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Resource & Tool Releases

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Important: Resource & Tool Releases Forum Rules (Updated 2023/08/17)

Posted by S.N.N. on

1 5,813
by Tahixham

Sticky: Minor Releases


Posted by S.N.N. on

80 46,905
by Hayashi Neru

Sticky: Lunar Magic suggestions and discussion (LM v3.40)


Posted by FuSoYa on

1,271 306,190
by AmperSam

zsat v0.6

Posted by wiiqwertyuiop on

9 7,627
by wiiqwertyuiop

ZMZ: Still not deader than ZSNES.

Posted by Alcaro on

124 67,976
by Alcaro

Yoshi's Island Disassembly Project [COMPLETED!]

Posted by Lexie on

6 6,080
by Wooden Chair

Yoshi Abilities Patch (v1.11 release!) [UPDATED PATCH]

Posted by Jimmy on

78 23,014
by MrDeePay

WIP Thread

Posted by S.N.N. on

43 18,893
by ackerman90

Winter C3 2023 Requests: The Rest


Posted by RussianMan on

1 1,266
by Burning Loaf

Why isn't there an easier way to make Mario GFX.

Posted by thecentralbus on

1 1,475
by MarioFanGamer

Walljump Blocks V3, released.

Posted by Ersanio on

18 10,528
by JackTheSpades

VWF Dialogues v1.4


Posted by RPG Hacker on

245 83,853
by RPG Hacker

VRAM Rearrangement Patch

Posted by Alcaro on

43 12,757
by Alcaro

Various Graphics that I edited/ripped

Posted by Yoshin on

0 5,637
by Yoshin

Upsidedown triangles 2.1

Posted by Alcaro on

6 4,496
by Alcaro

Updated Overworld Sprites Patch [Cancelled]


Posted by Ice Man on

7 3,507
by Ice Man

UNKO (formerly "Redacted") (Object Insertion Tool) v1.30

Posted by 6646 on

14 7,045
by Vivian Darkbloom

UberASM Tool - support thread (version 1.5 now available)

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

5 3,386
by Vitor Vilela

UberASM Retry System (+ Multiple Checkpoints) v0.6.0


Posted by Kevin on

62 17,004

Tsunami ExGFX Pack

Posted by PROMETHEUS on

6 7,034

trashkas (trasm->xkas converter)

Posted by Iceguy on

12 18,420
by Iceguy

Tool: Sprite GFX Creator

Posted by JackTheSpades on

15 12,905
by SkywinDragoon

The Strongest Sprite Workshop: Follow Up

Posted by Von Fahrenheit on

28 14,480
by Insanit

The NPC Project (current release: 3.0, 4.0 beta on now)

Posted by Dispari Scuro on

36 14,886
by Golden Mushroom

The Icy Ox' Random Tileset Resources (Requests Open)

Posted by Blizzard Buffalo on

5 4,121
by Blizzard Buffalo

The Frozen Bison's SMW Graphic Thread - The Vanilla Edition


Posted by Blizzard Buffalo on

15 4,767
by Blizzard Buffalo

The first bitwise logical operation plotter

Posted by qantuum on

1 2,087
by Vivian Darkbloom

The Easy Rom Porter tool!


Posted by Soul on

0 1,491
by Soul

Tessera 2.0 (not quite finished)

Posted by imamelia on

36 13,886
by LadiesMan217


Posted by wiiqwertyuiop on

0 2,162
by wiiqwertyuiop

SWR's new xkas (Patches 4x faster than original)

Posted by spel werdz rite on

17 8,879
by KilloZapit

Superstar Editor SMW - ON HOLD

Posted by Yoshimaster96 on

50 12,607
by ixfd64

SuperFX Patch Released

Posted by DiscoTheBat on

78 44,891
by Vitor Vilela

Super Status Bar v2

Posted by Kaijyuu on

8 4,662
by Kaijyuu

Super Scriptnes: SNES Code Editor

Posted by anonimzwx on

12 5,168
by Vivian Darkbloom

Super Mario's Wacky Worlds sprite rips and tilesets


Posted by cdiplayer on

1 1,277
by Thomas

Super Mario World Development GFX

Posted by Luks on

2 4,427
by LadiesMan217

Super Mario World + Super Mario All-Stars MIDI (Beta) (Updated)

Posted by BurningVillager on

0 4,289
by BurningVillager

Super Mario Maker graphics rip pack (SMM2 update)

Posted by Gregor on

27 34,509
by Gregor

Super Mario Land sprites [14]

Posted by smkdan on

110 64,264
by Supertails

Super Mario Bros +3 Level criador +Builder +Source

Posted by GamersBR on

1 2,847
by MrDeePay

Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 3 - Hammer Brother [Player GFX]

Posted by Face on

5 4,258
by Face

Super Mario Advance 2 Status Screen Patch v2.68 (release candidate)


Posted by Ladida on

25 11,270
by LadiesMan217

Super FX Development Kit - Discontinued

Posted by DiscoTheBat on

25 15,615
by DiscoTheBat

Summer C3 2023 Requests: The Rest


Posted by RussianMan on

4 804
by Rykon-V73

Status Effect

Posted by HuFlungDu on

0 2,199
by HuFlungDu

Sprites on Platforms and Springs and Stuff

Posted by Medic on

22 12,430
by Skewer

Sprite Message Box - Free-up Layer 3

Posted by edit1754 on

36 17,311
by Rykon-V73

Sprite Memory Shared Between Areas (Patch + Code)

Posted by edit1754 on

3 3,326
by Vector

Speck - lightweight ID666 tag editor (not finished)

Posted by CommieYoshi on

3 3,525
by CommieYoshi

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