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Super Mario 64 Hacking

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Announcement: SM64 General Forum Rules and Discord Information

Posted by Vinnyboiler on

0 8,571
by Vinnyboiler

Important: SM64 ROM Hacking Tools and Resources - Updating Google Doc

Posted by PablosCorner on

0 4,030
by PablosCorner

can't find .z64 file

Posted by PilotBug on

1 2,422
by NopeContest

Skybox Swapping

Posted by charlesMB on

1 1,901
by charlesMB

How to install .patch file?

Posted by CatRBLX on

0 2,494
by CatRBLX

SM64 ROM Hack Music Exports?

Posted by charlesMB on

2 1,985
by charlesMB

SM64 Music messed up

Posted by RedstoneBoiiii on

1 1,752
by MrMartley64

How to export models from SM64 and import into .BPS file?

Posted by CatRBLX on

1 1,752
by MrMartley64

How to edit the contents of ! boxes in Quad64

Posted by LazyTheo on

0 1,574
by LazyTheo

How to use level that is in the files of the game

Posted by AccurateZoomer on

3 3,556
by Cappybowsy

How do I take a character mod for the original game and put it into a different hack?

Posted by DPBOX on

0 1,528

Error in HackerSM64 Compilation.

Posted by JosephTheCube on

0 1,437
by JosephTheCube

How to hack on Linux?

Posted by JosephTheCube on

3 2,104
by PablosCorner

SM64 Rom Manager - Creating Custom Objects

Posted by BzarrTehAxolotl on

0 1,620
by BzarrTehAxolotl

Where can I download Frauber's Obj-Importer?

Posted by Axolotlsauce on

1 2,623
by Guccifer

I'm Porting SM64 to Unity.

Posted by RickysSoftware on

2 2,786
by RickysSoftware

How can I change Peach's ending dialogue and the credits text?

Posted by Lan91 on

0 1,381
by Lan91

How do I change water for lava without importing a level?

Posted by CopoZ on

0 1,631
by CopoZ

Font change question

Posted by Ankhaisthebest on

0 1,425
by Ankhaisthebest

How can I change the sparkle RGB values in SM64?

Posted by Gell on

0 1,424
by Gell

Super Mario 64 Soundfont V2 - Official Release

Posted by PablosCorner on

19 239,314
by Marc Reuppaire

How do I listen to the music in the Super Mario 64 Music section?

Posted by DPBOX on

9 4,271
by PablosCorner

How do I change the music ID

Posted by Jimmer on

2 2,081
by MrMartley64

Is Super Mario 64 not being supported here anymore?

Posted by troyfullbuster on

1 2,880
by Nara Sherko

Black screen when entering castle

Posted by Nara Sherko on

0 1,771
by Nara Sherko

Custom music not working

Posted by fawfulthegreat64 on

2 2,152
by fawfulthegreat64

Which is the best emulator for SM64 Hacking.

Posted by Spads on

3 3,091
by Nara Sherko

I have a question about looping custom SM64 music

Posted by StarryMario64 on

1 3,098
by 84GSMeister

Idea for a February 1996 hack

Posted by The Rock on

1 4,047
by Rmn96

xbox support emulator

Posted by Smw yayer on

2 2,096
by Smw yayer

Is there a hack that adds the DS content to the original game?

Posted by MarcosMoutta on

5 3,958
by MrMartley64

Where do I learn Blender and coding?

Posted by MarioFan568 on

0 1,450
by MarioFan568

Quick Question

Posted by MarioFan568 on

3 1,602
by MrMartley64

SM64 hacks black screen on Retroarch

Posted by kimenguman on

0 2,433
by kimenguman

Unhandled exception

Posted by AlphaCentauri24 on

0 1,507
by AlphaCentauri24

I want to put custom HUD in my SM64 rom

Posted by Pasasa223 on

1 2,893
by SQUISHY 6094

SM64 GS Help: Moving the Health Meter

Posted by SQUISHY 6094 on

0 1,788
by SQUISHY 6094

Return of SM64 Textures

Posted by Brutapode89 on

0 1,371
by Brutapode89

Back faces (gray in sketchup), are invisible in sm64

Posted by Lucianokkk on

1 2,133
by succo

Is there a way to add custom letters to SM64?

Posted by Kizumi on

2 2,050
by Kizumi

How can I get SM64 - Star Road multiplayer with Luigi?

Posted by irrelevant_pelican on

1 3,405
by irrelevant_pelican

How do I get SM64 ROM Manager to work

Posted by FootHead7899685 on

0 1,964
by FootHead7899685

Super Mario 64 Hacks Help

Posted by Raider969 on

2 3,521
by Raider969

How to reverse engineer .bps file to extract assets?

Posted by cozyrosa on

2 3,527
by Thomas

Launching Super Mario 64 Multiplayer directly from Steam?

Posted by irrelevant_pelican on

2 4,352
by K.T.B.

sm64 Rom Manager problem with songs

Posted by Lucianokkk on

0 1,585
by Lucianokkk

SM64GSW Updated For Linux/Windows - Write GameShark Codes To USA ROM/Modify CIC Check

Posted by alex_free on

0 1,663
by alex_free

Removing the 'Star Camera'?

Posted by Bizfurd on

0 1,907
by Bizfurd

How can I import a Custom Game Over Level like in Star Road?

Posted by PhantomPhire on

0 1,924
by PhantomPhire

Adding Music With Rom Manager

Posted by princess98 on

0 2,062
by princess98

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