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Summer 2023

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Announcement: 🌺🌼 C3 Voting Has Begun!! 🌹🌷

Posted by Princess Peach on

0 1,414
by Princess Peach

Important: 🌸 Pretty Princess Peach in Pink 🌸

Posted by Princess Peach on

29 6,264
by Rykon-V73

Important: Feeling Peachy? Try Our New Scheme “Dream House”!

Posted by idol on

12 1,427
by 0lc

Sticky: Summer 2023 C3 Spotlight Nominations

Posted by AmperSam on

25 2,996
by Green

Anorak's Graphic Variety: From the Fifth Chapel to a Space Cemetery!

Super Mario WorldGraphicsResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by Anorakun on

12 1,498
by Anorakun

~omh~: Team JANK's successor to R-ACK (early beta release thread)

Super Mario WorldStandardFull ReleaseTrailer

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

21 8,985
by Daizo Dee Von

Lunar Help- huh?

Super Mario WorldToolWork in Progress

Posted by underway on

7 1,303
by underway

A Super Mario Adventure

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoScreenshotsVideosTrailer

Posted by Gamma V on

22 4,532
by ForthRightMC


Super Mario WorldPatch

Posted by RPG Hacker on

27 3,126
by RPG Hacker

[TAKING REQUESTS] Got sick and lost all of my energy so this is what you're getting instead of an actual C3 thread

Super Mario WorldMusicSamplesRequests

Posted by icrawfish on

19 1,757
by icrawfish

SMB Physics in SMW

Super Mario WorldPatchUberASMBlocksResource Release

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

16 2,357
by zacmario

3D MS-DOS game engine I coded in C

Non-Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressMiscellaneous

Posted by OwenCraft on

9 2,020
by OwenCraft

Bomberman Drawings in 12 Hours! (25 Themes - 150 Enemies)

Non-Super Mario WorldArt

Posted by OEO6 on

3 988
by zacmario

The Hacking of PuyoPuyo: All Over the Place (English translations galore!)

Non-Super Mario WorldScreenshotsMiscellaneous

Posted by Klug on

5 1,575
by Klug

Comparisons between the SNES and GBA JPN and ENG SMW texts (COMPLETE!)

Super Mario WorldMiscellaneous

Posted by NES Boy216 on

4 946
by Klug

J-1990 - A personalized experience

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshots

Posted by RollingRigatonis on

4 1,177
by RollingRigatonis

The Swarm Comic Book

Non-Super Mario World

Posted by Final Theory on

1 593
by Final Theory

Super Mario Flash Remake + New project teaser???????

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoScreenshots

Posted by Dark Prince on

22 3,537
by E-man38

TheMorganah C3 Art Request - Peach Edition

Non-Super Mario WorldArtRequests

Posted by TheMorganah on

30 3,278
by TheMorganah

Six Pack

Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressScreenshotsMiscellaneous

Posted by Ragey on

12 2,784
by Green Jerry

Future General Resources Discussion

Super Mario WorldNon-Super Mario WorldResource ReleaseMiscellaneous

Posted by Heitor Porfirio on

5 1,146
by Klug

Force Bot NES

Non-Super Mario World

Posted by Final Theory on

3 855
by zacmario

Russ' ASM Request Thread - "Vanilla" Sprite, But Also Now With Blocks and UberASM Edition

Super Mario WorldUberASMSpritesBlocksResource ReleaseScreenshotsRequests

Posted by RussianMan on

52 6,985
by Ayami


Super Mario WorldStandardFull ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by Lazy on

18 6,324
by E-man38

Go Ahead And Wine About It - Summer C3 Intro & Teaser

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in ProgressScreenshots

Posted by Devazure on

10 1,870
by E-man38

DAY 2 - Ripping Other Tileset (W.I.P.)

Super Mario WorldGraphicsWork in ProgressScreenshots

Posted by Heitor Porfirio on

8 1,019
by Heitor Porfirio

I Hate Tomatoes! - It's not done but fuck it you can play it

Super Mario WorldStandardKaizo/PitWork in ProgressDemo

Posted by NopeContest on

6 1,608
by E-man38

I am making a hack with no title, level names, music or plan (so far)

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in ProgressScreenshots

Posted by AmperSam on

4 945
by Alex

Screw it, I'm showing off some stuff from my WIP hack

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshots

Posted by Jolpengammler on

7 1,449
by E-man38

Kochobo Dourado v3.0 and others releases

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressDemoFull ReleaseScreenshotsMiscellaneous

Posted by TheMorganah on

5 9,027
by Lumy

good old days 3 - Trailer (FULL HACK RELEASED!)

Super Mario WorldStandardKaizo/PitFull ReleaseTrailer

Posted by OEO6 on

4 1,183
by OEO6

Anna's Treasure Trove - Showcase Thread (New video added!)

Super Mario WorldStandardWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideosArt

Posted by Eevee on

32 3,791
by Eevee

Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: Part 16

Non-Super Mario WorldPatchToolFull ReleaseResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by yoshifanatic on

12 2,010
by yoshifanatic

Exclamation Mark Switches - Now In Small!

Super Mario WorldSpritesBlocksResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by MarioFanGamer on

3 752
by edgar

New Super Mario World 1: The Twelve Magic Orbs Powered-Up RELEASE

Super Mario WorldStandardFull ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by Pink Gold Peach on

27 7,351
by Pink Gold Peach

Speedrun My Level Request Thread [CLOSED]

Super Mario WorldRequestsMiscellaneous

Posted by Alex on

29 3,681
by JP32

Solstice - Return to the Kastlerock [progress update]

Non-Super Mario WorldWork in ProgressScreenshots

Posted by JP32 on

3 1,060
by RussianMan


Super Mario WorldGraphicsResource ReleaseScreenshots

Posted by bebn legg on

13 1,929
by Klug



Posted by Hooded Edge on

8 1,507
by Ultima

💕🛸 capable vivacious venus u.x.o. showoff trailer thread for your viewing pleasuree 🛸💕

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in ProgressScreenshotsVideosTrailer

Posted by idol on

12 2,540
by idol

MMD-Lite (easy Kaizo concept)

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitScreenshots

Posted by Sokobansolver on

5 840
by Sokobansolver

SNES Controller Buttons: The new era of the "SPIN" sign

Super Mario WorldGraphicsResource Release

Posted by ECS.98 on

6 1,154
by Deeke

Okay, but what if, we did the same thing as last time, BUT AGAIN! ~ Super Mario Land Soundtrack, by Segment & icrawfish

Super Mario WorldMusicSoundtrackResource Release

Posted by Segment1Zone2 on

9 1,376
by MarioFanGamer

I designed more VWF Message boxes.

Super Mario WorldGraphicsScreenshotsArt

Posted by Hayashi Neru on

3 895
by MarioFanGamer

Post something and I'll rate it from 1-10 ~ Now with Three Times the Fun! (or maybe not)[CLOSED!]


Posted by Segment1Zone2 on

38 2,937
by Segment1Zone2

Just What Do I Need - A Super Mario Advance 2 (SMW GBA) Hack

Super Mario WorldNon-Super Mario WorldStandardKaizo/PitFull Release

Posted by GbreezeSunset on

10 7,620
by ECS.98

Sonikku's C3 Stuff, Summer 2023 Edition

Super Mario WorldGraphicsSpritesWork in Progress

Posted by Sonikku on

17 2,338
by ECS.98

Super Bandicoot World - Bandicoot's SMM2 Super World

Non-Super Mario WorldFull ReleaseScreenshotsVideos

Posted by bandicoot on

3 789
by ECS.98

BAVARIO BROS ... an outrageously handsome plumber

Posted by DoktorGroove on

3 818
by DoktorGroove

Super BanzaiChuck World - Overworld, Tutorials, WIP

Super Mario WorldKaizo/PitWork in ProgressVideos

Posted by DoktorGroove on

7 907
by DoktorGroove

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