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Spring 2009

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Sticky: Welcome back!

Posted by Smallhacker on

76 25,316
by RedboneBit

Early C3 Releases - 3 Things!

Posted by Skewer on

10 4,763
by wye

zmario my hack fixed just the first level i overwrote

Posted by undeadmario on

2 2,611
by Supertails

A Plumber's Peril - Adventure on Iredescent Island

Posted by Icemask on

6 3,084
by Flandre Scarlet

Moxiblue Mario - Final

Posted by FReed on

1 2,762
by Flandre Scarlet

here are some photos of my hack

Posted by undeadmario on

16 5,314
by Agent Q

Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Return

Posted by Jeorge535 on

8 4,374
by Jeorge535

Normal Hack ( No Exgfx )

Posted by Merthacks on

2 2,226
by Merthacks

Custom Music: LoZ - Turned into a rabbit.

Posted by Koelkast on

5 2,721
by S.N.N.

scepile/scepile3's SSB life counter

Posted by scepile on

0 1,797
by scepile

Super Mario's Island Hopping Adventure

Posted by Techokami on

5 3,409
by Aqualakitu

Luigi's Superstar Search - C3 Demo Release!

Posted by Delmaru on

5 3,465
by Kernigh

Orange Ocean ExGFX (Update #1)

Posted by Jayfeather on

2 2,308
by GhostlyYoshiEgg

Super Hammer Bros Adventure

Posted by Retired Man on

7 4,425
by ThaJakester

Mario and The Mushroom of Power - C3 Thread

Posted by SafeDesire on

3 2,286
by SafeDesire

Azure Chaotic - music preview

Posted by Azure on

8 3,498
by Stormkyleis

F-Mario X - The C3 Thread

Posted by X-King on

4 5,885
by Kernigh

Sorry that I almost a day late, but I have another surprise for you all!

Posted by Minitendo on

0 1,485
by Minitendo

Yoshi's Island - The Twilight Realm

Posted by Troopa on

8 3,985
by Thundahack

Most of my ASM, released and documented

Posted by Bio on

2 2,686
by Ladida

Super Mario XP demo release

Posted by Minitendo on

5 5,389
by S.N.N.

Super Mario and the Giant Omelette - Released!

Posted by BloodyToothBrush on

2 2,663
by andy_k_250

Sonikku's C3 Sprite Stuff

Posted by Sonikku on

2 3,081
by andy_k_250

2 Version RPG hack.

Posted by Chikane on

2 2,164
by Chikane

The Tale of Elementia: Sound Test + Announcement

Posted by Supertails on

17 12,460
by Dylan Yoshi

An old game I found

Posted by Alcaro on

4 3,116
by Alcaro

Superyoshi's Music Utilities

Posted by Superyoshi on

19 11,172
by Superyoshi

An unnamed awesome hack

Posted by Exor on

1 1,573
by Aqualakitu

The Hach Corner

Posted by Hach on

6 7,257
by Alessio

mario:the star adventure(demo out!)

Posted by GhostlyYoshiEgg on

10 4,064
by GhostlyYoshiEgg

Haroon's Despair - Finally some updates

Posted by Halzyn on

9 4,602
by Halzyn


Posted by DTG on

9 4,466
by DTG

Super Mario - The Cookie Crisis demo 0.53

Posted by yoshicookiezeus on

14 8,401
by yoshicookiezeus

Fix-All Patch For Beginners

Posted by andy_k_250 on

6 4,291
by Shinnok

Dragonphoenix's C3 Stand

Posted by PhoenixTN on

0 1,552
by PhoenixTN

Super Mario World - Shmup style

Posted by Slash Man on

2 2,311
by Ultimaximus

ExGFX: Ninja Warriors BG Pack

Posted by Ultimaximus on

6 3,634
by Ultimaximus

Goombario's World Demo 2

Posted by Cellcen on

16 6,803
by LinksPetYoshi

Shinnok's Entry at C3

Posted by Shinnok on

7 3,834
by Shinnok

The Forgotten Island

Posted by I8Strudel on

14 6,294
by kirbydavy

My GFX and Palettes Edits

Posted by Merthacks on

12 6,448
by leictreon

Just Blob

Posted by TheDutchLuigi on

15 6,962
by Zildjian

SMW-Mario's Bordem

Posted by Vector on

2 2,210
by Kernigh

The Big Boo's Legion - RELEASED

Posted by Hadron on

10 5,771
by Hadron

CrispyYoshi's First SMW Music Port!

Posted by Crispy on

4 4,073
by Kernigh

Iceguy's hacking stuff (downloads!!)

Posted by Iceguy on

24 11,748
by iRhyiku

SyStemkraSh's Grassland Graphics

Posted by SyStemkraSh on

6 3,465
by SyStemkraSh

Quest on Full Moon Island (Trailer + Demo)

Posted by Stormkyleis on

4 3,293
by Stormkyleis

Dinomar's stuff...

Posted by Alessio on

15 12,437
by Stormkyleis

BD132's C3 Conference- Final Day Progress

Posted by BD132 on

4 3,901
by BD132

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