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The Old World of Insanity

This used to be the World of Insanity before it was closed down and replaced with a new forum. This forum is now publicly archived so users may browse around the old threads.

2,998 71,296
by DeppySlide

The New World of Insanity

Need a place to kick back and enjoy some silly off-topic conversation? Come in, have a seat, and relax. Please note that the purpose of this forum is NOT to encourage spammy threads or mindless posts; you should still be contributing something insightful or funny.

159 4,349
by MercuryPenny

Hot off the Press

Did a certain event across the world pique your interest? Discuss all kinds of current trends/news occurring across the world here.

450 5,485
by Almighty Emperor

Super Mario Maker

General discussion and Level Sharing for Super Mario Maker for the Wii U

172 988
by Joshua

Public Relations

The Public Relations forum is where our PR team works to engage with the community and plan site events. Feel free to stop by and discuss with them.

22 397
by danwaleby

Super Mario RPG

Hacking discussion of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

141 1,548
by Kami of the Phoenix

General Wii U Hacking

All things WiiU Hacking related....unless you are from Nintendo, then nothing is going on in here. You can move along now.

53 359
by GamenatorZ

Featured Hacks

This is where hacks go through the process of getting a "Featured" status in our section. Want to nominate something you really like? Want to analyze/review something that's been nominated? Come right in.

23 139
by Kyanite

Super Mario All-Stars

Hacking discussion of Super Mario All-Stars.

41 848
by Drex

Anime & Manga

Want to discuss and share your favorite Japanese cartoons and comics? This is the place!

232 3,393
by RoydGolden

Amalgamation Rebooted

For the forum game Amalgamation

16 5,903
by Zekrom PKstarship


Discussion of any TV shows, literature, music, or movies; old and new.

856 14,039
by Scrydan


French SMW Hacking.

31 555
by Eminus

Super Mario 64 Hacking

Any questions regarding hacking Super Mario 64 can go here. Please use the Project Showoff & Discussion subforum if you're looking to make a post about a hack you're working on.

Subforums: Project Showoff & Discussion | ASM & Data Repository

1,238 15,390
by NopeContest

The Ruins of Valley Fortress

What was once a prospering fortress filled with traps, treasure, and trickery, is now but a pile of rubble among the night...

41 1,089
by S.N.N.

Mondo Ghost Dome

44 2,215
by ergazoobi

The Ruins of Fortress of Solitude

Does anyone care about this?

106 4,300
by mockingod

The Ruins of Fortress of Seclusion

This place used to be a secret fortress where secluded people used to reunite and stay away from everyone else, until the day it crumbled. Now it's just a bunch of dust and stone.

123 2,320
by Kipernal



72 287
by leictreon

Justice Geeks HQ

To protect the world from devastation...

17 227
by kirbyeatsbomberman

Darkvayne's Blatantly Evil Organization HQ

Money is the root of all evil... and we can't thank it enough.

22 333
by Multibella

Army Camp

This is an auto-generated army forum. Please replace this description.

52 739
by blue leader

the awesome Army Camp

This is an auto-generated army forum. Please replace this description.

84 1,011
by RPG Hacker



52 526
by Everest

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