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Can You Beat SMW 96-Exit Coinless? My latest YouTube video.
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Hey everyone, I have been on this site a lot, but this is my first time posting. I made this challenge video for fun, and thought some of you may enjoy checking it out. Please let me know either way if you like it or hate it. Constructive criticism is very much welcomed as I'm trying to learn what people like. Thanks so much for checking it out!

Hey there! I don't have time to watch the whole thing sadly and I'm not a professional video maker, but I wanted to see if there was any feedback I could give so I watched the first four-ish minutes.

I really like your voice and your writing! It's all very pleasant to follow, and it can only improve as you keep making videos. At the same time, it feels like things sometimes drag on for too long, especially when you stop talking for a few seconds and leave the viewer with footage that's rather dull on its own. One place that's probably very easy to improve on is the video quality - to me the footage looks somewhat blurry, as well as dark (though that might just be my screen).

Pretty neat overall! Could've sworn I'd already watched a coinless SMW run some time before, but apparently not.


Alright, i've just watched the whole thing, and man, i loved it!
This was a really impressive run! I've already attempted a similar run before, but it was without using any major glitches, and getting all 96 exits while collecting the fewest coins i could. I managed 66, being 34 in Sunken Ghost Ship, 21 in Valley Ghost House, 10 in Vanilla Dome 2 (9 for secret exit, 1 for normal exit) and 1 in Vanilla Ghost House.

I've also already seen a coinless run that just goes for a game completion, but this was the first time i've seen a 96 exits coinless run! And that was crazy!
I already knew most of the tricks you used, but i gotta say Vanilla Dome 2 blew my mind! I had never seen such a crazy way to get the Chuck item swap for the cloud (i did know the standard item swap, just never saw a coinless one!).
Also, even if i already knew about using the Orb on Sunken Ghost Ship and the flying in Vanilla Ghost House and Valley Ghost House, seeing them being executed correctly was still very impressive!
Really great job!

As for feedback on the actual video, i guess the stuff i could say were already mentioned by WYE. I really like your commentary! Your voice is nice to hear, and the commentary is informative without being tiring, and helps keeping up with the video!
As for criticism, you could be a bit more careful with cutting out parts that might drag on for too long (as WYE said). Also, the video quality could definitely be improved, as well as the editing here and there, such as the zooming you do in a few parts (the P-Switch on Yoshi's Island 2 in particular was zoomed way too much!).

Overall, great video and awesome run!

Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg
Pretty neat overall! Could've sworn I'd already watched a coinless SMW run some time before, but apparently not.

Coinless runs have been done before, but those only aimed for game completion, or highest amount of exits possible, usually without abusing glitches.
As far as i know, this is the first coinless run that gets all 96 exits.

My Youtube Channel
Hey, thanks so much to both of you for the feedback. I completely agree with the video quality. It's just my dang capture card, it's a GV-USB2, which isn't great at all. I would use emulator, and maybe I even should, it just feels a little heartless to not play on console when I can. Also, the input delay would make doing the more difficult things insanely difficult, but maybe I should just bite the bullet in order to get a more professional look. I would get a better capture card, but, money.

As for the slower moments, I appreciate that insight. I need to find a way to make some of the moments not drag on. Maybe by explaining it move by move (such as in YI3), it would be more entertaining? Or maybe just cut that bit from the video? Idk, I'm still learning of course, and need to hone in on what makes something entertaining.

I'll certainly keep that in mind with the zooming. I am so thankful for your insights, and for the kind words. I'm really happy that you think my voice sounds good, I especially didn't want to have that come across as boring.

Thank you guys a ton for looking at it! I will take what you said to heart and keep getting better.

By the way, some of the people mentioned in the video are actually looking into a method of doing VD2 coinless without cloud via flying under, which is totally insane.
The video was very interesting to watch but what bugged me a bit is just how out of order it is. I know you wanted to hide the cloud until it was needed but anyone who knows the item box glitches would already know what that item is.

What you could of done is shown and explained the glitch in the beginning but not explained just what the garbled graphic sprite was and mentioned that you'll need it later.

Some of the other little things like when you went back to the yellow switch palace like I know you were following the 96 exit route but you never explained what that was beyond "oh yeah speedrunners do it this way".

I would also comment on the quality but that's been touched on already.

When you zoomed in on the P-switch I think it might of had a better look if you had taken a screenshot from an emulator that was really clear on the pixel placement and maybe even pointed out what you where aligning to cause I couldn't tell if it was a background tile or part of the pipe itself.

Personally though I would of liked to see all the other levels beaten as well because this was more or less "hey those levels you think you can't do coinless well you can!"

But in the end I was invested and was entertained the whole time.
Hey Yoshi Eggnog! I certainly understand where you're coming from, and I did think of the things you're talking about, but opted to do them the way I did to hopefully be inclusive of the most viewers. I figured that someone who already knows cloud and orb would be okay with knowing what had already happened, but may be surprised by the methodology.
I agree with the p- switch, that's not my finest decision certainly. I think even a close up photo of the tv screen showing the alignment of the pixels would have been better than what I went with.
As for the levels I showed, again this was in an attempt to appeal to the widest viewing base, because a 2 hour video explaining each exit would be far out of what most people would like to watch. It's a balancing act, and I also figured people who really know the game wouldn't be really bothered by it because they would know how easy some of the levels are.
It's always difficult for me to pick a direction for a video, but I was attempting to show the juiciest bits only.
Thank you for your insight! I also know I did a poor job with explaining why we take the 96 exit route, which is a bummer.
Wow, that video was really interesting and informative! I love the way you narrated the video so that anyone could understand what you were doing even if they weren't very knowledgeable on how SMW works. It felt very Pannenkoek-y. You have a really good voice for this sort of thing too.
Hey K.T.B., thanks for checking it out! I really want my people to be for gaming fans, not people with specific knowledge about a specific game, so thanks for that! Also, super high praise comparing it to Pannenkoek! Thanks for the voice input, I put a lot of work into that.
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Forum Index - Donut Plains - Creation Corner - Can You Beat SMW 96-Exit Coinless? My latest YouTube video.

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