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Custom Music

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Announcement: Custom Music Forum Rules (2022/07/16)

Posted by Fyord on

5 10,789
by Tahixham

Important: A handy guide for SMW's samples, global music and SFX

Posted by Hazel on

4 12,222
by MarioFanGamer

Important: Notes about AddmusicK

Posted by Pinci on

27 11,869
by jackuier3

Important: Featured Music Nominations/Discussion | 98.5 SMW Music Appreciation Station

Posted by Hazel on

190 64,768
by Hazel

Sticky: Custom Instrument Thread (2023/10/11)

Posted by Giftshaven on

55 25,137
by Dark Mario Bros

Sticky: SPC Showoff & Feedback Thread 5.0 - The Phantom Pain

Posted by Hazel on

94 32,066
by Vellidragon

Sticky: Official SMW Music Porting Help Thread (Read first post!!)

Posted by HaruMKT on

298 96,392
by Torchkas

Sticky: Remoderation Archive Thread

Posted by Hazel on

1 2,603
by Slash Man

Sticky: BRR Archive and Recommendations

Posted by Masterlink on

87 28,986
by musicalman

Does anyone have or know the name of this song?

Posted by I'm Poppy on

0 48
by I'm Poppy

Can you help me identify the music?

Posted by Tsquare07 on

0 58
by Tsquare07

How do i port my already existing SPC file?

Posted by Tsquare07 on

2 102
by Tsquare07

How do i make a .Wav file into a .spc file?

Posted by MoaiJoe on

2 103
by MoaiJoe

custom sfx help

Posted by steelsburg on

1 72
by Torchkas

Haru's SPC Showoff Thread

Posted by HaruMKT on

240 62,962
by HaruMKT

AddMusicK muting songs?

Posted by EzraTube on

4 167
by MarioFanGamer

Looking for the name of a custom smw instrument

Posted by Archbishop Weeble-Wobble on

0 97
by Archbishop Weeble-Wobble

AMK not recognizing sample group

Posted by Lightning on

2 112
by Lightning

Poll: Do you convert FL Studio's volume values (in %) to AMK volume commands?

Posted by Lumy on

5 322
by Lumy

Game crashes when starting a level after inserting new music.

Posted by BlueSheep123 on

0 75
by BlueSheep123

Help with notes for music

Posted by Yutuz on

4 213
by Yutuz

After the loop the instrument sounds weird

Posted by Aguiar Salsicha on

2 144
by Aguiar Salsicha

Having some trouble figuring out FIR filters...

Posted by imamelia on

2 225
by Dzing

snesmod question

Posted by SmashFanx on

5 312
by KungFuFurby

I need help fixing an old port

Posted by nlxt on

0 167
by nlxt

Can the brr be included in the sfx1?

Posted by jhonz22 on

0 151
by jhonz22

My SNES Music Ports that Problematic with qXY Command (Fix-up Project)

Posted by Nanako on

5 1,007
by Nanako

Custom Sfx with BRR Samples

Posted by Domokun007 on

0 249
by Domokun007

AddMusicK Error - The specified sample was not found...

Posted by BeancityMakes on

7 563
by Nanako

Looking for Instrument in a SMW Custom Song

Posted by Archbishop Weeble-Wobble on

1 306
by Nanako

Possible to have 2 Echo Commands for Different Channels?

Posted by Archbishop Weeble-Wobble on

2 299
by Archbishop Weeble-Wobble

AddMusicK Address Out Of Bounds

Posted by RichardDS90 on

0 277
by RichardDS90

SPCtoMML's problem

Posted by Gamer_HS on

2 339
by KungFuFurby

Dippy's Port thread!

Posted by Dippy on

15 19,782
by Dippy

Error: File "temp.txt" not found.

Posted by Koop the Koopa on

4 1,435
by PuffleDreemurr

New Porter Looking for Feedback

Posted by gorpo_c on

2 380
by gorpo_c

How seamless can I make music transitions with AMK?

Posted by Koopster on

5 519
by Koopster

Where can I find beyrevia's ports

Posted by Neito on

4 664
by Anas

Old Japanese Ports?

Posted by Manofer on

5 3,358
by Neito

merc's personal dumping ground (spc thread)

Posted by MercuryPenny on

147 57,312
by MercuryPenny

Game sounds are messed up

Posted by sL0Thiie on

0 459
by sL0Thiie

[Resolved] Small Sample Tuning Issue

Posted by BlueToad07 on

2 674
by BlueToad07

LadiesMan217 Present™ Birabuto Kingdom!

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

388 114,106
by LadiesMan217

Completely lost - AddmusicK Error

Posted by BeancityMakes on

2 436
by BeancityMakes

Convert .waw to .spc and replace to smw rom

Posted by iEnderman55 on

1 558
by Sayuri

Added custom track to clean rom: no sound or music on level to which track is added, and game crashes after Mario dies or exits

Posted by mariobrondas on

1 587
by Torchkas

ripping brr samples from Snes roms (sfc)

Posted by musicalman on

17 8,732
by KungFuFurby

how 2 do midi file 2 smw music file

Posted by 58735 on

1 737
by Dark Mario Bros

Dowload for dominator's port has all the filenames corruptted

Posted by Neito on

2 719
by Neito

SPC Echo and FIR filter flowchart documentation (Is it correct?)

Posted by nyanpasu64 on

6 5,420
by jeffythedragonslayer

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