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Important: KLDC 2021 - RESULTS

Posted by Doctor No on

34 10,151
by Kitikuchan

Important: KLDC 2021 - DISCUSSION

Posted by Doctor No on

43 8,113
by sio-kedelic


Posted by Doctor No on

77 27,235
by unipat


Posted by Doctor No on

12 3,625
by Klug

Sticky: Entries and Clear Videos

Posted by Doctor No on

2 2,146
by Praseodymium

Wario in Japan

Posted by Anorakun on

2 960
by Anorakun

KAIZO MAN - I played too much Mega Man recently (v1.001)

Posted by yogui on

9 2,555
by yogui

Sine Qua Non

Posted by containercore on

1 649
by MistaX88

Mah Vem Pra Ca! (If you get it, you get it)

Posted by ECS.98 on

0 813
by ECS.98

Shut Up And Fly

Posted by 7 up on

10 2,252
by Katerpie

Potaboo Waltz

Posted by detdu on

3 1,063
by Doctor No

The Magic Library

Posted by CircleFriendo on

2 828
by quietmason


Posted by FrozenQuills on

9 2,316
by FrozenQuills


Posted by Mithrillionaire on

2 897
by Mithrillionaire

Wario's Kaizo Mine

Posted by Kitikuchan on

1 766
by Kitikuchan

Castle of Gravity

Posted by yoshi9429 on

1 664
by Katerpie

Shell in a nutshell

Posted by HLXY on

8 1,588

Floating Point Trail

Posted by TheBourgyman on

1 961
by TheBourgyman

Filtration System

Posted by FYRE150 on

3 853
by brickblock369

Spark and Sanctuary

Posted by oyok on

0 752
by oyok

My entry! A Day of Sliding

Posted by sio-kedelic on

0 852
by sio-kedelic

Multihit Pit (WIP: More sections?)

Posted by SolveForX on

2 963
by FrozenQuills

Night Moves [WIP]

Posted by MorrieTheMagpie on

4 1,174
by MorrieTheMagpie

Columnae Herculis

Posted by NerDose on

6 1,936
by dogemaster

The Bee's Knees

Posted by MistaX88 on

2 1,110
by NerDose

Rope Work [WIP]

Posted by algae5 on

2 1,009
by algae5

Bramball Buddies [-WIP-]

Posted by 1UPdudes on

4 1,071
by 1UPdudes

Rexy [WIP]

Posted by ninj on

3 1,106
by Evil_Abed