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Winter 2016

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Announcement: The curse has been lifted

Posted by JackBot on

59 14,375
by Eminus

Announcement: Welcome one and all to the Party! (Rules and General Discussion)

Posted by Lightvayne on

83 22,312
by RanAS

Important: The die has been cast - So cast your votes too

Posted by JackTheSpades on

7 3,752
by Yoshimaster96

Important: Ropebox Nominations

Posted by Lightvayne on

19 8,278
by Luaxon

Important: JackBot bug reports and complaints

Posted by JackTheSpades on

59 13,799
by yoshicookiezeus

Important: It's tea break time

Posted by JackBot on

39 10,813
by JackBot

Sticky: Blackjack (update to commands, see first post)

Posted by JackBot on

4,817 267,962
by JackBot

Sticky: Poker Dice (timeout now 6 instead of 10 minutes)

Posted by JackBot on

6,997 343,736
by JackBot

Sticky: Roulette

Posted by JackBot on

3,300 193,848
by JackBot

Sticky: Slot

Posted by JackBot on

19,743 789,114
by JackBot

MolSno shows off a small tech demo

Posted by MolSno on

17 12,200
by MolSno

[Tool] LM Addon Project - Asar : applying/removing patches, colliosion warning, hex edit, export (beta)

Posted by JackTheSpades on

24 10,971
by NGB

Two Screen Graphics Generator

Posted by Snifit on

48 18,204
by Snifit

SPECIAL FOR YOU (the first ever SM64 creepypasta hack)

Posted by Frike The Dragon on

3 5,512
by Pedro156

Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff

Posted by yoshifanatic on

31 17,572
by yoshifanatic

...It's here

Posted by underway on

72 32,516
by 7601

Kirbys Bizarre Adventure - Its back! [Demo]

Posted by JP32 on

4 10,948
by JP32

Ruberjig's Non-gambling C3 Releases Thread (New Screenshots)

Posted by Ruberjig on

9 5,231
by Ruberjig

The Chronicles of Fire (MSU-1 Homebrew Game)

Posted by Colines on

4 4,305
by AntiDuck

Pinci's C3 thread ass lol xxdXdxD [2 hacks, one new, one old and 2 ports]

Posted by Pinci on

2 3,291
by Maxodex

heLp pooor mario!!!!

Posted by Disk Poppy on

2 3,042
by Disk Poppy

8-Bit Goombas

Posted by thesmb3fan144 on

2 2,971
by JackTheSpades

IDid's C3 stuff #1 - Super Global Warming World C3 demo

Posted by IDidMakeThat on

2 3,041
by JackTheSpades


Posted by yoshiatom on

3 3,694
by JackTheSpades

LadiesMan217's Music Stuff (SPC Ports)

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

7 4,651
by NGB

Tcdw's C3 Ports

Posted by Nanako on

10 6,410
by NGB

MrRean's Ultimate WiiU C3 Thread

Posted by shibboleet on

13 12,240
by shibboleet

Super Linkdead World DEMO: A Kaizo-Light Hack

Posted by GbreezeSunset on

10 7,469
by Mariotag1

[REMASTERED] [Touhou 6] Septette for the Dead Princess ~ Remilia Scarlet's theme

Posted by Orphen Nightford on

1 3,850
by Lightvayne

yoshi island C3 hack

Posted by starlett on

1 3,798
by Lightvayne

2016 New Year Special - SM64 Hack

Posted by Twoopliss on

1 2,543
by Lightvayne

[SMBX] SMA4 - World e Remake for SMBX

Posted by h2643 on

1 8,134
by Lightvayne

also undertale (late also hi lui)

Posted by sincx on

9 5,334
by HammerBrother

Yoshi's Island: Empty Nest

Posted by Wooden Chair on

7 7,176
by Wooden Chair

Vilela's Random Laboratory

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

26 13,940
by Horrowind

SuperFX Triangle Overworld Patch! (Coming Soon)

Posted by Yoshimaster96 on

5 4,211
by Yoshimaster96

Oogtar's Quest [C3 Release] I'm always ignored T_T

Posted by Pseudogon on

12 7,628
by Construct101

Request Music Here - Requests closed! - 1/5 complete

Posted by Wavee on

23 9,834
by Nanako

LDA and Erik's Pitiful Layout Request Station

Posted by LDA on

116 30,676
by TvGameSmwSmbx

Christmas Balls (Hack 16), aka the 12 days of christmas level design sprint

Posted by levelengine on

13 8,394
by levelengine

GD's C3 Music Release

Posted by Pink Gold Peach on

15 16,169
by bandicoot

Mario's Challenging Adventure - Full Release

Posted by Mad Lad on

6 4,405
by JackTheSpades

[NEW: Moai-kun Layer 3 Pack] Berkay's Layer 3 Packs

Posted by S.R.H. on

22 15,426
by JackTheSpades

Wakana's C3 booth: Super Wakana Land + C3 ports!

Posted by Wakana on

16 8,752
by Eminus

Sicari Remastered - Second Demo Incoming!

Posted by Eevee on

18 11,488
by Dark Mario Bros

Thomas' C3 Booth: The SMW Randomizer (and more)

Posted by Thomas on

34 18,345
by Thomas

Bandicoot C3 Thread - CMW3 BETA and Custom Music

Posted by bandicoot on

3 6,028
by ForthRightMC

LX5's works - ASM stuff + Powerups

Posted by lx5 on

15 8,393
by Gamma V

Ninji Jump Demo 2 (Unfished & Slightly Lazy)

Posted by 1UPdudes on

4 3,794
by Pedro156

My own take on a hack with no munchers (feat. Alcaro)

Posted by Koopster on

5 4,636
by Koopster

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