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Mosts 2019 - Results


This is what we have been working towards. Forget VLDC, forget SMWCP2, forget everything you know about romhacking in general. Today is the day where some users will get to dine among the gods. For those of you who win today - you are powerful, you are loved, and no one can stop you.

1) Best regular site member
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 Maxodex
2nd 6 WhiteYoshiEgg
2nd 6 Samantha
3rd 5 Mr Scotsman

And with this, the great Koopster has been defeated, plunging into the seas never to be seen again. Tons of new faces to this category this year, congrats to the lot of ya!

2) Best newcomer
Place Vote Count User
1st 10 Tamaki
1st 10 Mr Scotsman
2nd 7 poopsey
3rd 4 Deakula
3rd 4 Flagpole1up

Three of these newcomers became staff, so you can really tell how much we love them too.

3) Best staff member
Place Vote Count User
1st 22 bebn legg
2nd 20 FPzero
3rd 12 Nameless

Bebaine straight from Spain Quebec takes the gold as the best staff member to ever exist. He is loved, he is kind. FPzero is noticed, and Nameless brings up the rear.

4) Most likely to become staff
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 Falconpunch
3rd 3 Dippy
3rd 3 Flagpole1up
3rd 3 Green Jerry

Mark my words - in but a year, all these users will become staff. If I am wrong, you can take it out on FPzero.

5) Best General SMW hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 Eevee
1st 9 WhiteYoshiEgg
2nd 8 Gamma V

The tried and true trifecta makes a terrifying return here - and if these three collaborated on a hack, it'd be buck wild. Together they could take over the entirety of SMW Hacking, so we as a community need to make sure they can never communicate with each other or collaborate or else we're doomed.

6) Best Kaizo/Pit hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 14 Morsel
2nd 12 Sweetdude
3rd 7 Sokobansolver

These three giants create music for the sadists, and continue to impress with their ultra-hard levels. See y'all in KLDC 2020, I hope!

7) Best non-SMW hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 FPzero
1st 5 Golden Yoshi
2nd 3 Pablo's Corner
2nd 3 RussianMan
3rd 2 BTD6_maker
3rd 2 Gatete
3rd 2 XenonZed

Dear god, the entirety of Non-SMW Hackers on this site all managed to win an award here. These users all hate SMW, and think they're better than us for hacking other games. And they're right.

8) Best level designer
Place Vote Count User
1st 13 Lazy
2nd 9 idol
2nd 9 GbreezeSunset
3rd 7 ft029

JUMP Team comes in for the kill. There are no survivors.

9) Best graphics artist
Place Vote Count User
1st 18 PercentN
2nd 10 Gamma V
3rd 9 Katrina

This award goes out to the best and prettiest graphics artists to have graced SMW Central. Keep on artin' on!

10) Best musician
Place Vote Count User
1st 31 KevinM
2nd 19 Sinc-X
3rd 17 Dippy

Whenever a port from these guys comes up in the SMW Music Section, complete chaos ensues. Keep on making the section full of delicious music!

11) Most likely to STP a metEOR from hitting Earth with ASM
Place Vote Count User
1st 22 dtothefourth
2nd 18 Erik
3rd 11 Vitor Vilela
3rd 11 Sonikku

Frankly I don't understand the title but I know it means these users make crazy magic happen in The Super Mario World. dtothefourth swoops in from the shadows to claim his rightful throne, and as such he should be referred to as "King dtothefourth" from now on.

12) Best tool programmer
Place Vote Count User
1st 20 Vitor Vilela
2nd 12 FuSoYa
3rd 9 anonimzwx

Vivi and Fusoya - the tag team who made Lunar Magic 3.0, grace the tops here! And shout outs to anonimzwx for his super cool projects. Now, can you guys all collab to make a cool boss maker tool and also an auto level maker so we dont have to put effort in hacking anymore at all please

13) Best New Hacker
Place Vote Count User
1st 11 ECS.98
2nd 4 Dan Drigues
3rd 2 Atomic-Citrus
3rd 2 N450
3rd 2 EternityLarva

New to the hacking scene, these users made a surefire impression on the community with the levels they've created this year. Hope to continue to see y'all in the new decade, you guys have bright futures here.

14) Best New ASMer
Place Vote Count User
1st 14 EternityLarva
2nd 8 dtothefourth
3rd 4 Darolac
3rd 4 KevinM

ASM is a dying language, and these users will help carry on the message for future generations. And then there's dtothefourth who's been doing ASM for like 20 years now, but he's beautiful and he's new to this community so he gets a nice trophy too.

15) Best New Musician
Place Vote Count User
1st 21 Tamaki
2nd 15 KevinM
3rd 9 Dippy

These users appeared out of thin air this year to release some sick as hell ports, and we couldn't be more grateful. Great work to all of you!

16) Best New Graphics Artist
Place Vote Count User
1st 13 Flagpole1up
2nd 4 wuffalo
3rd 2 Brutapode89

You guys all made some great art and rips this year! In the wise words of Gloomy, "who the fuck likes smw"

17) Best General Hack of 2019
Place Vote Count User
1st 28 JUMP½
2nd 9 Nachos and Fried Oreos
3rd 8 Super Luigi Land

After a development hell that lasted nearly 10 years, the sequel to the much acclaimed YUMP was released, oddly renamed to "JUMP" instead. And to think this is only half of the entire hack? When does the other half come out guys?

And then Gbreezesunset / Miracle Water and Gamma V have shown up for the fun too. And boy do they have a LOT of fun.

18) Best Kaizo/Pit Hack of 2019
Place Vote Count User
1st 10 Elephants and Snakes and Crocodiles
2nd 9 Grand Poo World 2
3rd 4 Super Fart World

For the sadists, the deprived and the intellectual - for the Marxists, Kantians and Durkheimians: If you haven't played these hacks yet, what are you waiting for??

Also man, is there some mad libs way to create Kaizo Hack names that just involves excrement and / or shit and / or animals? Super Excrement World? Shit and Fart and Ass World? God damn naughty boys.

19) Best Graphics of 2019
Place Vote Count User
1st 11 Distinctively Square Overworld Graphics
2nd 4 Resplendent Crystal Cave
2nd 4 Super Mario Maker - New Super Mario Bros. U Skewer
2nd 4 Hex City
3rd 3 Pleasant Plains

These graphics DEFINED 2019. And here we are - showing our appreciation to these wonderful artists. And Noivern, who ripped a way over the top NSMB graphic. We love him too. Conditionally.

20) Best Port of 2019
Place Vote Count User
1st 13 Waterworld - Diving
2nd 11 Celeste - Mirror Magic (B-Side Mix)
3rd 6 Unreal Tournament '99 - Forgone Destruction
3rd 6 Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge - Gambit

Waterworld - Diving. It had to be - there was no other way. Congrats KevinM, Maxodex, Dippy, and also KevinM again for your super great ports!

21) Best ASM Resource of 2019
Place Vote Count User
1st 11 Carryable Pipe
2nd 6 Punchy

We've heard your feedback, and we are excited to say these will be the only two sprites included at the next BLDC. Thank you for making your voices heard!

22) Best site contributor
Place Vote Count User
1st 23 Telinc1
2nd 6 idol
3rd 5 FPzero

Telinc1 - god among man, master of the animals, reigns supreme on contributing to the site. No one can conquer him, and they'd be but a fool to try.

23) Most creative
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 Eevee
2nd 6 ft029
3rd 5 Daizo Dee Von
3rd 5 Sweetdude

The creative mind makes for an excellent scholar. And these people are SMW Hacking scholars. If you're looking for some insane as hell ideas, these are the people to talk to.

24) Smartest
Place Vote Count User
1st 4 Major Flare

The sole smart user on SMW Central, Major Flare, is the sole winner of this category. Everyone else got like, 1 vote. We are monkeys, and he is the only human on earth.

25) Nicest
Place Vote Count User
1st 17 bebn legg
2nd 10 Eevee
3rd 6 Nameless

Only the most saccharine of the saccharine can make it to this coveted position. A Certified Nice™ SMW Centraler is a role higher than that of even Head Admin or Owner. And that's the beans.

26) Hardest worker
Place Vote Count User
1st 18 Telinc1
2nd 10 bebn legg
3rd 8 Ryaa

They do it for the hustle, they do it for the grind. They work hard as hell to feed their families and to be a good role model for their kids. We salute you.

27) Most mature
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 FPzero
1st 5 Syndrilevosse
2nd 4 bebn legg
3rd 3 Scrydan
3rd 3 Sariel

Aged like fine wine, these elderly users have been through thick and thin. They do not laugh, because once you've been matured to the horrors of the world there's no longer anything to find funny. It's just sobering.

28) Most optimistic
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 bebn legg
2nd 4 Qwoll
2nd 4 Mr Scotsman
3rd 3 Giftshaven

They believe in the best outcome, and how to keep their spirits high. God knows how.

29) Most underrated
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 MiracleWater

The site could only agree on one soul to earn this position - Miracle Water. Here's your reward for flying under the radar!

30) Most serious
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 StrikeForcer
1st 5 Syndrilevosse
1st 5 Ryaa
2nd 3 idol
2nd 3 Aja
3rd 2 Gloomy
3rd 2 Falconpunch

Jokes are bad, and these users know that all too well.

31) Coolest
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 S.N.N.
2nd 4 Nameless
3rd 3 Linkdeadx2
3rd 3 K3fka

A dog in sunglasses and a cool backwards cap riding a skateboard. He's wearing an open flannel - it's floral, and he's not insecure about it. That's these users energies. Prove me wrong.

32) Funniest
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 Nameless
2nd 5 S.N.N.
2nd 5 Mr Scotsman
3rd 4 Dan
3rd 4 Eevee

As an esteemed member of the Most Serious Committee, I have to hate these users for being so god damn funny. Always saying jokes and shit. Do you guys wanna be head admin instead

33) Most fun to talk to
Place Vote Count User
1st 7 bebn legg
2nd 6 Eevee
3rd 5 Samantha

Conversations are good with these folks. Loved by the nation, they always have some nice shit to say.

34) Most changed for the best
Place Vote Count User
1st 13 Samantha
2nd 9 Tob
3rd 8 Falconpunch

Being likable can be hard as hell. These users break the glass barrier and ascend into an ethereal state of beauty. Proud of u guys.

35) Most addicted to SMWC
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 Samantha
2nd 6 bebn legg
3rd 4 7 up

They always refresh #site-feed, they lurk the forums like it's no tomorrow, and they're here to make a name for themselves. And we need to host an intervention for them for their own health.

36) Least likely to do anything
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 Kieran Menor
2nd 6 idol
3rd 4 Hinalyte

I'd like to thank my haters for coming out to the playground. I might be the middle of this human centipede, but there's no better place in the world than between Kieran Menor and Hinalyte. 100% Horse Juice.

37) Most likely to still be here in 10 years
Place Vote Count User
1st 31 S.N.N.
2nd 18 FPzero
3rd 5 WhiteYoshiEgg
3rd 5 idol
3rd 5 Roberto zampari

We got rid of the negative categories, yet somehow kept the most offensive of all. 2020 we gettin' lives, baby!

38) Most likely couple
Place Vote Count User
1st 11 Wakana x Sariel
2nd 7 Hinalyte x Mirann
3rd 6 Maxodex x Pinci

Aren't they all so cute? Just get married already, christ.

39) Most unlikely couple
Place Vote Count User
1st 5 S.N.N. x 7 up
2nd 3 Medic x Face
2nd 3 Ryaa x Syndrilevosse
2nd 3 Jimmy x Ladida

It won't ever happen. Or, according to the rules of Every Single Romantic Comedy - it will in the end. Just get married already, christ!

40) Most informative posts
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 Thomas
2nd 4 Maxodex
2nd 4 N450
2nd 4 Maarfy

The keyboard is their sword, and words are their ammunition. These are the David Foster Wallace of people.

41) Best avatar
Place Vote Count User
1st 4 idol


42) Best post layout
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 tcdw
2nd 3 Maxodex

These boys rock the pretty layout award, so they can never change their layouts or I'll have to rescind their trophies. Thanks for understanding!

43) Best username
Place Vote Count User
1st 10 I don't know a good name.
2nd 6 Infinity
3rd 5 bebn legg

He might not know a good name, but I know a good award to hand out to him.

44) Best holiday name
Place Vote Count User
1st 4 Christmas Infinity (Infinity)
1st 4 Green mouse with a candy cane (Green Jerry)
1st 4 Yoshi Eggnog (Ninja Boy)
2nd 3 d8d8>d4<a4 (Samantha)
2nd 3 HASHIRE SORI YO (Ladida)

The site loves your holiday names, and you have been gifted with 100$ each as such. Please contact Noivern for further details.

45) Most addicted to #world-of-insanity
Place Vote Count User
1st 22 Big Brawler
2nd 12 AntiDuck
3rd 5 wuffalo
3rd 5 Jammerjab

In the land of the depraved, where wolves die to the common man, these users lurk in the shadows chewing on flesh and sinew. They're survivors, familiar with chaos and disorder. And oh boy do they love to engage in posting bad images and scary words. Not for the common man.

46) Best reviewer
Place Vote Count User
1st 8 Atari2.0

Okay there Roger Ebert.

47) Most likely to use legacy tools
Place Vote Count User
1st 4 Ice Man
1st 4 Roberto zampari
2nd 3 Idrinkgrapesoda
2nd 3 jesus
3rd 2 Fermín Acosta Jr.

The only way to hack is to hack as if you're still in 2008. It's the SMW Hacking equivalent to shooting with film instead of digital.

48) Most likely to star in a sitcom
Place Vote Count User
1st 6 S.N.N.
2nd 4 Fermín Acosta Jr.
2nd 4 Nameless

Welcome to Three's Company 2 - this time it's full of alcohol, lesbians, and takes place in South Padre Island, Texas.

49) Most likely to work at the Bar and Grill
Place Vote Count User
1st 16 FPzero
2nd 10 Scrydan
3rd 4 Samantha
3rd 4 Falaflame

Maybe I should've made a Cheers joke in the last category so I could play off that here too. I don't know any other shows that involve working in a bar. Anyways congrats for the posting.

50) Most likely to win the most Mosts
Place Vote Count User
1st 9 idol
1st 9 Hinalyte
2nd 6 S.N.N.
3rd 5 bebn legg

Clearly the C in SMWC doesn't stand for clairvoyants, because you guys were wrong! How foolish. How completely sad.

I don't believe we have a way to share full list of results, but I'll look into it and have Telly get back to y'all. Trophies have also been awarded. And that's the Mosts, babey!
User: Hinalyte / ID: 1553 ~ loading kotori.css

>getting a gold on a meme category again
lmfao my magnet is the real deal

I'm not that active anymore, but I'm somewhat glad that some people still remember me enough to vote me on some categories. I'll gladly take what I have!
Holy shit, I won 1st for Most Likely to Become Staff, of all categories? I don't believe it. I...I'm so happy you guys think I deserve to be a staff member on the site. Perhaps I will end up becoming a staff next year, as idol predicts.

Thank you so, so much for all your votes, everyone! #smrpg{<3}
I have nothing else to say now. Huh...
Finally! After 8 years, I get it! “Best post layout”!

Though I am actually expecting “Best Musician” in before and now... 无心插柳柳成荫!

And thank you for that!
Formerly known as tcdw (2011-2021)
PortsAMK SPC DisassemblerC3 Winter 2022 Stuff
Thank you all who voted me x Wakana as most likely to couple.
Even if we have many duties irl, we hope to come up with a sweet collab again next year~
Thank you all so much and congrats to all the other winners too of course~ #smrpg{<3}

Good job everyone who got those trophies, as usual, and thanks for the votes too (:
It's me, the serious, mature, ancient guy who doesn't even hack the snes anymore, and yet that somehow makes me qualified to lead this site.

Thanks for the votes everyone ❤
Thanks for the votes, even if they landed me naught but the slightest of egoboo.

No I love you more. No you hang up the phone first!
If that bar 'n' grill catecory would have been in 2014, I proably would have won gold, anyone remembers when it was renamed to "aj6666's bar and grill"? It was nice to see people vote me in there, but not enogh to get a tropy. I'll have to content myself with silver most serious.

Thanks to everyone who voted me.

Originally posted by Idol
As an esteemed member of the Most Serious Committee, I have to hate these users for being so god damn funny.

Does that mean I get to be admin instead of nameless?
another year in the shadows for me thank god
‎―••~asuka over rei every day~••―
‎90% of teens smoke weed. if you're
‎part of the 10% put this in your sig
Thanks to those who voted for me in some of these categories, they mean a lot :>
I didn't expect to still win something when I haven't been active this year - thanks a lot for the votes on most likely couple and the few others I got on other categories!
I won the category of "Use of Legacy Tools" along with Ice Man.
Actually, "Legacy Tools" are resources from the SMW Japanese hackers, including Carol.

Thank you everyone.
LOL, I didn't even think about best username.

gg, wp to all.
Looks like I got some votes, thanks y'all.
But your efforts were in vain, as I'm perfectly on track on my goal to maximize trophies while minimizing the amount of most trophies I get.
Wowee, what a year! Lot's of really well deserved trophies. Congrats to you all!!

I'm a little bummed I only got one trophy this year in comparison to last year where I got 8. But admittedly I didn't do jack smw hacking related this year and the trophy I did win really means a lot to me and I appreciate everyone who voted for me in it. It wasn't enough for gold but I am still super happy to be recognized for my effort in bettering myself at all.

I'm super excited to share what I have in store for 2020 and I can't wait to see what crazy things will happen here next year! #smrpg{<3}
// Layout by Maxo
May Hinalyte win every joke category from now on

Congrats, all!
Most addicted to woi, Nice, Im a meem master

Congrats to the winners of the mosts!
I haven’t hacked a non-SMW game in years, but thanks. 👍🏼
Super cool, nice. I hope I win :)