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Spring 2009

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Sticky: Welcome back!

Posted by Smallhacker on

76 25,517
by RedboneBit

Bowsers Valley 1.1

Posted by reghrhre on

1 3,809
by Flandre Scarlet

"Bowser Strikes Back" Misc. Updates [videos]

Posted by Jimmy on

3 4,781
by Jimmy

ASM Converter

Posted by 0x400 on

2 4,517
by 0x400

Mario and the Cursed Coins

Posted by RedboneBit on

2 3,555
by ThaJakester

Atma's C3 Ports Package

Posted by Atma on

1 3,654
by Agent Q

Re-Redrawing SMW one last time

Posted by Luigi on

10 9,218
by Ploxerdon

Nostalgia World update (screens and video)

Posted by Aquamentus on

1 3,601
by Green Yoshi

The Legend of the Rift - Trailer

Posted by Foursword4 on

8 6,712
by Golden Yoshi

imamelia's Custom Blocks, Part 1: The "Improved" Password Blocks

Posted by imamelia on

0 1,446
by imamelia

SMGP: New Plot + Gameplay Footage

Posted by Broozer on

14 9,522
by andy_k_250

my C3 ExGFX release.

Posted by GhostlyYoshiEgg on

0 1,443
by GhostlyYoshiEgg

CrispyYoshi's Music Ports for C3 (May be updated)

Posted by Crispy on

0 1,942
by Crispy

My New Super Mario World 2 game

Posted by Lespna1 on

3 7,011
by Lespna1


Posted by FPzero on

11 8,118
by 3781

Dragonphoenix's C3 Stand

Posted by PhoenixTN on

0 1,560
by PhoenixTN

Buried Treasure SS (last update before release)

Posted by CaseP on

16 5,599
by Alessio

Super Puzzle World 3

Posted by 2407 on

11 10,404
by 2407

SMW - Mixed Backgrounds

Posted by wye on

14 19,148
by Ultimaximus

Spaceship Shooter Release - Super Mario o_O O_O O_o

Posted by Superyoshi on

9 9,078
by ThaJakester

An unnamed awesome hack

Posted by Exor on

1 1,582
by Aqualakitu

R.E.X. IDE C3 Special Build

Posted by PyroSphere on

2 5,810
by PyroSphere

Shinnok's Entry at C3

Posted by Shinnok on

7 3,853
by Shinnok

1/4 of a level.

Posted by AtomicShroom on

4 5,124
by Ultimaximus

Things you want to release during C3 but can't.

Posted by Player 1 on

30 15,518
by Mattrizzle

Fix-All Patch For Beginners

Posted by andy_k_250 on

6 4,324
by Shinnok


Posted by Supertails on

23 15,301
by Jimmy

SNN's Misc. Thread of Misc. Miscs.

Posted by S.N.N. on

6 6,331
by Thane

An old game I found

Posted by Alcaro on

4 3,129
by Alcaro

Super Mario versus the Magnificent 7 (New Video and Screens)

Posted by Agent Q on

2 4,075
by Agent Q

SNES Mouse [ASM]

Posted by 0x400 on

44 23,480
by Carsr4carpeople1

Koopa Castle: The First Demo

Posted by SuperFireMario on

6 6,545
by Ultimaximus

Super Mario Illusion

Posted by ReplayTy13 on

8 6,027
by Alessio

The Yoshi Tribe - A Tale of Battles

Posted by Thundahack on

10 13,147
by Thundahack

SMW2 Bowsers Island (Demo 2 Available!!)

Posted by 3781 on

8 8,344
by Superyoshi

Sorry that I almost a day late, but I have another surprise for you all!

Posted by Minitendo on

0 1,489
by Minitendo

Princess Peach in: The Great Escape! (Pics)

Posted by Luigi-San on

11 16,392
by ThaJakester

Hard Level Minigames RELEASE!

Posted by X-King on

4 4,292
by X-King

Mario Explores Hyrule (Released Hack!)

Posted by Aquamentus on

3 5,008
by Kernigh

Mario Planet C3 Version

Posted by Apollyon on

1 3,731
by Kernigh

Chaotic realm demo release!

Posted by anonimato on

6 6,482
by Kernigh

Quest on Full Moon Island (Trailer + Demo)

Posted by Stormkyleis on

4 3,310
by Stormkyleis

Holy crap, Giga actually did something with Wacky World?!

Posted by Giga on

8 9,917
by Vector

Just Blob

Posted by TheDutchLuigi on

15 7,027
by Zildjian

scepile/scepile3's SSB life counter

Posted by scepile on

0 1,807
by scepile

Super Mario's Island Hopping Adventure

Posted by Techokami on

5 3,425
by Aqualakitu

A Strange Mission - Gameplay Footage

Posted by wye on

12 7,338
by Alessio

SMW2 Yoshi's Revenge: 1-3 Stuff

Posted by Yoshiboy on

6 6,760
by Thundahack

Keyblade Master's C3 Project -Lost and Found: A SMW minihack-(Demo Two is Ready)

Posted by Icon of Sin on

8 7,460
by Icon of Sin

Super Mario: A New Beginning

Posted by UltiMario on

6 5,847
by UltiMario

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