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Announcement: BaseROM Level Design Contest 2022 - Results

Posted by Doctor No on

17 2,839
by Enan63

Announcement: BaseROM Level Design Contest 2022 - Rules and Submissions

Posted by Doctor No on

53 27,882
by Burning Loaf

Important: BaseROM Level Design Contest 2022 - Baserom Changelog & Updates (v1.07)

Posted by AmperSam on

8 3,234
by AmperSam

Important: BaseROM Level Design Contest 2022 - Discussion

Posted by Doctor No on

16 3,322
by DanMario24YT

Important: BaseROM Level Design Contest 2022 - Baserom Help & Issue Reporting

Posted by AmperSam on

17 7,134
by MarioFanGamer

[FAN JUDGE] i decide to judge all your levels for fun (BLDC2 Edition) (Finished!)

Posted by AnEvilGhost on

10 1,991
by MarkVD100

[Fan Judge] Fan Judge

Posted by JupiHornet on

0 555
by JupiHornet

[Fan-mini-judge] Let's make the best colla... I mean contest shall we? (finished)

Posted by TheKazooBloccGosh on

16 2,834
by Samie Zuccati

[Fan Judge] i judge your levels, maybe???

Posted by RussianMan on

5 5,492
by RussianMan

[Non-Level] What are your plans for the BLDC next year (or maybe sooner)?

Posted by Klug on

6 1,994
by MarioFanGamer

Sliding Castle (Level Now Finished)

Posted by TheOrangeToad on

3 2,542
by TheOrangeToad

- Periphery -

Posted by bry on

0 1,259
by bry


Posted by MegaMarioMan9 on

0 1,498
by MegaMarioMan9

Pipe Craze - A SMB1/TLL inspired level

Posted by MarioFanGamer on

1 1,746
by MarioFanGamer

HASTE BRANCH -- PLATFORM COMPANY: collab with Daizo Dee Von

Posted by Jonah_ on

1 720
by Daizo Dee Von

⛰️ Misty Mountaintop ⛰️

Posted by MoxieCat on

2 1,126
by MoxieCat

Unidimensional - Kinda hard but made with love.

Posted by Samie Zuccati on

2 3,350
by Samie Zuccati

Big Small

Posted by MarkVD100 on

0 892
by MarkVD100

Perilous Pipeline

Posted by DanMario24YT on

1 616
by MoxieCat

conveyor castle

Posted by DetectiveZvarri on

0 2,771
by DetectiveZvarri

Autumn Park

Posted by AnEvilGhost on

0 499
by AnEvilGhost

a budget rip-off (WIP?, level thread)

Posted by Somebody for sure on

1 3,093
by MoxieCat

Laboratory of Trial

Posted by yoshi9429 on

0 986
by yoshi9429

Acer Breeze

Posted by Dispace on

1 1,770
by Dispace

Magic Ride Mayhem

Posted by RussianMan on

1 3,185
by TheKazooBloccGosh