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ocarina of time is your favorite game
Upcoming Hacks:
Slumber Party 6 (2019-202X)
Waymantale Fantasy (An FF6 Hack i will co-develop (2022-202X)

This is a hit or miss for me but I think you are known as “Soda” in SMWC Discord. Note that there is one user on that Discord with a similar Discord tag so I just tried to guess

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Judging by your username, you were born in the year 2006 Anno Domini.
You like to do yoga.

You like bluenettes.

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You have been a lurker on SMWC since its creation

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Your favorite Mario foe is the Goombud.
You dislike the area in which you live with a passion.
You are too complex a person for me to assume anything correct about you!

You like fresh air. A lot.

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You like the letter o
You have a vast Vietnamese bootleg TMNT toy collection
Lemme ask you something

Paul '96

you like fighting games.

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You like the Pokemon series and other games structured in similar ways.
You like to climb