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Fall 2008

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Sticky: Welcome to C3!

Posted by Smallhacker on

56 23,098
by M w c

TLMB and Reading's own little "World"

Posted by TLMB on

0 4,892


Posted by Chanagaburu on

5 5,651
by Exor

Super Mario In:Bowser's Last Stand C3 Hack Demo Thread

Posted by Icon of Sin on

9 8,038
by Icon of Sin

Music in The Second Reality Project 3

Posted by S.N.N. on

22 20,222
by Counterfeit

Lucas's Tiny Abandoned Booth

Posted by CK Crash on

4 6,518
by Supertails

Aiyo's Asm

Posted by Aika on

1 4,083
by Big Al

Redrawn Luigi V.2

Posted by Luigi on

4 6,776
by Luigi

Hotel California

Posted by spigmike on

9 7,380
by Luigi

Super Mario Bros - Classic Remix

Posted by Big Al on

11 14,580
by Mippish


Posted by 1524 on

39 17,648
by Dylan Yoshi

[?] Custom Tweaked Sprites [?]

Posted by andy_k_250 on

15 20,455
by andy_k_250

Super Pipe Land

Posted by Quizler on

1 4,422
by Buster Beetle

ASMTool Editor (webpage,WIP)

Posted by 0x400 on

3 4,449
by Boingboingsplat

Xka Shack - Demo

Posted by Smallhacker on

54 27,897
by Lightvayne

Yoshi's Island: Forlorn Lands -Demo + Video-

Posted by S.N.N. on

13 7,083
by Lightvayne

Super Mario Bros.: The Castle 2

Posted by Lightvayne on

3 4,539
by Foursword4

A New SMWC Production

Posted by CK Crash on

40 16,313
by Mippish

........(Weegee boss in danmakufu)

Posted by Troopa on

7 6,065
by Aika

Super Party World: New pics!

Posted by Nimono on

6 5,567
by Lightvayne

Super Blooper

Posted by Sonikku on

12 7,497
by waffleman921

Reading and the Spy Invasion - Trailer

Posted by Reading on

5 4,221
by Foursword4

Music -in- Rise to the Challenge

Posted by AxemJinx on

3 4,867
by S.N.N.

The Tale of Elementia - Demo 2 Trailer + Screenshots + SPC's

Posted by Supertails on

20 12,902
by Reading

Chaos Chronicles - Demo 1

Posted by PhoenixTN on

0 3,566
by PhoenixTN

Scepile3's Stuff

Posted by scepile3 on

2 3,532
by scepile3

Ultra Mario World Demo 1 out now!

Posted by Uncle_Bones on

3 4,485
by Uncle_Bones

Super Metroid: Volta (Info + Lots of Screenies)

Posted by FPzero on

2 4,520
by FPzero

Bramble Invasion!! - Game Footage

Posted by Baphomet Junior on

6 6,117
by NES Boy

The Eggs of Saear 2: Rhidiam's Secret

Posted by Spade on

8 6,309
by Spade

Broozer's Graphics Hut (2 NEW BGS + A NEW FG!)

Posted by Broozer on

25 14,847
by SafeDesire

Super Insane world custom cave levels demo

Posted by Mr.Bob on

0 2,735
by Mr.Bob

Mario into Megaman Patch

Posted by Jimmy on

13 11,195
by Jimmy

Jigsaw's Test

Posted by Foursword4 on

20 15,690
by Simple Bag

Super Mario LS (Working Title)

Posted by Luigi-San on

3 3,744
by Firebar

Two Earthworm Jim Musics

Posted by Baphomet Junior on

0 2,853
by Baphomet Junior

Mario: the meteor...

Posted by Alessio on

6 5,463
by Shadow Wolf TJC

SMB: Star Quest C3 Hub *New GFX and boss*

Posted by Doomdragon on

4 5,521
by Doomdragon


Posted by Dylan Yoshi on

5 6,141
by Dylan Yoshi

SMW Hack : Bowser Strikes Back - NEW Video

Posted by Jimmy on

4 4,655
by Jimmy

Ice Metal

Posted by 188 on

0 3,707
by 188

Nostalgia World

Posted by Aquamentus on

7 7,271
by Gojira_Addicted

Super Mario: Parallel Universes

Posted by carlos-182 on

6 4,858
by Broozer

Ideas: Helper Sprite, RPG

Posted by formula1 on

6 4,922
by formula1

Ersanio's C3 Item

Posted by Ersanio on

7 7,873
by AlexJS

SM64-ish Red Coins

Posted by pieguy1372 on

8 7,233
by Dispari Scuro

NPCs v3.0!

Posted by Dispari Scuro on

44 20,050
by formula1

Army of One- A few levels of preview

Posted by PrincessEmilu on

6 4,935
by Boingboingsplat

SMW Beta -New Video-

Posted by Yoshi Master on

8 5,847
by Yoshi Master

What Giga intends to do in the following forever

Posted by Giga on

2 4,054
by Maxx

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