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SMW Hacking Discussion

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Announcement: SMW Hacking Discussion Forum Rules (Updated 2023/03/11)

Posted by Ckristina on

1 8,090
by Tahixham

Important: List of Featured Hacks

Posted by Aeon on

7 17,623
by Coco

Sticky: Level Design Discussion and Questions

Posted by Ringo on

182 69,883
by yv64n

Sticky: SMW Hacking on other Operating Systems

Posted by K3fka on

82 45,679
by Green

Sticky: The Hack Assistance Thread 2.0

Posted by RaindropDry on

281 104,200
by Mohamad20ZX

Sticky: Featured Hacks - Nominations and Discussion

Posted by Eevee on

125 47,841
by idol

Sticky: Kaizo Beginner Hacks

Posted by Katerpie on

0 18,218
by Katerpie

Is "Standard: Very Hard" really easier than any Kaizo Hack?

Posted by Klunky on

2 157
by Wyatt

Powerup incrementation: made easy.

Posted by pinguwahoo on

1 95
by xoyiyol

The Old Hacks of Your Lives

Posted by Heitor Porfirio on

13 740
by Pitchin' Luigi

Cool hacks that were cancelled/ never finished

Posted by yv64n on

11 416
by Pitchin' Luigi

101 SMW Hacks You Must Play Before You Die

Posted by CourtlyHades296 on

18 925
by Pitchin' Luigi

VLDC Complete Colletion

Posted by recam on

2 179
by recam

What are some songs you can't believe haven't been ported to SMW yet?

Posted by FailSandwich on

187 40,956
by CourtlyHades296

How much of a step up is Lunar Magic from something like SMBX?

Posted by morgankart on

3 221
by bandicoot

Kaizo hacks & Traditional hacks - what keeps you away from the other side?

Posted by bandicoot on

56 14,150
by LKunrath

Poll: Chuck in a room

Posted by pinguwahoo on

2 85
by pinguwahoo

[Six Pack ]How to find secret exit in Super Mario World: Mario in Miscland (VLDC2 (2009))

Posted by Danik2343 on

3 159
by Danik2343

Is this possible?

Posted by pinguwahoo on

0 60
by pinguwahoo

Why all the power-ups are available but not the super Acorn?

Posted by MegaSonic1999 on

2 140
by Face

When making a rom hack how do you come up with your level designs

Posted by Radioactive_monkey34 on

3 284
by morgankart

[Help Required] Six Pack, VLDC 1 Frost Cavern Castle (Secret Exit)

Posted by Danik2343 on

1 160
by erpster2

PLS Help

Posted by krii89 on

2 174
by NinCollin

potentially unpopular opinion about SMW Redrawn

Posted by Doopliss on

10 760
by Face

Can I send a hack divided into chapters/episodes?

Posted by I'm Poppy on

6 423
by Daizo Dee Von

Best Super Mario World Rom Hacks for Pacifist Runs?

Posted by MontyMoleLoreMaster on

0 78
by MontyMoleLoreMaster

Super Mario Flash 3 SMW Hack Remake

Posted by Neito on

1 274
by Face

Super Mario World improvement hack?

Posted by Ponki on

1 194
by CrazyPencilDawg

GIF in Super Mario World

Posted by JUMPY_NEB on

18 1,680
by CrazyPencilDawg

Have you ever seen a hackrom with more than 5 switch palaces?

Posted by Hayashi Neru on

2 279
by Katerpie

Do you use shaders/filters when playing SMW hacks or other retro emulated games?

Posted by UTF on

3 311
by Mauls

Brutal Crashes, Wrong Graphics: Dealing With That

Posted by Hammerer on

0 116
by Hammerer

Poll: In response to Both "Status Effect" and "SmallHacker's S.B.E."...

Posted by Hamtaro126 on

0 123
by Hamtaro126

older hacks with custom music glitching out

Posted by Doopliss on

2 230
by Doopliss

Yoshi expansion Kit hack

Posted by enry.83 on

3 248
by enry.83

which mario kaiz rom hacks are SA-1 ?

Posted by supercontroller on

1 206
by Katerpie

SNES MINI/CLASSIC with all Kaizo Roms

Posted by supercontroller on

4 386
by supercontroller

SMW Hack with most types of power ups

Posted by enry.83 on

6 321
by enry.83

Wishful Thinking

Posted by Doopliss on

0 152
by Doopliss

What's the best final boss you've ever fought in a SMW romhack?

Posted by buggy789 on

7 452
by Daizo Dee Von

About Requesting Custom Overworld Graphics

Posted by Heitor Porfirio on

3 206
by Katerpie

Music themes

Posted by ItsaMe.64 on

7 387
by imamelia

What are some popular hacks

Posted by petefalcon on

1 4,074
by Sayuri

ROM Hacks for new players

Posted by SPYPVP on

2 265
by ItsaMe.64

Poll: Have you ever seen Direct color mode used in SNES games?

Posted by Hayashi Neru on

3 841

ASM Techniques

Posted by Heitor Porfirio on

2 374
by Disk Poppy

Longest Hack?

Posted by MarioIsTheBest1234 on

9 631
by Alucard648

hack with creative puzzle levels wanted

Posted by dabaichamon on

0 141
by dabaichamon

What's the best examples of dev intended faster but much harder routes?

Posted by vintologi on

0 189
by vintologi

Kaizo ROM Glitches

Posted by someblox on

5 706
by someblox

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