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SMW Data Repository

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Sticky: OAM Map

Posted by S.N.N. on

9 16,362
by zuccha

Sticky: The SMW Glitch List

Posted by Thomas on

282 208,858
by Anas

Sticky: Helpful Diagrams

Posted by andy_k_250 on

331 284,903
by Donut

Sticky: Hex Edits Repository

Posted by anonimzwx on

38 23,945
by AmperSam

Sticky: SMW/ROMhacking tool related code library

Posted by Noobish Noobsicle on

37 30,667
by Nanako

Sticky: ARAM Map

Posted by S.N.N. on

0 5,747
by S.N.N.

Sound Effects I/O Ports

Posted by 1524 on

81 138,320
by RedROM

Every Act As setting and what they do

Posted by BlueToad on

0 1,333
by BlueToad

Updated Level and Overworld Data Format

Posted by Thomas on

21 11,331
by Thomas

RAMs with multiple values list

Posted by Major Flare on

28 6,011
by Major Flare

Analysis of the NMI routine

Posted by Telinc1 on

1 4,202
by anonimzwx

SNES Classic incompatibility list

Posted by DPBOX on

2 5,747
by Thomas

Listing empty ram not used by a current major tool

Posted by Mariofan64 on

2 2,170
by Ruberjig

Small Insignificant Data

Posted by Chdata on

128 66,496
by Fostelif

Miscellaneous Sprite RAM Usage

Posted by Thomas on

0 14,289
by Thomas

[TEXT DIAGRAM] List on Converting GFX00 and GFX32 to data for use in 8x8 DMAer patch!

Posted by Hamtaro126 on

3 3,268
by Mariofan64

Wonder why a block behaves 130, but behaves 25 by gps still pushes sprites?

Posted by HammerBrother on

1 2,594
by FuSoYa

smw physics

Posted by anonimzwx on

3 7,194
by Jesse the Scientist

Smw's sine/cosine table feedback

Posted by HammerBrother on

4 4,524
by JackTheSpades

Revealing more than 1 level per Event

Posted by NathanWarford on

0 2,908
by NathanWarford

Mario/Cape Tilemap Notes

Posted by Ladida on

3 6,556
by Ladida

Graphics and Palette data in LM edited ROMs

Posted by JackTheSpades on

0 3,881
by JackTheSpades

I think I found a new glitch, bowser statue sprite

Posted by Final Theory on

2 3,557
by Thomas

Speed at which Iggy/Larry throw Orbs

Posted by AnybodyAgrees on

1 2,919
by Karisa

The origin of Lunar Magic's easter egg strings

Posted by wye on

3 7,789
by wye

The Lunar Magic Disassembly Project

Posted by Nicol Bolas on

27 29,083
by HammerBrother

Notes about SubOffscreen and other sprite subroutines (OAM index handling)

Posted by imamelia on

3 5,200
by HammerBrother

Strange hdma windowing when setting $7E0071 to #$0B and beating a level.

Posted by HammerBrother on

2 3,132
by lx5

$99 and $9B vertical level fix

Posted by HammerBrother on

3 4,106
by Von Fahrenheit

Weird Crash when you go to pipe or door after talking to NPC that has level 24 message.(Discovery)

Posted by MarkVD100 on

2 3,186
by MarkVD100

Feather process off screen when placed on the ground?

Posted by HammerBrother on

8 5,081
by Thomas

Forgot to setup a warp = No 000, but Roy Koopa battle?

Posted by Shog on

3 3,375
by Kaijyuu

any have this tileset?

Posted by zacmario on

1 3,095
by yoshicookiezeus

Hopping Piranha Plants?

Posted by xirtamehtsitahw on

2 3,111
by Alcaro

SMW Beta Footage(?)

Posted by TheGuyWhoDoesNothing on

11 8,191
by Alcaro

Special World (NOT STAR ROAD)

Posted by Crash Kandicoot on

2 3,002
by wye

Where the *actual* "object drawing beyond level area" is

Posted by HammerBrother on

2 3,165
by Kaijyuu

The mysteries of Forest of Illusion 2

Posted by Desert-Fox on

9 8,229
by Multibella

Early sprite berry?

Posted by ObviouslyNewToHacking on

5 5,275
by Alcaro

Start + Select

Posted by MellyMellouange on

0 3,273
by MellyMellouange

Do not use this level mode!

Posted by Wiimeiser on

3 5,132
by MandL27

The sideflip exists!

Posted by MandL27 on

6 5,020
by MandL27

Unreferenced levels.

Posted by Smallhacker on

62 38,741
by Alcaro

The "unsure ROM/RAM" thread

Posted by imamelia on

78 32,005
by x-treme

Hard-Coded Path Editing

Posted by AnybodyAgrees on

1 4,307
by AnybodyAgrees

Super Mario World Japanese Difference?

Posted by TheVividYoshi on

3 4,072
by AnybodyAgrees

Boss Door Glitch

Posted by negativestar54 on

1 3,520
by wye

DSP map

Posted by Slash Man on

6 5,906
by Kipernal

Boss battles

Posted by MaZ on

3 4,140
by Maxx

SMW save routine

Posted by p4plus2 on

2 5,124
by K3fka

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