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Resource & Tool Releases

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Posted by Kipernal on

896 316,633
by armyofwin98

Poll: Soul's Donkey kong Country rips - 3 NEW FG rips


Posted by Soul on

3 2,294
by armyofwin98

The Easy Rom Porter tool!


Posted by Soul on

0 1,488
by Soul

SMW tutorials

Posted by FireBrandWhip on

1 1,593
by PermaBan

My Own HDMA Tools


Posted by MarioFanGamer on

3 2,752
by Soul

[Command Update!] MML(AddmusicK) Toolkit v1.1.1 (VSCode Extension)


Posted by PineJam on

6 2,362
by PineJam

Updated Overworld Sprites Patch [Cancelled]


Posted by Ice Man on

7 3,506
by Ice Man

RSE (Outdated)


Posted by Soul on

1 1,749
by Mohamad20ZX

b4vwf - message boxes on BG4


Posted by Katrina on

60 19,390
by Hayashi Neru

PIXI v1.2: Some Sprite Insertion Tool of Sorts


Posted by JackTheSpades on

237 85,768
by Thomas

NPCs v4.2: "alright, I made them 32x32" Edition

Posted by wye on

2 1,864
by wye

SMW Lunar Magic Default Level Spreadsheet

Posted by sfcohe on

2 2,361
by imamelia

UberASM Tool - support thread (version 1.5 now available)

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

5 3,384
by Vitor Vilela

Dynamic Spriteset System - Current version: v1.01 - Official release

Posted by lx5 on

21 9,586
by MarioriaM

My very own Mario and Peach GFX Pack

Posted by Fernand1527 on

3 3,278
by solgaleo35

Bench's scripts and other weird junk thread

Posted by Burning Loaf on

5 3,966
by Burning Loaf

Super Mario World + Super Mario All-Stars MIDI (Beta) (Updated)

Posted by BurningVillager on

0 4,287
by BurningVillager

Dark Prince's desperate bg request thread - release!

Posted by Dark Prince on

0 1,328
by Dark Prince

IT2AMK output shrinker

Posted by RetroSwim on

6 3,186
by Vivian Darkbloom

Blockreator - Make blocks without knowing ASM

Posted by Kipernal on

107 64,255
by BlueToad

SA-1 Pack - v1.40 released

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

589 235,222
by Vitor Vilela

PatchManager v1.0

Posted by TheBiob on

10 6,234
by Anas

More overworld levels and events

Posted by Ragey on

32 20,549
by Skewer

Retry System (+ Simple Multi-Midway) ver 2.06a

Posted by worldpeace on

73 40,536
by PastaNoSauce

Superstar Editor SMW - ON HOLD

Posted by Yoshimaster96 on

50 12,550
by ixfd64

lion's one stop shop for ASM doodads and gizmos

Posted by lion on

15 8,213
by lion

Random level generator v1.0

Posted by crith on

48 34,360
by PermaBan

AddmusicK v2.00 - In Progress! (Discontinued)

Posted by StackDino on

27 7,691
by Anas

SMAS Lunar Magic Custom Toolbar

Posted by Jack_Vincent13 on

2 2,337
by RPG Hacker

music requests (apologies if this does not belong here.)

Posted by solgaleo35 on

1 1,288
by Tahixham

Maxkas 1.1 - A Mac OS X ASM Patcher (Now with Asar support!)

Posted by Lexi on

4 7,156
by PermaBan

The Strongest Sprite Workshop: Follow Up

Posted by Von Fahrenheit on

28 14,459
by Insanit

Anyone have custom on/off blocks that are working?

Posted by savagecabbage on

1 971
by Tahixham

Super Mario World Development GFX

Posted by Luks on

2 4,424
by LadiesMan217

Looking for music?

Posted by Didithebright on

1 1,295
by Tahixham

The first bitwise logical operation plotter

Posted by qantuum on

1 2,086
by Vivian Darkbloom

DKC(R) Sprite Status Bar & Message Box Expansion

Posted by wye on

13 7,305
by wye

Super Mario Maker graphics rip pack (SMM2 update)

Posted by Gregor on

27 34,502
by Gregor

Poll: SMWCentral Play-From-Browser

Posted by AZMWorld on

8 2,563
by AZMWorld

Dyzen: Sprite maker

Posted by anonimzwx on

103 53,859
by anonimzwx


Posted by anonimzwx on

8 4,507
by anonimzwx

Effect Tool 2.0.1 (redownload recomended)

Posted by JackTheSpades on

35 28,500
by scratch

32x32 Character Tilemap Kit update

Posted by Ladida on

27 22,029
by Eliex

2 Player Co-op - Source Release

Posted by Noobish Noobsicle on

28 17,704
by PermaBan

smw coop patch

Posted by jona255 on

5 5,652
by Major Flare

FreeRAM handling library (WIP, feedback welcome)

Posted by trillian on

4 2,385
by Klug

Lui37's Overworld Sprite Patch [Semi-Deprecated]

Posted by leod on

24 20,877
by Haithius

SMW Maker

Posted by trillian on

13 7,049
by Tulip Time Scholarship Games

Why isn't there an easier way to make Mario GFX.

Posted by thecentralbus on

1 1,475
by MarioFanGamer

SMW Central Front-Loader

Posted by RabdPnguin on

0 1,527
by RabdPnguin

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