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Interview Archive

An archive for the Member of the Month and Staff Spotlight interviews, so that they can be easily found.

Moderated by: Staff

144 2,037
by ft029
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Kaizo Screenshots & Videos Thread

Posted by MolSno on

921 256,295
by neidoodle

The Graphics Request Thread

Posted by Lumy on

155 58,044
by ModernKiwi

The Music Request Thread

Posted by Tahixham on

349 80,396
by DarkennyTheBlob

The ASM Request Thread

Posted by Tahixham on

322 65,591
by Elie Barnes

YI hacking FAQ v2 (updated for 2018) - Ask questions here!

Posted by Karisa on

1,124 383,563
by Katerpie

The Secret Islands by Mario is the best

Posted by Atari2.0 on

1 2,237
by Koopster

Music Request Thread - Request Ports Here!

Posted by Lui on

667 245,775
by Tahixham

The ASM Requests Thread

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

1,413 449,601
by Tahixham


Posted by Domiok on

127 85,694
by Koopster

Luciano's Adventure is gonna be released Soon, but as a tribute

Posted by The Misterous Account on

1 1,506
by Scrydan

Chocolate Contest 2020 - RESULTS! (April Fools!)

Posted by FlamingoQ9 on

38 12,545
by MarioFan22


Posted by Sayuri on

97 21,842
by Scrydan

General Music Discussion Thread

Posted by Pester on

4,623 866,974
by FPzero


Posted by Medic on

58 12,136
by idol

The ADSR Thread (For AddmusicK)

Posted by Sayuri on

155 72,011
by Giftshaven

Official SMWC ID Code Data Base [Updated 05-20-14]

Posted by Lightvayne on

130 51,489
by yoshi9429

greetings from the far lands of serverland

Posted by Telinc1 on

26 7,845
by Telinc1

R.I.P marktheneonwolf & tomtaocheese73

Posted by tomtaocheese73 on

4 3,352
by FPzero

SPC Showoff thread 4.0 - Now with links and soundtrack database!

Posted by Lui on

719 199,967
by Hazel

Mega Man Battle Squad - One Ring Man to rule them all

Posted by Zekrom PKstarship on

993 126,835
by Impetus

Hello, it is me Vitor Bilela

Posted by Torchkas on

84 15,732
by leod

To all you sickening SMW fan-boys and girls

Posted by Qwoll on

37 11,719
by Y.Y.

Why is this in sunken ghost ship?

Posted by The Koopa Resistance on

22 10,418
by The Koopa Resistance

I made VLDCX memes.

Posted by unipat on

180 75,220
by K.T.B.

The Birthday thread!

Posted by M w c on

3,771 758,517
by Ayami

eXcavator's Birthday

Posted by leod on

64 21,780
by leod

The SMW Central Staff Thread

Posted by Raibys on

16 22,961
by Impetus


Posted by Ckristina on

420 71,349
by Erik

ok desisto (batata)

Posted by Wow Dude on

21 8,749
by Koopster

R.I.P. Nicholas 'eXcavator' Arts, 1996-2016

Posted by DeppySlide on

140 70,506
by Fyord

Photo Thread 3.0

Posted by Fyord on

906 299,336
by Merthacks

Ramen thread

Posted by 6646 on

62 27,108
by Samantha

Sample recommendations and lists

Posted by imamelia on

303 75,986
by LadiesMan217

Featured Hacks Nomination

Posted by Counterfeit on

32 19,567
by Skewer

can adding too much batteries in a series circuit break the light balb when hooked up?

Posted by HammerBrother on

11 6,839
by RPG Hacker

50 reasons why I'm leaving SMWC!

Posted by Impetus on

20 10,207
by Lightvayne

Announcing the 1st Annual Refresh Contest!

Posted by Kieran Something on

2 2,494
by Sixcorby

FFCQ 2 - The Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Remake [Game still going. Will update when all players have posted, or once a week]

Posted by Giga on

1,140 245,827
by Falconpunch

DJ Pony toggle

Posted by PermaBan on

47 15,941
by wye

What's this group for?

Posted by Mayrio on

8 5,277
by RanAS

Close this

Posted by Patricio on

2 3,847
by PermaBan

stupid sml stake

Posted by mallowking on

17 6,934
by Katerpie


Posted by NoelYoshi on

2 4,401
by Lightvayne

Journey to Kazakhstan: The Tale of Two Russian Corporals

Posted by S.N.N. on

18 10,402
by Ersanio

Paper Mario Reloaded: Energetic Influences [MISSON COMPLETED]

Posted by Impetus on

2,483 318,189
by Falconpunch

Contests/Events - Information Thread

Posted by Hinalyte on

0 8,055
by Hinalyte

Dandruff Complaints

Posted by DeppySlide on

17 8,831
by Zone355

Idea: Super S.N.N. Squad!

Posted by Heraga on

5 4,564
by Hinalyte


Posted by DeppySlide on

13 5,560
by S.N.N.

Wanted to run a contest? (READ LAST POST)

Posted by Ckristina on

265 83,290
by Ringo

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