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Announcement: 2020 KLDC - RESULTS

Posted by Doctor No on

28 12,680
by ECS.98

Important: **CLOSED** KLDC 2020 - Rules and Submissions

Posted by Doctor No on

53 26,751
by SJandCharlieTheCat

Sticky: Feedback and Rules Changes

Posted by Doctor No on

62 11,690
by Doctor No

Sticky: KLDC 2020 - Discussion

Posted by Doctor No on

29 10,354
by 7 up


Posted by white_moth on

15 5,120
by white_moth

(almost) All levels clear (judges stay away)

Posted by NaroGugul on

7 2,211
by NaroGugul

Abnormal Athletics (epilepsy warning)

Posted by 7 up on

6 2,231
by 7 up

🌞 Circadian 🌕

Posted by idol on

0 972
by idol

Level Entry

Posted by SAMPLE on

2 1,478
by Doctor No

Double Star

Posted by ECS.98 on

2 1,030
by ECS.98

wooly bullied

Posted by dogemaster on

0 835
by dogemaster


Posted by crm0622 on

3 1,383
by crm0622


Posted by NaroGugul on

9 2,305
by Nint

Does Peach Dare To Eat A Peach? (Asks TS Eliot)

Posted by Vivian Darkbloom on

1 1,108
by Luaxon


Posted by FrozenQuills on

6 1,584
by qantuum


Posted by AbuseFreakHacker on

10 2,202
by AbuseFreakHacker

Cursed Cavern

Posted by Sokobansolver on

2 1,607
by Sokobansolver

Shigeru's Nightmare

Posted by RussianMan on

3 1,384
by RussianMan

Poison Shroom Beach

Posted by Green Jerry on

4 1,758
by Green Jerry

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs [First level I have made in Lunar Magic - ANY TESTERS?]

Posted by Nirv on

1 1,217
by Nirv

Steampunk Kaizo Castle [Update and Testing are needed!]

Posted by Dispace on

1 1,248
by Dispace

Question about Base ROM map16

Posted by Lunch Lunch on

1 1,023
by Katerpie

Poll: when baes parents are home

Posted by Hobz on

10 2,705
by Hobz