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Project Showoff & Discussion

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Sticky: Quad64 v0.2 (Beta Build 3) - An open-source SM64 level editor

Posted by Davideesk on

23 37,145
by Cy8org

Sticky: The Showoff Thread

Posted by Vinnyboiler on

756 268,136
by Twoopliss

Sticky: ASM Resources and Discussion

Posted by shyguyhex on

23 15,603
by Alcaro

Super Mario 64: Nuveta Adventure

Posted by Bizfurd on

9 5,220
by Bizfurd

Super Mario Earth's Invasion/Odyssey?

Posted by JakeDower on

24 9,165
by JakeDower

Pro Mario 64

Posted by Nara Sherko on

0 948
by Nara Sherko

[Halloween Special] Halloween Mayhem

Posted by Kinopio on

20 15,038
by SMW S.N.N

Looking for Suggestions of SM64 Hack to Play/Stream

Posted by Caracc on

2 1,071
by Caracc

Super Mario 64 Beta Reborn - By Qcumber and IceMario865

Posted by Qcumber on

6 10,920
by Veck

Platformer 64

Posted by MarioUnprofessionalHacker on

0 741
by MarioUnprofessionalHacker

My Character Hack -Varikthedestroyer

Posted by varik on

0 555
by varik

SM64 Randomizer Tool (v0.6.0)

Posted by Andrey on

6 3,827
by Katerpie

Super Mario The Crystal Stars RELEASE

Posted by Fares242 on

1 987
by Koopster

Bowser's Church Release!

Posted by boba2000fett on

0 1,315
by boba2000fett

Super Mario 64 Haunted Woods Release

Posted by alex_free on

0 1,011
by alex_free

The Plumbers Adventure -- SM64

Posted by Mastooper on

1 927
by Katerpie

SM64GSW -Write GameShark Codes To ROM

Posted by 46artlu on

0 1,354
by 46artlu

Super Mario 64 - Year of the Plumber

Posted by DobieMeltfire on

45 43,564
by Major Flare

Super Mario Q [Team Cornersoft]

Posted by BlackStone187 on

172 65,498
by PablosCorner

Ideas for a hack based off of "Every Copy of Super Mario 64 is Personalized"

Posted by MrMartley64 on

2 2,966
by lucoshi

Luigi's Meme Mayhem Release 1.0

Posted by Big Taste on

0 893
by Big Taste

Slask's Adventure Demo will be realeased at June

Posted by liuzijun on

1 706

Need team to help make Super Mario 64: Armada of the Zarts

Posted by SuperHack64 on

3 17,205

Who can tell me where to submit my new hack?

Posted by liuzijun on

1 998
by Tahixham

Super Mario 64 Beta Revival

Posted by Mario1990 on

6 7,203
by Kristjonz

|SM64: The Last LIFE|

Posted by SpeedKey on

6 1,853
by Major Flare

looking for a parner for mario 64 hacking

Posted by tbpbird on

2 1,272
by Major Flare

Super Mario 64: Return to the Mario Wonderland (IN PROGRESS)

Posted by davidholanda30 on

1 1,506

Super Mario: The Lost Dreams [FULL HACK RELEASE][DOWNLOAD]

Posted by Mariohacker14 on

97 79,538
by Mariohacker14

CREEPYPASTA HACK: MARIO64 (Finished After 3 Year Hiatus)

Posted by Blakeoramo on

28 23,250
by Blakeoramo

SM64 Nostromo [REVIVAL]

Posted by davidholanda30 on

5 3,524
by Amazee-Dayzee

SM64 Portal Tools

Posted by Agoristen on

3 1,635
by Amazee-Dayzee

sm64extend v0.3.2 - fast, compatible SM64 ROM extender

Posted by queueRAM on

12 18,749
by queueRAM

SM64: AM&PM 64

Posted by davidholanda30 on

1 1,415
by Amazee-Dayzee

Super Mario Sacred Castle

Posted by FireMario74 on

121 36,444
by PablosCorner

SM64 Hack Progress- Hypernova

Posted by Tenimental on

9 3,982
by PablosCorner

Major Hack Progress - Super Mario Parallel Stars!

Posted by Mese_Insanity on

24 10,759
by Amazee-Dayzee

Super Mario: Red Star Expedition

Posted by Paul721 on

8 3,700
by Paul721

Super Mario Cosmo 64 ( Cancelled )

Posted by Nexus on

5 2,355
by Cy8org

Luigi Mansion 64 ( Not a retexture )

Posted by Nexus on

4 2,072
by Nexus

Super Mario 64 2: Around the World IS CANCELLED

Posted by Frike The Dragon on

66 44,987
by PablosCorner

Skyboxes (Textures, Importer (v1.11), and Discussion)

Posted by Davideesk on

22 30,172
by Jac0b

Super Mario 64 Beta Revival Project by BitBoy64 (Help Needed)

Posted by BitBoy64 on

13 16,758
by Amazee-Dayzee

Super Mario 64 Beta Revival - ThunderAliG - PhanPhan

Posted by PhanPhan on

38 50,088
by Eevee

[Outdated] A Super Mario 64 Hacking Tutorial - N64 Sound Tool v1.1

Posted by PablosCorner on

32 25,445
by PablosCorner

Sonic Adventure 64 - [Progress Thread]

Posted by PablosCorner on

40 20,322
by PablosCorner

Super Mario 64 The Tale of 2 Now for 64 and Unreal Engine

Posted by Lukitu88 on

270 81,174
by Amazee-Dayzee

Super Mario 64: Superstar Saga - Progress Thread

Posted by PablosCorner on

49 36,144
by Amazee-Dayzee

Super Mario Adventure 64 [CANCELLED]

Posted by Bizfurd on

18 5,757
by Amazee-Dayzee

Shift Post 64

Posted by Minus Bros. on

1 1,587
by Amazee-Dayzee

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