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Custom Music

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Announcement: Custom Music Forum Rules (2022/07/16)

Posted by Fyord on

5 9,821
by Tahixham

Important: A handy guide for SMW's samples, global music and SFX

Posted by Nameless on

2 8,021
by armyofwin98

Important: Notes about AddmusicK

Posted by Pinci on

27 8,517
by jackuier3

Important: Featured Music Nominations/Discussion | 98.5 SMW Music Appreciation Station

Posted by Nameless on

190 53,572
by Nameless

Sticky: SPC Showoff & Feedback Thread 5.0 - The Phantom Pain

Posted by Nameless on

92 24,676
by brickblock369

Sticky: Custom Instrument Thread

Posted by Giftshaven on

51 18,841
by brickblock369

Sticky: Official SMW Music Porting Help Thread (Read first post!!)

Posted by HaruMKT on

298 79,996
by Torchkas

Sticky: Remoderation Archive Thread

Posted by Nameless on

1 1,296
by Slash Man

Sticky: BRR Archive and Recommendations

Posted by Masterlink on

87 23,871
by musicalman

Request for permission to use sample tracks in my hack

Posted by MEgamariofan69 on

0 13
by MEgamariofan69

MIDI percussion and SPC channels

Posted by TCgamerboy2002 on

1 65
by brickblock369

Dippy's Port thread!

Posted by Dippy on

9 1,844
by Dippy

SPC700 documentation and please add more!

Posted by Torchkas on

0 40
by Torchkas

Enabling Echo in Level

Posted by Gulaschko on

1 104
by Anas

Why It Sounds Strange? [SOLVED]

Posted by scratch on

0 54
by scratch

Help me with fixing the tune.

Posted by August77 on

0 96
by August77

What song is this?

Posted by Matt.burner on

1 742
by 7 up

Dubstep sounds?

Posted by Puzzleguy on

2 203
by KungFuFurby

Help shortening this song?

Posted by SmashNcrab on

2 99
by SmashNcrab

Getting/making a MIDI file to make a custom music request

Posted by Heitor Porfirio on

5 260
by brickblock369

addmusick just jumbles up all of my music?

Posted by seasonsarecool on

1 234
by Torchkas

Where can i find the download of the FL Studio 32-bit(x86) version?

Posted by Roberto zampari on

0 1,721
by Roberto zampari

Question about my now broken sound effects?

Posted by DebugYoshi on

5 703
by DebugYoshi

Making and SPC from a text file

Posted by Neito on

4 892
by Neito

NES Super Mario Bros. 3 Music and Sounds?

Posted by RZ1 on

2 3,123
by Power_Boii

merc's personal dumping ground (spc thread)

Posted by MercuryPenny on

143 47,669
by MercuryPenny

I can't insert a single Sampled music with AddMusicK_1.0.8

Posted by Black Yoshi on

4 767
by Black Yoshi

How does replacing samples work?

Posted by crocodileman94 on

4 729
by crocodileman94

SNES GSS Music Creation - Can't Export the necessary .txt file

Posted by LocoFuzzyPants on

4 1,378
by brickblock369

changing an spc into an injectable file

Posted by roydisc on

4 993
by roydisc

spctomml solution not working

Posted by roydisc on

0 451
by roydisc

Composing in MML?

Posted by FantasticFox on

1 278
by FantasticFox

Make a song repeat?

Posted by A-Frame on

3 630
by Exodust

Daizo's Music Stash >> Sicari 2 stuff & more in the OP

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

21 6,258
by Daizo Dee Von

Custom music import from SPC?

Posted by PotaJoe on

2 730
by PotaJoe

SFX are garbled with custom music inserted

Posted by SMWizard on

3 1,191
by SMWizard

Nintendo Presents Port Issue

Posted by Koopenstein on

2 1,116
by Koopenstein

Custom Goal / Orb Music

Posted by DasFueller on

1 496
by MarioFanGamer

Haru's ess puh chee dump

Posted by HaruMKT on

238 53,280
by HaruMKT

BRR Tools & Porting Issue

Posted by Koopenstein on

0 482
by Koopenstein

Yi Jian Mei (xue hua piao piao) chorus

Posted by jaezu on

0 458
by jaezu

AddmusicK changes title screen sound effect

Posted by crocodileman94 on

2 592
by crocodileman94

Tintin Animated Theme Song

Posted by Macrophaje on

2 671
by Macrophaje

Where can I download the built in SMW instruments?

Posted by BlueToad07 on

2 525
by BlueToad07

How do I add wav files in my smw-hack?

Posted by Kekslordi on

7 2,097
by PermaBan

New to Music Making: Accoustic Grand Piano Samples sound weird

Posted by Gulaschko on

4 684
by Gulaschko

SFX Not Playing the Final Pitch Bend

Posted by MinecraftGamerLR on

0 336
by MinecraftGamerLR

Pokemon - Red, Blue & Yellow - Mt. Moon

Posted by Brutapode89 on

0 361
by Brutapode89


Posted by xhsdf on

4 851
by xhsdf

AMK Compiling Error when using custom BRR file

Posted by KBY30 on

3 654
by KBY30

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