezeSunset on

14 4,551
by GigaCrash

Poll: Pick the C3 Collab Boss!

Super Mario WorldMiscellaneous

Posted by AmperSam on

21 2,747
by AmperSam

The Mario Brothers

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshots

Posted by Face on

3 1,043
by Face

Some graphics from Mega Man 2

Super Mario WorldGraphicsResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by Nitrogen on

7 1,645
by Nitrogen

Project Kinoko - Super Mario World Beta recreation

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshotsTrailer

Posted by Bluremii on

13 3,873
by kyasarintsu

🐧funny little penguin game: the demo🐧

Non-Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressDemoScreenshots

Posted by imaginarycake on

15 2,810
by imaginarycake

Nanako's 4 Ports for C3

Super Mario WorldMusicResource Release

Posted by Nanako on

9 1,927
by icrawfish

[SMBX2] Nuclear Fusion

Non-Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideos

Posted by Hatsune Blake on

4 1,440
by Klug

K4120 - Kay Four One Twenty - Single Screen Kaizo

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitFull ReleaseScreenshotsTrailer

Posted by ShUriK KiD on

4 1,368
by Katerpie

Rykon-V73's Yoshi's Island GFX thread - Day 5 - BG with 2 animations - released

Super Mario WorldStandardGraphicsBlocksResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by Rykon-V73 on

28 4,332
by Anas

My newest SMW hack: Untitled

Super Mario WorldStandardGraphicsWork in ProgressDemoResource Release

Posted by Mr. MS on

16 2,986
by Koopster

Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: Part 13 (Day 3)

Super Mario WorldNon-Super Mario WorldPatchToolWork in ProgressResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by yoshifanatic on

21 4,423
by anonimzwx

Smooth HDMA Gradient transitions

Super Mario WorldUberASMResource Release

Posted by Kevin on

14 1,841
by simon.caio

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