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Fall 2010

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Posted by Chester on

156 60,725
by Sind

Terrible news!

Posted by RedToonLink on

5 7,821
by UmlautBanana

PowerTool beta

Posted by Bio on

24 22,532
by Sadistic Designer

This year's co-op progress

Posted by Noobish Noobsicle on

18 10,957
by Sind

Elementia Graphics!

Posted by Supertails on

7 11,102
by Masashi27

Custom Music Port: Donkey Kong Country 3 - Bazza's Blockade

Posted by Blind Devil on

18 11,460
by Masashi27

YI Editor - Golden Egg beta v0.002

Posted by Romi on

132 62,509
by Yoshis Fan

Mario in Ice Cream Land [EARLY C3 PREVIEW!!]

Posted by MarioFan22 on

10 8,207
by MarioFan22

LunarDrake's Graphical Goodies

Posted by LunarDrake on

44 29,209
by Sind

DKC2 LevelASM (and more!)

Posted by p4plus2 on

11 7,495
by Sind

Gameplay gimmicks from other Mario Games... again

Posted by Noobish Noobsicle on

9 8,350
by Sind

I Actually Have Stuff This Time!

Posted by Fyord on

13 8,963
by Sind

Mario Gives Up

Posted by cyphermur9t on

4 5,707
by Sind

I don't have something smw related... again.

Posted by anonimato on

11 9,262
by iRhyiku

Extreme for 1ups?

Posted by DuskSpark on

7 6,407
by Sind

Greetings once more, you puny deplorable assmasters.

Posted by asdf on

1 3,679
by Sind

Mario Kart: Bitches and Hoes Edition

Posted by 2122 on

31 24,550
by Blumiere

#smwmusic hasn't forgotten about C3!

Posted by Atma on

21 12,176
by Majorasmaskkingdom

mockingod's Kaizo C3 Thing

Posted by mockingod on

5 4,899
by mockingod

Super Mario's Puzzle Project 4 - Release!

Posted by Z. Raffle tikt on

59 27,934
by Sadistic Designer

1 World Hack Now Done!

Posted by cheat-master30 on

13 9,073
by cheat-master30

My C3 Thread-New Sprites

Posted by dahnamics on

27 14,936
by cheat-master30

VWF Dialogues Patch v1.0

Posted by RPG Hacker on

135 51,675
by Black Crystal Wisher

Welcome to hell. Bullet hell. (Now with an IPS!)

Posted by Kipernal on

30 15,320
by Assi9

My real C3 entry!

Posted by Ixtab on

2 4,037
by Ixtab

SPOMARJ (Shameless Promotions Of My Assorted Random Junk)

Posted by imamelia on

8 8,000
by Majorasmaskkingdom

Something that, on the surface, seems kinda useless, but in the end, could be more useful than you think

Posted by HuFlungDu on

1 3,546
by mszegedy

Goalpost ExAnimation

Posted by mszegedy on

4 4,170
by DuskSpark

Super Luigi: The Big Challenge [Update]

Posted by TheDutchLuigi on

14 8,289
by DuskSpark

cskas (xkas written in C# with GUI and command line functionality)

Posted by spel werdz rite on

4 5,043
by Iceguy

My Unnamed C3 Hack. Released

Posted by Ramp202 on

9 6,589
by Ramp202

Chdata's data (IT is now released)

Posted by Chdata on

13 9,348
by Davros

DP's still unnamed SMW hacking adventures. Now with screens and vids.

Posted by MrDeePay on

8 7,437
by MrDeePay

My C3 Thread - My Graphics and other creations

Posted by Jack Kitetsu on

1 3,186
by anonimato

Dakress's Time(Redrawn Clawgrip Released)

Posted by Moltz on

14 9,297
by Blind Devil

Donkey Kong Country 2 - Mining Melancholy

Posted by Slash Man on

15 8,956
by anonimato

Might as well do my part for C3

Posted by Remnic on

1 2,933
by mszegedy

Hadron's Ripping Corner (15 different rips!)

Posted by Hadron on

39 18,981
by anonimato

Bowser Strikes Back - Arranged Soundtrack

Posted by Jimmy on

14 9,080
by S.N.N.

K3nny's C3 Shenanigans

Posted by KennyJ on

6 5,602
by KennyJ


Posted by Medic on

17 9,356
by Neosz

Snifit's C3 stuff

Posted by Snifit on

7 5,927
by Snifit

Alternate Reality Mario 64 - Save Data Demos *UPDATE*

Posted by Vinnyboiler on

18 16,635
by Vinnyboiler

Comment or I will be sad. :<

Posted by Hobz on

7 5,485
by Golden Yoshi

Base Character GFX (Mario Replacement)

Posted by Brad172 on

29 15,466
by PowerStrike

Super Mario Bros: The Castle Redux + Bonus SMBTC2 Demo

Posted by Lightvayne on

15 9,514
by GoldenSonic15

Paper Luigi's Adventure

Posted by Luigi on

24 18,252
by Luigi


Posted by Link13 on

5 6,795
by Link13

ZeRio's C3 stuff (Now including "DINNER!")

Posted by Zerio on

6 6,410
by Zerio

A-l-e-x-99's C3 Stuffs

Posted by A-l-e-x-99 on

6 5,704
by A-l-e-x-99

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