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Winter 2014

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Announcement: C3 Voting (Ends January 6th)

Posted by Lui on

19 9,372
by Noivern

Important: Welcome!

Posted by Ersanio on

0 2,233
by Ersanio

Sticky: Winter C3 discussion thread

Posted by Ersanio on

100 22,246
by Counterfeit

Sticky: What -NOT- to do

Posted by gabriel alves on

12 6,435
by Skewer

Noir theme for SMWC

Posted by Wavee on

9 7,796
by Everest

S.R.H.'s CRAPhics: 9/15 (NEWEST: Miscellaneous Tile Graphics)

Posted by S.R.H. on

57 24,545
by S.R.H.

Mario & The Lord of Illusions - Sneak Peak!

Posted by Falconpunch on

20 13,110
by Falconpunch

Ermii Kart DS

Posted by Ermelber on

18 35,201
by mosky2000

SM64 : Last Impact

Posted by Kazeshin on

35 22,740
by mosky2000

K-16 - Story of Steel! The full release!

Posted by Eevee on

26 13,805
by CidYoshi

Gregor's New Super Mario World - demo 2

Posted by Gregor on

21 14,558
by Gregor

Christmas Commissions FOR FREE

Posted by rwhan on

44 18,723
by MarioBrotherL1UP

Mario In Earthbound

Posted by MarioBrotherL1UP on

10 11,808
by GeminiSunfall

definitelynotwinter's boss.ips

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

8 4,849
by LadiesMan217

Yoshi's Island Disassembly Project [COMPLETED!]

Posted by Lexie on

19 15,483
by Lexie

Mario Gives Up 3

Posted by cyphermur9t on

21 17,324
by Virus610

Banzai Mario World: A savestateless kaizo hack

Posted by GbreezeSunset on

8 6,044
by Katerpie

Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos

Posted by Mors on

10 12,225
by Ezel

Untitled Mario Fangame

Posted by Mors on

10 7,189
by Mors

Super Luigi Land Demo

Posted by superwiidude on

4 10,709
by superwiidude

ExGFX Showcase + Mystery graphic revealed!

Posted by levelengine on

23 10,133
by Noivern

Touhou Mario 2 : Undefined Fantastic Object - Current progress and screenshots

Posted by Wakana on

11 9,575
by levelengine

CM30's C3 Booth (Graphics + Announcement)

Posted by cheat-master30 on

11 7,162
by cheat-master30

LX5 C3 Stuff - NSMB Star Coins and more!

Posted by lx5 on

26 12,536
by levelengine

Bandicoot's C3 Thread Classic Mario World 3 Demo + Some musics I ported

Posted by bandicoot on

3 4,182
by bandicoot

DDV's "Three Days" C3 Thread "Returns" (Day 3) >> The Mario Game OST Release (SPCs & Txts)

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

10 4,978
by Nanako

This Italian Plumber Wants To Save His Girlfriend From An Evil Green Lizard - You Won't Believe What Happens Next!

Posted by RPG Hacker on

12 6,046
by Ruberjig

Do Not Press The A Button!

Posted by mariocool1999 on

14 7,577
by Assi9

Wakana's music thread

Posted by Wakana on

24 11,628
by Nanako

izuna's horrible mess of ports

Posted by HaruMKT on

14 7,376
by HaruMKT

[Custom Graphics] The Carld's Pixel Museum of Graphical Graphics Wintery Edition

Posted by Carld923 on

15 7,340
by Alex No

Butterflies in your Stomach

Posted by Skelux on

17 10,831
by Mors

Tcdw's C3 Ports: Now got improved!

Posted by Nanako on

8 6,341
by Nanako

A little preview of SM64- Bungle Trouble

Posted by MrGreenThunder on

23 11,293
by Majorasmaskkingdom

Ice Queen Amelia's Tropical Freeze (Part 2: Custom sprites)

Posted by imamelia on

6 6,101
by Katerpie

[SM64 C3] Super Crash 64

Posted by Mariocrash on

3 4,650
by Mariocrash

Loli Maker [SNES Homubrew]

Posted by Ladida on

38 31,008
by Suika Ibuki

New Super Mario World : I can't think of good Subtitles Winter C3 Edition

Posted by TheSuperRotom on

2 3,319
by TheSuperRotom

Fierce Deity Booth - Beta Hack and ASM Material

Posted by Major Flare on

9 5,279
by Koopster

[ASM]Anonimzwx Dynamic Z + DKC ZINGERS!!!![Release]

Posted by anonimzwx on

33 22,118
by Alex No

Some program/library I started writing.

Posted by Horrowind on

4 3,832
by Aeon

My C3 Kaizo: Thrill & Skills Part 1: The Easy, the Hard and the Mario (2 levels demo)

Posted by SuperMarisa1999 on

9 5,825
by pe5e

This Hack Needs a Name!! (v1.15)

Posted by yeahman on

6 4,970
by Aeon

SpriteTip - The Custom Sprite Collections Extractor!

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

41 22,135
by Vitor Vilela

Ice Queen Amelia's Tropical Freeze (Part 1: Music ports)

Posted by imamelia on

8 4,558
by imamelia

Super Mario 64: Superstar Saga - (Winter) C3 2014 Demo

Posted by PablosCorner on

16 11,404
by MarioBrotherL1UP

Islands Of Yoshi's: Updates

Posted by 1UPdudes on

15 8,132
by Katerpie

Got four minutes to save the World

Posted by TLMB on

1 2,661
by Noivern

100% Chance of Being The Yoshi's Strange Quest V1.3 Release Thread

Posted by yoshifanatic on

10 8,877
by yoshifanatic

Alex No's Hacks

Posted by Alex No on

2 4,637
by Alex No

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