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Winter 2023

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Announcement: C3 Voting!

Posted by Tahixham on

0 1,902
by Tahixham

Important: Welcome to C3!

Posted by MC Ballyhoo on

25 1,356
by E-man38

Important: Mario Party: How to Play!

Posted by MC Ballyhoo on

25 1,870

Sticky: Spotlight Nominations - Winter 2023

Posted by Tahixham on

30 1,577
by Tahixham

Ruberjig's Attempt at an Art thread (CLOSED)


Posted by Ruberjig on

31 974
by Ruberjig

My contest entries collection ... as a romhack (KLDC madness)

Super Mario WorldStandardKaizo/PitWork in ProgressDemoScreenshots

Posted by TheKazooBloccGosh on

3 320
by TheKazooBloccGosh

Carld's Pizza Pixels


Posted by Carld923 on

64 1,850
by icrawfish

Day 4: Anomalous Otherworldly Powers [LOST FOOTAGE]

Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressVideos

Posted by SubconsciousEye on

8 429
by E-man38

Donut Plains - A cape hack (WIP)

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in Progress

Posted by deported on

17 589
by E-man38

Super Pragmatic World - A Kaizo Hack Which Is Now Back™

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in ProgressScreenshots

Posted by 7 up on

4 294
by icrawfish

Towards the end of C3, peace is now once again threatened...

Super Mario WorldGraphicsResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by Klug on

10 563
by icrawfish

Stereo BRR Request Thread >> Anbrr (+ Kenobrr Pack Release)

Super Mario WorldSamplesResource ReleaseRequests

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

16 773
by icrawfish

SMW 30 The Final Season Part 3

Super Mario WorldStandardFull ReleaseVideos

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

36 4,759
by erpster2

My Drawning Arts:


Posted by AntonioDosGames on

27 656
by AntonioDosGames


Non-Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressVideos

Posted by Ralshi02 on

18 863
by Ralshi02

Russ' ASM Request Thread - "Vanilla" Sprite Edition (REQUESTS CLOSED)

Super Mario WorldSpritesResource ReleaseScreenshotsRequests

Posted by RussianMan on

63 4,391
by Knight of Time

tahixham is making userbars because it's 2012 again


Posted by Tahixham on

67 2,285
by ElectroWellyGames

Ports & Pukekos

Super Mario WorldMusicResource Release

Posted by bebn legg on

38 1,405
by E-man38

😳 venus 🙊 uxo 🥵🥵 showoff 🐄 thread (coming soon) (its kaizo) (nsfw)

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in ProgressScreenshots

Posted by idol on

23 1,171
by Anorakun

Poll: You was thrown into the Magic Square to face the Last Judgement by Alice in Wonderland. What a Peaceful day!

Super Mario WorldMusic

Posted by monkey03297 on

14 883
by E-man38

[RELEASE] A baserom with nearly 800 custom features and fixes? The reimagined Flux Industries baserom 2.0

Kaizo/PitPatchUberASMSpritesBlocksToolResource ReleaseScreenshotsVideos

Posted by SJandCharlieTheCat on

46 3,042
by Anorakun

Super BanzaiChuck World - Way of the Banzai (Epic Trailer xD)

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in ProgressTrailer

Posted by DoktorGroove on

20 839
by DoktorGroove

Anorakun's Event Space: Progress Report about 華麗 Aeron, Graphics and Fan Arts.

Super Mario WorldStandardKaizo/PitGraphicsWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideosArt

Posted by Anorakun on

21 1,158
by Anorakun

Day 3: YY-CHR and You, Advanced Tricks


Posted by SubconsciousEye on

27 806
by VinylHeart

Unprepared C3 Stuff -Day 3-4 (REALLY Late, Impromptu Tileset requests)

Super Mario WorldStandardGraphicsWork in ProgressResource ReleaseScreenshotsVideosRequests

Posted by SF - The Dark Warrior on

41 1,401
by SF - The Dark Warrior

Roberto Zampari's Birthday Blues in C3 Winter 2023: Graphics, ASM and Stable Diffusion AI art

Super Mario WorldGraphicsUberASMSpritesResource ReleaseArt

Posted by Roberto zampari on

43 2,347
by Roberto zampari

Now, you can make "Noob Boss" THE Boss! [Tips and Tricks] [DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE]

Super Mario WorldSpritesToolResource ReleaseVideosMiscellaneous

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

43 1,883
by Daizo Dee Von

Æther: The Infinite Library progress - Extra Baggage and hitting things edition

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoScreenshotsVideos

Posted by Deeke on

40 1,422
by Maarfy

More progress on My Little Pony: Rise of the Friendship Dreamwalker

Super Mario WorldStandardGraphicsWork in ProgressVideos

Posted by DPBOX on

27 761

[QLDC SPOILERS!!!] #jpegified

Super Mario WorldMusicSamplesUberASMResource Release

Posted by bebn legg on

13 770
by Klug

🌴 Welcome to PARADISE 🌴

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in ProgressDemo

Posted by Nciktendo on

27 915
by Nciktendo

Questionable ASM release - Mario1F0 Blocks

Super Mario WorldBlocksResource Release

Posted by Insanit on

28 1,212
by E-man38

Russ' Tiny Misc Hacking Corner

Non-Super Mario WorldScreenshots

Posted by RussianMan on

22 909
by E-man38

Music I did the past year or so (Only SPCs, sorry! Also, no QLDC judges!)

Super Mario WorldMusic

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

14 661
by Daizo Dee Von


Super Mario WorldNon-Super Mario WorldMusicSoundtrackArtMiscellaneous

Posted by Hooded Edge on

41 1,723
by Hooded Edge

Boogie - A Sprite to Herald a New Era

Super Mario WorldSpritesResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by Maarfy on

30 1,467
by Maarfy

10 years of Ganymede - hope you've got a moment

Super Mario WorldStandardPatchWork in ProgressDemoScreenshots

Posted by Ondore's Lies on

21 795
by Ondore's Lies

Super Mario World: Bowser's Kaizo Conspiracy

Super Mario WorldStandardFull Release

Posted by Gamma V on

38 1,761
by VinylHeart

Super Mario Bros. 3 Editor - Announcement

Non-Super Mario WorldToolWork in Progress

Posted by hericium on

56 3,596
by VinylHeart

Big Brawler Bazaar: 2 Hacks, 2 Graphics & 1 shitty port

Super Mario WorldStandardGraphicsMusicWork in ProgressDemoFull ReleaseScreenshotsMiscellaneous

Posted by Big Brawler on

28 1,232
by AmperSam

[Trailer]Super Mario World Random Revolution First Blood 2nd Demo Trailer

Super Mario WorldStandardMusicWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideosTrailer

Posted by anonimzwx on

68 3,667
by Brutapode89

A Single Shovel Knight port and Compositions for a future project. (And also NES requests, why not?)[CLOSED!]

Super Mario WorldMusicWork in ProgressRequests

Posted by Segment1Zone2 on

49 2,338
by Ruberjig

DT's Clothing Collection Ideas Wave 1 + My Ceritifcates


Posted by Dispace on

10 354
by Tahixham

[SMBX2 B4] Super Mario Zeal C3 Winter 2023 Demo (1.6.5 "Stream")

Non-Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoScreenshotsVideos

Posted by FireSeraphim on

41 1,357
by FireSeraphim

Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: Part 15

Super Mario WorldNon-Super Mario WorldPatchUberASMSpritesToolWork in ProgressResource ReleaseScreenshotsVideos

Posted by yoshifanatic on

51 3,015
by LadiesMan217

Faro's "I Wanted to Make A C3 Post But Didn't Have One Specific Thing To Show" Post 2 - Return to Kaizo

Super Mario WorldStandardKaizo/PitMusicWork in ProgressScreenshots

Posted by Faro on

19 714
by Faro

New Super Mario World 1: The 12 Magic Orbs Powered-Up C3 trailer and screenshots

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshotsTrailer

Posted by Pink Gold Peach on

55 3,453
by NES Boy216

DT's C3 Various Ports 2023 (8 + 8 + 2 completed + 5 Bonus)

Super Mario WorldMusicResource Release

Posted by Dispace on

17 694
by Dispace

DT's Music Request - Based on the images!


Posted by Dispace on

17 660
by schema_tuna

The Devious Four Chronicles ReTold

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideos

Posted by Skewer on

14 875
by Mariotag1

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