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Mario Rescues Santa Claus - Accepted on hacks section!


A Christmas-themed hack

This is my second Christmas-themed hack. It has more than a single world, unlike most Christmas-themed hacks.

It's not the first Christmas-themed hack with more than a single world. An example of a Christmas-themed hack that has more than a single world is SMW: Christmas Edition that was made by Nowieso.

Bowser has stolen all of Santa's presents and even kidnapped him! Without Santa, nobody can deliver them!


Worlds List
World 1: Snow Plains
World 2: Frigid Cave
World 3: Frozen Lakes
World 4: Frosty Forest
World 5: Bowser's City


Download on SMW Central (Version 1.0.2) - Download on (Version 1.0.1)

Great stuff so far! Gamma V's Snow Graphics are good! How many worlds will it have? Are you going to use custom music?
Originally posted by N450
How many worlds will it have?

5 worlds.
Originally posted by N450
Are you going to use custom music?

Yes, I'm going to use custom music. The default SMW music doesn't fit the theme of the hack.

Snow Plains 2:

The first level in the hack with a custom sprite, the Ice Bro.

Looks pretty good. i like the idea of christmas and halloween themed hacks
Are the going to be reskins of blocks? Like the pumpkin block in The Quest for The Candies that was a reskin of the turn block?
Originally posted by Yume Nikki Fan
Are the going to be reskins of blocks?

I'll put the block reskins later, before I release the demo.

Snow Plains 3:

This is looking really good so far, do you think you'll have it done before christmas?
Originally posted by Ninja Boy
This is looking really good so far, do you think you'll have it done before christmas?

I'm gonna release a demo when the first world is done. I wouldn't be able to make 5 worlds in only a month or less.

Snow Plains 4:

I missed the part where you said it was 5 worlds.

You know what look good though putting a layer of snow on top of the banzai bills.

Either way still looking good.
Like the graphics you have chosen, the level design looks good from what I can perceive.
Layout by RanAS, modified by yours truly.

Castle 1:

The second half has water, but it's very cold, and Mario dies when touching it:

Haven't decided on a boss yet.

I only need to make the switch palace and the world 2 map (just for the end of demo level) before I release the demo.

And I also made a userbar:

When will the demo come out? It will be Christmas day coming soon.
I love you! I'm a girl.

As it snows, the atmosphere is very unstable and lightning keeps hitting me. ㅠㅠ

I like the cartoon character of the girl the most.

This place will update photos every month.
The first demo is out. And also, here's Yellow Switch and the world 2 map:

No trees because it's a cave.

I just played through the demo and very nice work very fun and entertaining.

I did find a few issues one the flurries are kinda buggy if you have a fire flower you can't pick them up as you shoot a fireball at the same time and fry their poor little fluffy selves and second they don't have great physics with heavy gravity like the fall super fast but this also allows them to clip through slopes and just fall out of the world.

The second issue is in the castle during the water section when it's all the way up what looks like safe ground actually kills you.

In the screenshot the large ice block looks like it could be stood on but if you stand on it, the game counts Mario to be in the water and you just die.

Lastly the boss I guess it's not really a problem but could you edit how fast he shoots the magic/fireballs? like not the frequency but how fast they move cause they're a little too fast.
Time to bump this thread for a progress update!

I started working on world 2 shortly after I released demo 2 of The Quest for the Candies in late October. For now, here's the new title logo, the updated world 2 map and the first 2 levels of the world.

New Title Logo:

Previously the title screen looked a bit simplistic, so I added these font graphics to spice it up.

Updated World 2 Map:

At first I didn't put trees due to it being a cave, but then changed my mind.

Frigid Cave 1:

Frigid Cave 2:

Oh, and the water in #1 Larry's Castle now doesn't instantly kill Mario, now it kills him if he stays on it for longer than a second. This was achieved with this block.

Double post! No one replied, but demo 2 is now out!

And I didn't show screenshots of the next levels, here's one screen from each level):
Frigid Cavern 3:

Frigid Cavern 4:

#2 Fryguy's Castle:

And now, here's the main map and the world 4 submap:

Ignore the brown trees, I've fixed this already.

next December 2021 there will be new Christmas sprites#smw{o_O?}
It's December, and I only resumed work to make world 3 on the 16th, due to the HackJam contest.

Now, here's Frozen Lakes 1:

This level uses the Bumpty, an enemy from Yoshi's Island that was absent from this hack until now.

Double post! Frozen Lakes 2:

Ice Bros. make a comeback in this level.

Triple post! Frozen Lakes 3:

The Bucket Heads from #1 Larry's Castle make a comeback in this level. The background is an edited version of the snow mountain background made by Gamma V.

Frozen Lakes 4:

This level uses the Cooligan, a penguin enemy that slides around and takes 2 hits to get defeated. The background is a night version of the snow pines background, also by Gamma V.

Also, I forgot to say this, the background in Frozen Lakes 2 is the snow field background made by Broozer.