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Yoshi's Island Hacking

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FIXING LINK SOON* Super Mario World: Yoshi's Island - Luigi's Adventure (Bro. Swap Hack) [WIP]

HackWork in Progress

Posted by Link13 on

13 14,303
by Link13

Flutter Jump Advance - A browser-based SMA3 editor [WIP, Graphics release]


Posted by zolarch on

5 1,773
by zolarch

Yoshi's Island but I'm making it too easy


Posted by TheWorstKindOfJoseph on

0 850
by TheWorstKindOfJoseph

New Yoshi’s Island Hack (planning stage)


Posted by Werten on

0 1,314
by Werten

anybody with experience with rom hacking want to work on a YI hack with me?


Posted by blueyoshi13 on

0 892
by blueyoshi13

Comeback to Yoshi's Island


Posted by Rykon-V73 on

31 9,287
by Rykon-V73

Yoshi's Island Seasons (WORLD 1 DEMO)


Posted by ravegg on

17 11,809
by racknae

Yoshi's Island Improvement Hack


Posted by Trisma on

6 4,328
by Ayami

I've had some ideas for my future Yoshi's Island Hack named Yoshi the Space Dragon


Posted by Jeffy Jeffy on

3 1,981
by K.T.B.

YOLOshi's Island (back from the dead)


Posted by Sokobansolver on

73 35,819
by Sokobansolver

The Legend of Mario: A Birth to the Past


Posted by Anas on

10 6,192
by Anas

YIKR2 (Kamek's Revenge 2.0) (v1.96 available, still missing Extra 5)


Posted by Karisa on

162 130,541
by erpster2