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Guess something about the user above you

You got your username from either a card game or a soft drink.
You post in the Forum Games a lot.
Not sure but I guess because of your username Yoshi is your favorite character
You're Favorite Simpsons character is Moe.
Check out my Hack Thread
You're Favorite DDLC Character is Monika I guess.
You're favorite anime is Assassination Classroom
You like a few creepy things and aren't scared of them at all.

You like playing forum games

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You prefer Luigi over Mario.
You got 23th place in BLDC
The poster of the forum games
Just some Ys fan lol
You have a great ear for music.

You like Link a lot

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You post a lot in the forums
You like 7-Up over other soft drinks.
You have a great knowledge about drinks
Just some Ys fan lol