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Non-VGM Tourney 2019 - The End


Playlist with the Nominations!

Results & Brackets

Time to bust out those sick tunes you listen to! In the Non-VGM Tourney you simply nominate songs that weren't made for video games and they're put into battle against each other! How does that work? Simple: each round you vote for your favorite (or less disliked) song of the set, then whichever gets more votes wins!

Nomination Rules
  • Only tracks not made specifically for a video game can be nominated.
  • Up to three tracks can be nominated by one person.
  • You cannot nominate two tracks from the same artist.
  • Only five tracks from the same artist can be nominated among all participants (feature credits don't count to this total).
  • Each nomination must have a valid video link.
  • Please follow the "Artist Names - Song Name" format for your nominations.
  • Try not to nominate excessively NSFW and/or sexualized music.
Voting Rules
  • Attempt to vote for all songs in a set and to listen to the whole song.
  • You CAN vote on your own nominations.
  • Voting periods will last for 2 days (disclaimer: may vary depending on my availability).
The nomination period ends December 16th 23:59:59 (UTC).

Time remaining:


TWRP, Skratch Bastid - ICQ
Electric Light Orchestra - Twilight
Tevin Campbell - Stand Out
Make your prayers, lol:

Junko Yagami - 1984
ANRI - I Can't Stop The Loneliness
Rouge - Ragatanga
"If you imitate someone, you can never surpass them."
hah, little did you know that I have honed my knowledge on non-VGM music since last time, so now I can join without being completely outclassed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #wario{B)}

anyway, let's fucking GO:

T-Square - Bad Moon

Venetian Snares - Gentleman

Dream Theater - Pull me Under
Layout by Mathos
You bet your butts I'm participating in this.

Jean-Jacques Perrey & Gilbert Sigrist - Dynamoog
Yousuke Yasui (安井 洋介) - Nova Prospect
Dolores Catherino - Temporal Parallax
Tash Sultana - Seven
Plini - Heart
The Dip - Working Man

This was way fucking harder than i thought. ended up going in a completely different direction for that last one. 3 is too little smh
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to hear birds and see none.
Added the following rule for Nominations:

Try not to nominate excessively NSFW and/or sexualized music.

Because site rules.
Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
Listen now
Kumbia Kings - Fuiste Mala
Yes i am