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Summer 2017

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Announcement: ΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩ

Posted by c3winter2016 on

0 3,368
by c3winter2016

Important: VVëlççornæ

Posted by System on

95 19,836
by Gregor

Sticky: C3 is "over"

Posted by leod on

1 2,451
by leod

Sticky: Ropebox Nomnomnominations

Posted by AlcaRobot on

29 8,389
by Noivern

Three word tile set generator

Posted by Snifit on

114 28,824
by Erik


Posted by Lazy on

42 27,938
by Lazy

Erik's ASM Showcase and Request Booth [Requests closed]

Posted by Erik on

120 33,694
by Gregor

user23507's graphics

Posted by 7 up on

14 6,441
by 7 up

Miku's Art Request Thread

Posted by Miku on

88 23,001
by Lumy

Sicari Remastered another demo lol

Posted by Eevee on

18 5,757
by Face

[Tool] Quad64 (v0.1.1) - A brand new open-source SM64 level editor

Posted by Davideesk on

16 19,940
by Wooden Chair

This thread contains a lot of screenshots (and some rips)

Posted by Ayami on

7 3,426
by Wooden Chair

Yoshifanatic's ASM Showoff: The Sequel To The Prequel

Posted by yoshifanatic on

14 8,490
by yoshifanatic

Daiyousei v0.4.0 and other tools to almost build huge levels

Posted by Katrina on

10 5,677
by imamelia

L is Real for 2017! + 2 Mystery Hacks

Posted by KingKoopshi64 on

7 6,953
by KingKoopshi64

Cooking Waka - Pastries with ham and provola cheese!

Posted by Wakana on

13 6,261
by Dark Mario Bros

lx5's 1000th post! (also asm AND hack stuff)

Posted by lx5 on

13 6,996
by 31757

[SMWTwitch v0.1 WiP] Twitch helps playing SMW + Random-Level-Generator

Posted by TheBiob on

16 7,495
by TheBiob

Bits and Pieces Release

Posted by levelengine on

12 7,257
by levelengine

My SMW Mini Game

Posted by Lespna1 on

9 5,227
by Katerpie

Ruber's gonna jig you up (C3 thread)

Posted by Ruberjig on

9 5,672
by levelengine

SF's Minor C3 Thread (1 Hack Screenshots + A Graphic)

Posted by SF - The Dark Warrior on

5 4,695
by levelengine

Rise on this island C3 Demo

Posted by TheOrangeToad on

6 3,887
by levelengine

[SMW Hack] The 1600th Post, the First SMW Hack that uses Deviantart OCs and two Youtubers.

Posted by Roberto zampari on

8 8,322
by Roberto zampari

Tyty's Graphics Thread

Posted by Teyla on

11 4,832
by FPzero

SUPERwave Mixes >> A *New Experimental Genre of SNES Music (Request Thread??)

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

10 4,166
by zacmario

Face's Art

Posted by Face on

10 3,479
by Sariel

Zekrom's C3 Art request thread! [REQUESTS CLOSED]

Posted by Zekrom PKstarship on

85 18,259
by Daizo Dee Von

Ludus Art/Request (Kind of) Thread

Posted by Ludus on

33 11,127
by Ultima

Tyty's Art Request Thread

Posted by Teyla on

21 6,227
by Big Brawler

First C3 - Some Musics and a new hack in dev

Posted by MaxwelHacks on

3 4,831
by Klug

Super Mario Maker (3DS) - Snow theme

Posted by NightYoshi370 on

11 10,657
by NightYoshi370

because you loved it last time

Posted by Alcaro on

26 7,318
by The Koopa Resistance

The (Unsampled) Port Thread

Posted by Celestial Seraph on

15 5,087
by zacmario

Super Mario Bros: The Early Years - FULL C3 RELEASE!

Posted by Gamma V on

13 9,292
by RussianMan


Posted by Wakana on

19 7,586
by Wakana

TheJullasicFox's Complete Crap Complimation (C3)

Posted by TheJullasicFox on

8 3,217
by RussianMan

Half assed C3 thread (music i guess)

Posted by Maxodex on

9 4,691
by Ringo

KLDC and OLDC compilation videos

Posted by Snifit on

10 7,775
by Eevee

Phineas and Ferb AVGN Crossover

Posted by CourtlyHades296 on

6 4,057
by MalusAmigo

SM64: A New Adventure - DEMO "2"

Posted by Twoopliss on

6 3,854
by Twoopliss

100 Rooms of Enemies V3.0.0.: The Full Edition >> Trailer...s! + V2.0.0. Soundtrack Origins

Posted by Daizo Dee Von on

7 6,588
by Dark Mario Bros

wario art

Posted by bwal on

23 10,404
by Burning Loaf

RussianMan's Rips

Posted by RussianMan on

7 3,702
by RussianMan

Yoshi's Island: Random Input Bot

Posted by Wooden Chair on

7 4,181
by lx5


Posted by Sariel on

12 4,900
by 7 up

Extra Mario World - Now with OW!

Posted by Von Fahrenheit on

16 7,235
by Gregor

Cool Creative Colorful Windows Spotlight

Posted by Triple P on

2 1,742
by Triple P


Posted by a hick on

5 2,854
by HammerBrother

Pokemon Yellow Save Corruption Glitchless Walkthrough

Posted by The Koopa Resistance on

3 1,868
by The Koopa Resistance

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