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Winter 2023

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Ruberjig's Attempt at an Art thread (CLOSED)


Posted by Ruberjig on

31 1,674
by Ruberjig

Carld's Pizza Pixels


Posted by Carld923 on

64 3,331
by icrawfish

My Drawning Arts:


Posted by AntonioDosGames on

27 1,198
by AntonioDosGames

Anorakun's Event Space: Progress Report about 華麗 Aeron, Graphics and Fan Arts.

Super Mario WorldStandardKaizo/PitGraphicsWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideosArt

Posted by Anorakun on

21 2,241
by Anorakun

Roberto Zampari's Birthday Blues in C3 Winter 2023: Graphics, ASM and Stable Diffusion AI art

Super Mario WorldGraphicsUberASMSpritesResource ReleaseArt

Posted by Roberto zampari on

43 3,911
by Roberto zampari


Super Mario WorldNon-Super Mario WorldMusicSoundtrackArtMiscellaneous

Posted by Hooded Edge on

41 3,281
by Hooded Edge

DT's Clothing Collection Ideas Wave 1 + My Ceritifcates


Posted by Dispace on

10 757
by Tahixham

It's time for another QLDC: Quality Logo Design Contest


Posted by AmperSam on

48 2,358
by TheKazooBloccGosh

Mario Kart Tour Fans Art Club - C3 Edition (And DLC Ideas!!!)


Posted by Dispace on

15 941
by JP32

I Designed VWF Dialogue text box and font.

Super Mario WorldGraphicsWork in ProgressArt

Posted by Hayashi Neru on

7 451
by ECS.98

Experimenting with Parallax (A Plumber For All Seasons 2 except no it's not)

Non-Super Mario WorldVideosArtMiscellaneous

Posted by wye on

25 1,374
by KungFuFurby

DT's C3 MIDI Pack + Custom Cover Art Logos

MusicResource ReleaseArtMiscellaneous

Posted by Dispace on

6 717
by ninj

DT's Music C3 Winter 2023 - New Hits!!!


Posted by Dispace on

6 655
by Dispace

My C3 Logo


Posted by Heitor Porfirio on

26 747
by Heitor Porfirio

~Requests Are Currently Closed~Soonstar's Art Thread 4


Posted by Soonstar on

61 3,889
by NES Boy216

C3 2023 Graffiti Art


Posted by El Cuh Fermin on

24 709
by OrangeBronzeDaisy

EleCyon Music Showcase - Winter 2023 Edition


Posted by Astrakitu on

8 465
by Astrakitu

Hey who is this guy?!? - Noodle's random (mostly Touhou) showoff thread.

Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressScreenshotsArt

Posted by SweatyNoodle on

12 1,135
by Deeke

Moxie Makes Things - Day 1: Music 🎵


Posted by MoxieCat on

13 557
by Hat Kid

Signal Flow Diagram of a basic Audio setup!


Posted by ItsaMe.64 on

13 377
by Hat Kid

Your Master of Catastrophe


Posted by E-man38 on

20 809
by E-man38

super merio and leggi fan art ROM

Super Mario WorldArt

Posted by ninj on

8 362
by Rykon-V73

Moxie Makes Things - Day 2: Art✏️


Posted by MoxieCat on

11 546
by Enan63

CalHal's Upcoming series The Wondrous Adventurous Happy-Snappy World part 2

Work in ProgressScreenshotsArtMiscellaneous

Posted by CalHal on

3 325
by icrawfish

MarioAndLuigi404's Gallery Café (C3 2023 Edition)


Posted by MarioAndLuigi404 on

8 431
by icrawfish

Current music project


Posted by danwaleby on

7 551
by Hobz

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