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Summer 2014

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Announcement: Summer SMWC3 2014 Discussion Thread

Posted by amhunter on

124 33,080
by Counterfeit

Announcement: Ropebox nominations

Posted by S.N.N. on

59 20,034
by CidYoshi

Important: C3 Voting (Ends July 24) and C3 Hack Reviews

Posted by Counterfeit on

22 10,718
by Face

Important: If you're going to submit stuff during the C3, please read this!

Posted by Ringo on

0 2,741
by Ringo

The Second Reality Project 2 "R" Release

Posted by FPI on

121 56,060
by erpster2

[Demo] FTW Mario - short demo of ASM hack

Posted by JackTheSpades on

9 7,063
by S.R.H.

SMWC's second collaboration hack: The 7th Annual VLDC!

Posted by S.N.N. on

174 64,945
by HuFlungDu

Package Happy C3

Posted by Minitendo on

2 3,312
by Minitendo

Nothing SMW related but...

Posted by ToxicRave on

1 2,629
by rextep

Lightvayne and The Island of Power [Hack, Screen shots]

Posted by Lightvayne on

29 16,823

~K-16 - Story of Steel - A new demo!~

Posted by Eevee on

35 12,351
by Eevee

[C3 Submission] Simple Kaizo Mario

Posted by natnew on

5 4,993
by natnew

Wakana's music thread - ports ready to use and showoff SPCs

Posted by Wakana on

17 9,431
by Rykon-V73

Userbar & Palette Corner

Posted by underway on

55 19,486
by underway

[Tool] LM "Addons": Layer 3 Background Editor, Visual Graphics Selector, UberASM Editor

Posted by Kipernal on

128 52,532
by Kipernal

[Tool] Effect Tool - The Answer to Your Prayers [UPDATE and FIXES]

Posted by JackTheSpades on

102 45,195
by Rykon-V73

[Tool] Vilela's Last Minute Random Work: BRR Player

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

12 8,059
by Masterlink

[Ladida] MSU Video

Posted by Ringo on

14 13,083
by TheVividYoshi

[M] [S] SM Choukyoushi Hitomi Vol 2.5 Soundtrack

Posted by Nanako on

1 4,764
by SMW_Forever

Rwhan and Adam's Miscellaneous Hack Showoff Thread

Posted by Adam on

29 11,193
by rwhan


Posted by Aram on

7 6,714
by Samantha

[Patch] DKC Styled Sprite Status Bar

Posted by wye on

46 25,094
by underway

Sicari Remastered Announcement (Now with Jerry's Castle)

Posted by Eevee on

17 9,763
by Eevee

[C3][Tool][Small Demo] Super Mario 64 DS Editor + Small Demo

Posted by Fiachra on

8 25,936
by StarLand

Yoshi's Island Soundtrack (AMK)

Posted by LadiesMan217 on

19 9,129
by LadiesMan217

(Images Update) Super Mario Kart: All-Stars

Posted by gridatttack on

12 9,659
by gridatttack

[Yoshi's Island Hack] Yoshi's Castle Escape

Posted by Jimmy on

11 7,538
by Ladida

[Tool] Mario Assembler - GFX32/GFX00

Posted by JackTheSpades on

12 11,509
by Dark Mario Bros

Facedesk! (Just another demo)

Posted by Katerpie on

6 5,026
by pe5e

[last minute showoff] Gimmick! Yumetarou gameplay patch [demo]

Posted by JVyrn on

1 3,250
by UTF

Art Request - Last minutes

Posted by Ludus on

27 10,184
by Ludus

you thought i'd actually release something

Posted by Sonikku on

12 6,497
by Rykon-V73

Kirbynes (temporary title) - Kirby's Adventure romhack

Posted by yogui on

2 7,570
by Dan Maku

Super Market Roll Drums: The 1.5-World Long Demo

Posted by Dan Maku on

3 5,254
by Dan Maku

[ASM] Anonimzwx Stuff, Dynamic Z and The future of Dynamic Sprites [New Tutorial in English]

Posted by anonimzwx on

16 10,059
by anonimzwx

HOTL's C3 Thread - A port to end my C3 thread with on a good note!

Posted by Sayuri on

11 6,804
by Sayuri

New Super Mario World - demo

Posted by Gregor on

10 6,857
by Gregor

Super Mario Bros. 3 Adventures C3 Release

Posted by Javier on

21 19,757
by Javier

[SMBX] Luigi's Fight For The Mushroom Kingdom Release

Posted by reghrhre on

14 9,862
by reghrhre

2 Player Co-op - The Return

Posted by Noobish Noobsicle on

12 126,699
by Deflaktor

Super Cherry Land Playable Demo

Posted by Gible_v on

5 4,988
by Ezel


Posted by S.R.H. on

15 9,338
by S.R.H.

Super Mario Logic Sneek Peek Video

Posted by Final Theory on

5 3,760
by ZMann

Mario's Vanilla Journey - Demo 2

Posted by akacesfan on

8 5,589
by akacesfan


Posted by leod on

12 8,199
by AntiDuck

~kawaii princess party [sampler]~

Posted by Zildjian on

14 9,762
by Everest

SMW: Bowser's Cataclysmic Trap - A (graphically) vanilla hack - DEMO NOW AVAILABLE!!

Posted by Gamma V on

12 6,715
by Ezel

[0x0858] also this is a thread and it contains YI/SMW stuff

Posted by Lui on

19 11,253
by Ezel

7th Annual VLDC: Music release (23 tracks!)

Posted by S.N.N. on

15 14,246
by Ezel

Super Mario World: "Not Over Yet"

Posted by Ringo on

26 15,651
by Ezel

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