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Summer 2015

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Announcement: Your Star-Powered C3 Voting Thread

Posted by The Magician on

17 8,786
by The Magician

Announcement: Meet your new masters

Posted by K3fka on

0 3,522
by K3fka

Announcement: Get Lost.

Posted by Lightvayne on

0 2,988
by Lightvayne

Important: 2015 C3 Discussion Thread (C3 IS OVER)

Posted by Lightvayne on

87 22,910
by Cascade

Important: Ropebox Nominations

Posted by Aeon on

40 14,559
by MrGreenThunder

Sticky: C3 Voting Results 2015

Posted by The Magician on

46 22,247
by Kaisaan

Meirdent's C3 Junk: Rain and Down Below


Posted by AuraDee on

7 6,386
by AuraDee

leod & Medic's Morph Powerup Pack


Posted by Medic on

34 20,801
by cheeyev

Three word graphics generator (new graphics up)


Posted by Snifit on

121 44,475
by Sayuri

Hack 3 Released!

Full SMW Hack

Posted by Golden Yoshi on

27 21,126
by Golden Yoshi

GFX Showcase + Request Weekend


Posted by levelengine on

24 16,517
by levelengine

LX5 ASM Stuff [Update: You can now choose which powerup I will do next!]


Posted by lx5 on

65 29,768
by HammerBrother

Plumber Luigi (Link expiring after c3)


Posted by Mayonnai on

21 14,116
by Mayonnai

Possibly a Yoshi's Strange Quest V1.3.1 Beta Release Thread

Full SMW Hack

Posted by yoshifanatic on

12 10,564
by Arq

Bad Apple (unfinished)


Posted by Ladida on

22 15,085
by Ladida

Effect Tool 2.0 [Yes it has parallax, stop asking]

Posted by JackTheSpades on

25 17,747
by JackTheSpades

GENERAL GUY's Random Work #1: Super SPC Dumper 1000!

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

33 16,300
by Vitor Vilela

Paper-based project that goes here

Posted by levelengine on

1 2,383
by Face

Mario Gives Up 3 (Progress)

Hack Video

Posted by cyphermur9t on

14 8,329
by cyphermur9t

Supreme OAM handler


Posted by Von Fahrenheit on

34 17,325
by Kaisaan

Super Mario Logic Beta Test


Posted by Final Theory on

21 10,953
by Final Theory

M&W: ISoL ~ The C3 demo! (Updated 20/06 - New Patch!)


Posted by Erik on

3 4,324
by Erik

Carld's C3 Thing of ExGFX again


Posted by Carld923 on

7 5,076
by Davros

Vilela's Random Work #2 - Mass Rotate

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

14 9,524
by Davros

#serioushax presents: Serious Hacks. (ZSNES USERS READ)

Posted by Alcaro on

46 36,148
by Smallhacker

Super Mario Bros 2: Mega Mario X Trailer!

Hack Video

Posted by Alex No on

4 7,345
by mallowking

Wakana's music thread (Some Touhou Mario 2 SPCs added!)


Posted by Wakana on

19 11,120
by IanBoy

smwc+, a userscript for SMWCentral

Posted by 5544 on

31 19,782
by 5544

[78% complete, help needed please, hdma issues and flickers] HP bar


Posted by HammerBrother on

3 4,236
by HammerBrother

1UPdudes & 1UPdudettes Present: Cosmu Ultra

Hack Video

Posted by 1UPdudes on

16 10,413
by 1UPdudes

Vilela's Random Work #3 - VilelaBot + SMWC notification system

Posted by Vitor Vilela on

8 5,089
by lx5

What-A-Blast! Demo


Posted by Ruberjig on

17 11,066
by Ruberjig

Nick139's C3 Goodies


Posted by Pseudogon on

6 4,584
by Construct101

Banzai Mario World RELEASED

Full SMW HackKaizo/Pit Hack

Posted by GbreezeSunset on

24 13,655
by GbreezeSunset

<< EVIL CONQUEST >> | RELEASE | Choconilla Hack with special touches

Full SMW Hack

Posted by Luks on

16 13,755
by Reaper Fan

Munchy's Big Day - a demo I guess


Posted by Dr. Tapeworm on

5 7,336
by Paperdomo101

Underway's Userbar UNIVERSE [AS OPEN AS THE 2015 US OPEN]

Posted by underway on

43 17,673
by leod

I'm bad at drawing and I can demontrate it to you.

Posted by Gartore on

4 3,872
by Cascade



Posted by Wakana on

15 8,927
by HammerBrother

I will test your shit again!

Posted by Ckristina on

31 12,798
by Ckristina

[ASM]Anonimzwx's Tools, Sprites (Mock up of Tool Dyzen Graphic Changer)


Posted by anonimzwx on

34 19,699
by anonimzwx

Lightvayne - Adventure on Volcanus Island (Screenshots)

Posted by Lightvayne on

24 10,807
by Lightvayne

Super Mario World: Bowser's Cataclysmic Trap - Choconilla goodness!

Full SMW Hack

Posted by Gamma V on

17 13,773
by Medic

TLMB's assorted failed projects, open source to you all. [GFX, Music, ASM]


Posted by TLMB on

9 6,521
by Lespna1

SMW-The Secret Of 4 Colour Switch (C3 Demo Available !)


Posted by Reaper Fan on

1 3,166
by Reaper Fan

New Super Mario World: Alive and Kickin'.....For Now At Least

GraphicsPatchToolDemoSpriteBlockSoundtrackSM64 HackFull SMW HackHack VideoKaizo/Pit HackMusicSamples

Posted by Heraga on

16 27,788
by Agent Q

Thread number one (SHex)


Posted by p4plus2 on

21 17,875
by MolSno

Mario Hard On (A Barely Demo)


Posted by Frost on

7 6,229
by Frost

Thread number two (Custom overworld paths)


Posted by p4plus2 on

7 7,000
by JackTheSpades


Full SMW Hack

Posted by Aram on

6 7,134
by IvanSword

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