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Resource & Tool Releases

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AMPlayer - Laboratory

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

56 33,759
by Noivern

SMW/SMAS+W Split Disassembly

Posted by yoshifanatic on

3 3,810
by RPG Hacker


Posted by trillian on

2 2,629
by Atomicatoms

Snes Office: Set of Tools for Snes Developing

Posted by anonimzwx on

23 9,277
by anonimzwx

RPG-Styled HP and MP Counter Version 1.1

Posted by RPG Hacker on

55 22,740
by zacmario

GIEPY (Sprite Insertion Tool) [v1.01]

Posted by 6646 on

14 13,607
by MellyMellouange

NIE (NIT Interpretation Engine)

Posted by Quad on

9 3,381
by Major Flare

Super Scriptnes: SNES Code Editor

Posted by anonimzwx on

12 5,166
by Vivian Darkbloom


Posted by wiiqwertyuiop on

2 2,811
by wiiqwertyuiop


Posted by PancakeFriday on

2 2,337
by Tulip Time Scholarship Games

Faerie: Prototyping the end of Tweaker

Posted by Telinc1 on

5 3,285
by Telinc1

Minimalist Status Bars (imamelia i finally updated them)

Posted by Ladida on

29 11,138
by Xgen_Product

Lunar Magic suggestions and discussion (LM v2.52)

Posted by imamelia on

2,886 832,646
by FuSoYa

Discussion: Attempting to create an alternate SMW editor

Posted by spel werdz rite on

1 2,880
by lion

.pal Generator (01/24/18: medium-sized update!)

Posted by wye on

26 11,006
by wye

AddmusicK 1.1.0 Beta Release (New Beta Up 5/7)

Posted by Codec on

71 34,932
by AntiDuck

Mega SMAS SFX Pack - 136 SFXs

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

15 12,566
by Manofer

Daiyousei, the unsanctioned sprite tool (v0.4.1)

Posted by Katrina on

11 6,882
by Alcaro

JPS: web-based IPS patcher - status: released (also:Alcaro and ZPedro have a conversation with teachable moments about software)

Posted by ZPedro on

21 15,128
by ZPedro

Enemy HP Meter

Posted by HammerBrother on

4 4,628
by Skewer

UNKO (formerly "Redacted") (Object Insertion Tool) v1.30

Posted by 6646 on

14 7,036
by Vivian Darkbloom

The Icy Ox' Random Tileset Resources (Requests Open)

Posted by Blizzard Buffalo on

5 4,121
by Blizzard Buffalo

Ninji and Bat Morphs (old release)

Posted by leod on

8 6,458
by Final Theory


Posted by Alcaro on

86 49,160
by lion

GradientTool - Latest Version: v0.8.2.1 (July 7, ‘15)

Posted by ExoticMatter on

35 22,675
by LMPuny

ZMZ: Still not deader than ZSNES.

Posted by Alcaro on

124 67,933
by Alcaro

Overworld Border Plus - Official Release

Posted by MarioFanGamer on

1 5,285
by Ladida

Super FX Development Kit - Discontinued

Posted by DiscoTheBat on

25 15,609
by DiscoTheBat

Master Bugfix Patch (Current Patch Count: 30)

Posted by AxemJinx on

28 11,921
by imamelia

anonimzwx's Sprites and Gimmicks Release Thread [Oneil preview]

Posted by anonimzwx on

42 18,168
by anonimzwx

LM_MENU - A Localization plugin

Posted by on

10 7,761
by Yoshi3000

Sprites on Platforms and Springs and Stuff

Posted by Medic on

22 12,411
by Skewer

[WIP] SNESTile 0.7 – A cross-platform SNES GFX editor

Posted by Lexi on

24 26,163
by Chillah

Super Mario Bros +3 Level criador +Builder +Source

Posted by GamersBR on

1 2,847
by MrDeePay

asar-tc: asar for toolchain use (and more)

Posted by JVyrn on

4 2,998
by JVyrn

Romi's Spritetool - v1.41 : asar support

Posted by JackTheSpades on

8 5,074
by Vitor Vilela

Respawn Player Patch

Posted by MellyMellouange on

22 11,310
by Kaisaan

Walljump Blocks V3, released.

Posted by Ersanio on

18 10,524
by JackTheSpades

Various Graphics that I edited/ripped

Posted by Yoshin on

0 5,637
by Yoshin

New Assembler: Schasm

Posted by Final Theory on

0 1,965
by Final Theory

new YI allies(still W.I.P. yet)

Posted by Tsutarja on

1 2,528
by JackTheSpades

more Player Animation triggers (testers please)

Posted by HammerBrother on

0 2,172
by HammerBrother

SMWCP: Resources Released!

Posted by S.N.N. on

228 98,177
by Skewer

Yoshi's Island Disassembly Project [COMPLETED!]

Posted by Lexie on

6 6,077
by Wooden Chair

Has anyone here heard of this "MusicBypasser" yet?

Posted by Kiddo on

6 4,134
by aterraformer

Tsunami ExGFX Pack

Posted by PROMETHEUS on

6 7,034

[Patch] LM Level Animation Hack Manager (LLAHM)

Posted by Hamtaro126 on

5 4,236
by Ladida

OBJ/MTL to GMA/TPL converter

Posted by Yoshimaster96 on

0 4,991
by Yoshimaster96

Musical Dagger

Posted by starlett on

3 2,715
by Alcaro

Graphic Museum of Jack Kitetsu

Posted by Jack Kitetsu on

4 3,981
by Eminus

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