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Windows 10 by Araiguma Kiruno

File Name: Windows 10
Submitted: by Araiguma Kiruno
Authors: Araiguma Kiruno
Type: Ripped
Purpose: Background, Foreground
Description: Windows 10 ExGFX made by me,inspired by BetaMaster64's Windows Mario World

this ExGFX is not great for a full level tho,but great for small easter egg you might want to put in your hack,to appreciate Microsoft 'beloved' OS that you might run in your Computer.

you can modify the taskbar and window title color,its blue because its based off my laptop

Credits not needed,but will highly appreciated considering all the work i put into it.

Removal Reason(s):
  • The reason Windows tilesets aren't accepted is because they:

    1) give no coherent information on what tiles do what, making the gameplay more obnoxious than anything (and violating some of the section's Core Values);
    2) don't have and/or allow room for tile variety, condemning the level design to be flat, repetitive, and uninteresting.

    This submission isn't an exception in this aspect.
  • Unoptimized ExGFX files, with several repeated tiles. For future reference, for .bin files you should always cram as many tiles as you can into the file before moving on to another, as the tile organization here doesn't matter for the end user.
  • The submission doesn't include the obligatory .palmask file.
  • Unoptimized and unorganized Map16 file, with repeated tiles and poor placement, making a lot of default tiles be imported into the user's Map16.
  • Overwrote Map16 page 0x02, which is to be avoided since it has special features in Lunar Magic that some users might be making use of.
  • The current palette setup isn't ideal. Use palette row 2 for the foreground colors and row 3 for the background ones, as per the Palette Preferences diagram, found in the Submission Guidelines.
  • Since both the foreground and background share the 2 most used colors in the set, they blend with each other, looking unpleasant (worsened by excessive pure white being harsh on the eyes) and making the gameplay harder.
  • The background is too repetitive and uninteresting.