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Old Tutorials

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uberasm for dummies

Posted by Ladida on

35 20,919
by fartbulb47

Sprite Tool

Posted by Boingboingsplat on

31 29,760
by Kingshadowraze

How to make an editable midi from an spc

Posted by BlackEagle766 on

3 17,407
by KabanFriends

Modifying Hardcoded Colors on Shared Palettes

Posted by LDA on

5 6,825
by TheLegendaryOrb

How to Make Your Own ExGFX

Posted by Lexi on

24 28,813
by PermaBan

MVS's Ultimate Music Tutorial

Posted by Sinister Pixel on

22 30,434
by ajdoinwork

Miscellaneous Helpful Hints

Posted by andy_k_250 on

9 21,535
by Legendary Senna5764

Inserting Custom Music Using HuFlungDu's (Romi's) Addmusic v4.05

Posted by Sinister Pixel on

90 55,362
by ItsMarioProYo

[Vanilla] How to combine sprite tileset using exanimation (and use Classic Pirhanna plant )

Posted by yogui on

12 12,104
by Flat5Games

Sprite Map16 + Custom Sprite Lists

Posted by Maxx on

107 62,678
by SmokyShroom

Overworld mini-tutorial - Path tricks

Posted by Rykon-V73 on

7 5,322
by Hawkmouth

Map16 Editing

Posted by Face on

6 14,717
by MarioFanGamer

How to uninstall PIXI from your hack

Posted by LMPuny on

0 1,551
by LMPuny

Sprite Programming [Legacy]

Posted by Iceguy on

173 119,291
by MarioFanGamer

Super Mario World Boss and Ultimate N00b Boss Tutorial

Posted by cheat-master30 on

150 141,043
by leod

General ASM Tutorials

Posted by leod on

0 7,713
by leod

[SHORT] Changing the Block Shattering animation to use only one frame

Posted by Hamtaro126 on

3 2,853
by leod

ADSR Command

Posted by Ice Man on

7 10,445
by leod

How to Make a Good VLDC Level

Posted by GbreezeSunset on

6 5,049
by leod

Schwa's ASM tutorial

Posted by Schwa on

232 132,060
by leod

Mode 7 Findings/Info Tutorial

Posted by Maxx on

11 10,560
by leod

Custom Block Tutorial!

Posted by superman6791 on

4 7,345
by leod

How To Rip FG/BG ExGFX

Posted by wiiqwertyuiop on

22 16,619
by leod

Inserting ExGFX [Legacy]

Posted by Buu on

379 172,863
by kpe

Some videos on level design

Posted by Final Theory on

0 1,641
by Final Theory

How to use Romi's SpriteTool / How to insert custom sprites

Posted by Telinc1 on

18 20,187
by MarioFanGamer

I'm starting a compilation

Posted by Virus Pasta on

3 2,819
by Green Jerry

How to Insert Layer 3 Backgrounds

Posted by Kipernal on

177 74,080
by kiki79250

Tutorial Requests

Posted by Blumiere on

580 161,716
by Aram

List of Special and/or Not Really Level Overworld Levels

Posted by Mariofan64 on

1 1,805
by XpheXl

Telinc1's tutorial on how to apply Xkas patches

Posted by Telinc1 on

11 11,367
by JackTheSpades

ZSNES movie recording

Posted by Atma on

94 83,922
by ThePowerPlayer

Aja's Guide for Compiling the VLDCs

Posted by Ckristina on

2 3,858
by Kaisaan

Lunar Magic 1.7x+ ExAnimation Tutorial

Posted by E-Man on

43 39,049
by S.R.H.

Tutorial List (updated Jan 15 2014)

Posted by Infrared on

8 32,430
by Kaisaan

Pat's Simple Basic ASM Tutorial!

Posted by unipat on

14 6,195
by unipat

Sprite tool tutorial

Posted by 3311 on

9 11,845
by Alcaro

ExAnimation Tutorial

Posted by x-treme on

12 11,800
by IronFoxGaming

Tips for Planning A Good Hack

Posted by notyoshi on

0 2,557
by notyoshi

8BPP Nintendo presents tutorial

Posted by Rykon-V73 on

5 4,867
by Final Theory

ASM for Beginners: Basic, Basic Codes in 20 minutes

Posted by Maxx on

156 92,493
by Erik

Overworld Editing

Posted by Yanama on

150 92,636
by K.T.B.

How to make a SMB3 style goal.

Posted by Ckristina on

12 14,723
by Green Jerry

How to hex edit

Posted by wiiqwertyuiop on

22 33,021
by danwaleby

VWF Cutscene Tool

Posted by Majora252 on

119 58,200
by Daizo Dee Von

Picture supported text (and video, too) tutorial on how to play super mario world rom hacks!

Posted by Tylermation on

2 2,506
by Tylermation

Bounce Left on Note block fix

Posted by Final Theory on

1 1,820
by LDA

Better classic piranha plant insertion tutorial

Posted by 7601 on

6 8,464
by MarioFanGamer

Custom Sprite List and Correct GFX Display

Posted by AmbroseSilverWolfe on

4 2,687
by AmbroseSilverWolfe

How to the replace the Turn Blocks with Bricks Blocks

Posted by Telinc1 on

8 8,401
by S.R.H.

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