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Yoshi's Island Hacking

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Yoshi's Island Seasons (WORLD 1 DEMO)


Posted by ravegg on

17 11,812
by racknae

Yoshi's Island Improvement Hack


Posted by Trisma on

6 4,330
by Ayami

Yoshi's Island but I'm making it too easy


Posted by TheWorstKindOfJoseph on

0 850
by TheWorstKindOfJoseph

YOLOshi's Island (back from the dead)


Posted by Sokobansolver on

73 35,821
by Sokobansolver

YIKR2 (Kamek's Revenge 2.0) (v1.96 available, still missing Extra 5)


Posted by Karisa on

162 130,544
by erpster2

The Legend of Mario: A Birth to the Past


Posted by Anas on

10 6,193
by Anas

New Yoshi’s Island Hack (planning stage)


Posted by Werten on

0 1,315
by Werten

I've had some ideas for my future Yoshi's Island Hack named Yoshi the Space Dragon


Posted by Jeffy Jeffy on

3 1,982
by K.T.B.

Flutter Jump Advance - A browser-based SMA3 editor [WIP, Graphics release]


Posted by zolarch on

5 1,773
by zolarch

FIXING LINK SOON* Super Mario World: Yoshi's Island - Luigi's Adventure (Bro. Swap Hack) [WIP]

HackWork in Progress

Posted by Link13 on

13 14,303
by Link13

Comeback to Yoshi's Island


Posted by Rykon-V73 on

31 9,288
by Rykon-V73

anybody with experience with rom hacking want to work on a YI hack with me?


Posted by blueyoshi13 on

0 892
by blueyoshi13