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Today, not only do we round out the decade, but SMWC turns fourteen years old!

With this, and the 2010s having come to a close, I think it would be nice of us to all reflect as a community, for the site has spent the majority of its life in this period, and during that time, we have seen many changes.

Some of these include sections that have been added, sections that have been removed, the addition of search features, advancements in hacking, the removal of IRC, the creation of our Discord Server, and even a change in site ownership.

Most important of all, however, is the community - ever changing, yet ever present. Although smaller than it once was, and despite our many ups and downs, it remains active and diverse. Not only have a number of the old names remained, it is just as assuring to see new ones crop up and settle in.

On behalf of the staff, I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has stuck around. Whether you're new or old, you're a creative mind or you're simply around for a nice fun chat, your presence in this community is valuable.

Going into the 2020s, of course, expect the usual - contests, C3s, fun events and the likes. SMWC will continue on its merry way. However, we also have some big and important changes planned in the near future, so be sure to look forward to them!


So, as I said at the start, let us reflect! Feel free to post below what you thought of the 2010s, and what some of your favourite moments were! With all that said, happy new year to everyone!

I owe a lot to this site for the person I've become over this decade. I'm ever grateful for it, and I'm happy with how this decade has ended, more or less. Here's hoping the 2020s will be even better #smrpg{y}
The 2010s definitely brought a lot of changes to SMWC (probably because it was the first decade SMWC has been around for from start to finish). From my perspective the site has stabilized over the past couple of years - more organization and bureaucracy, but the site events have turned bigger and more regular, so that's nice.

One of the highlights of the past decade has to be the establishment of the VLDCs as the site's main event, starting with the first collab hack in 2014 which was a great idea and 100% the right way to go. (Even though they're too big for collab hacks now.)

Happy new year everyone! Hope the 2020s will treat the site and the people on it nicely. #smw{:TUP:}

As nonsensical as that may sound, I love the New Year's atmosphere on the site. (I also love rainbow names, thanks for keeping the tradition going!)


Yeesh. The 2000's flew by so quickly, but it genuinely feels like the 2010's took quite the time to pass by.
Leaving out a lot of details in this post. It's a new decade, gotta focus on the positive things more. 😄

This decade was quite the (emotional) ride. It was a time of gaining a lot of friends and losing a lot of them, learning new things along the way and losing my touch for certain other things, gaining so many possibilities and chances at things only to throw it away due to mistakes I keep making.

The start of the 2010's started with me still being relatively young, not really knowing what I wanted to do or achieve. Unfortunately, two or three years later I started noticing I wasn't happy. Nothing would drive me to do anything, and I've been stuck in a depressed state for the longest time.

It wasn't until late 2016 where I started getting my life back in control. I was on the way to finish college, parted ways from a toxic environment which really didn't do me any good, eventually got a job that pays nicely in 2017, renovated my room with the dopest tech imaginable in 2019 and hey; I even became staff on this website somewhere in 2017. Whoever would've thought the latter was ever going to happen in my twelve years of being here? I know a few who would've rather not seen it happen at all, but hey, what do you do?

SMWCentral has played an important role in my life, even if I haven't actively been here for the twelve years I've known about the site. So many changes for the best have happened, changes that made me feel more welcome. There were also a few changes I haven't really agreed on as much, but as it goes, good comes with bad. It's a fine balance that needs to be maintained, and you can't please everyone.

The advancement that has taken place on this website and within this community is phenomenal. What seemed impossible to do at first was rather quickly turned into something anyone could play around with. AddMusic was changed so that it's easy to insert music including samples and sound effects, we started getting proper block creators, sprite tools, etc.

Even Lunar Magic continued getting the support from FuSoYa who unfortunately hasn't been the most appreciated person lately. I'd like to take this opportunity to say that we should not forget that he's been doing this for free for the past 19 years. If he doesn't want to share his source code, then so be it. Don't pester him about it, because at some point before you know it he will have enough of the complaining and stop updating Lunar Magic altogether. No one here is going to be happy after that.

Here's hoping that the 2020's only offer even better times for everyone, and anyone being in a slump right now is able to get out of it.
There's too much negativity in the world as is, and my last and final wish for the upcoming ten years is if we could all just be a little nicer to each other and finally put our stupid differences aside, no matter what they may be.

On to the next ten years! 🍷
We're still an hour away from 2020 down here, but I'd like to wish all of you a happy new year regardless! Thank you for everything, you helped shape me into the person I am today and made me conquer friendships I'll keep in my heart for eternity.
May your 2020 be full of happiness and achievements!

Dang.... I don't have too much to say about the past decade since I've only been around for 1/5 of the site's existence for the 2010s, but I feel this site has been much more welcoming and has even better hacks and resources than ever!

There's less than 3 hours for me, but this will be a very different for me for sure. So while I'm here, I might as well celebrate and say...

I wish everyone here a safe and happy new year!
From the experience I do have on this site, I'll just say that the site has changed in mostly a positive aspect from my point of view. Also thank you to FuSoYa for Lunar Magic.

Happy new year, everyone!
Layout by RanAS, modified by yours truly.

I think this site is the best in the world, there are also competitions, what is always trying, but the truth is not always won, I like hack, graphics and music the most.

Happy New Year everyone!


List Soundtrack - List Hacks
It's the very last year of the decade that's made me realize how much I've appreciated this site and how much it's changed over the years. Back when I first joined, I felt too shy and frightened to post. But now, I feel like I'm part of the family. Though my personal growth has played a part in it, the many changes this site has had (for the better, might I add) makes me wonder what would have been had I stuck around from the very start and stayed through the entire decade, instead of disappearing for the entirety of it, and resurfacing last year.

But I don't live off of what-would-have-beens.

Here's to the next decade of SMWCentral.


I really dunno what happened in this site before 2015/16, but I'll say this forum always felt very welcoming and its userbase always kind and helpful. You don't see that everywhere.
Onwards to next decade, SMWCentral.
I give this site's last decade about a 5/10. ASide from that happy new year everyone!

I joined in January 2010, so I've been here the whole decade, and I've seen how this place has changed. I've said this before, but SMWC has been like a second home to me, and I hope it will continue to be in this new decade.

Here's a quick rundown of every year for me:

2010: Started SMW Hacking, joined SMWC, started M2W2V, joined the PL collab.
2011: Became staff, Joined Fortaleza Reznor.
2012: Took over PL, became hack moderator, Released M2W2V.
2013: Became administrator, started The Challenge.
2014: Resigned staff.
2015: Not much.
2016: VLDC1, PL Demo released.
2017: Screens Project started, canceled The Challenge.
2018: Left SMWC, canceled Screens Project, resigned leadership of PL, left Fortaleza Reznor, retired SMW Hacking.
2019: Returned to SMWC, became forum mod.
2020: ???

So much time has passed. It feels nostalgic to remember all this.
Well this last decade saw many changes. There's tons one can say.

I changed a lot during this last decade. At the start of the decade I began collage, started being apart of another life changing community and started to post more than my initial first years, began programming and learning PHP and database related things from Editboard's disassembly, and I also started to really make friends too.

Now at the end of the decade, I find myself to a point I didn't think I'd make. Being staff here has been an interesting experience and I am happy I have been able to give back to the communities that have been wonderful to me. I am now with my wonderful GF, Katie, who's been very supportive of me and my work each step of the way.

There's only really three or four major things left I wish to do, but I will leave that to be finished by the end of 2029. By the end of this year, I will be 30. It should be an interesting decade upcoming.

I could say more, but I want to keep it brief more or less. Lots of reflection ultimately.

Be a cool person and check out this thread and comment on it!
There's custom dimensions and really neat sorcery you can enjoy!
Scrydan does Datapack things to Minecraft - 1.16 Minecraft Java Datapack Requests

Minecraft Randomizer: Scrycrafter
I've been around for a long time, even longer than my registered date cause I lurked heavily before 2008 and pretty much been around since before the great wipe in 2007.
SMWC is probably what got me into LPing stuff on youtube because I started with making Lunar Magic tutorials because there just wasn't really anything documented anywhere as far as tutorials went it was all just knowledge you passed on to other people in forums posts when asked.

I went from being a normal user to being asked to run PR and the youTube channel here and when that kind of died I helped out with being a hack mod before a specific event that killed all my motivation on the site and I resigned. Later on in 2018 I just kind of left I didn't have any real reason to be here at the time it wasn't something I was actively doing and the staff around that time had issues.

2019 though I came back, I decided this was a community i liked and even while being logged out I still browsed the site from time to time. There was a call for Forum mods again so I threw my name into the list I wasn't really thinking I would get picked as for the previous year I was inactive but I was chosen and have to say I'm really glad I took the chance on joining staff again.

I'm really impressed with the community and what has been done with SMW in general but I think the biggest thing I need to do this year is finally finish and publish the hack I started pretty much 10 years ago.
Originally posted by Dan
Even Lunar Magic continued getting the support from FuSoYa who unfortunately hasn't been the most appreciated person lately. I'd like to take this opportunity to say that we should not forget that he's been doing this for free for the past 19 years. If he doesn't want to share his source code, then so be it. Don't pester him about it, because at some point before you know it he will have enough of the complaining and stop updating Lunar Magic altogether. No one here is going to be happy after that.

That would be a shame, but yes there's always a chance that could happen. There's certainly any number of other things I can spend my time on. Yet it seems when given something for free, people unfortunately have a tendency to take such things for granted... even to the point that they think they're not only entitled to that but more besides. It's a trap I've probably fallen into myself on occasion when using other software.

As for LM's source, that particular question has been resolved since before this site existed and before some of those people were even born. It really is long past time for some of them to simply get over it and move on. Trying to grumble about it now is worse than useless, as it only runs the risk of spoiling things for everyone.

But anyway, enough on that. Thanks for the kind words Dan (and Mogu94), and a belated happy new year to everyone. #ab{:)}
@FuSoYa, I'm okay with not revealing the source code of LM at all, however it'd be highly appreciated if there was a version of LM3 on Linux or macOS without Wine. It'd facilitate hacking SMW if you don't want to use that spying OS (i.e. Windows 10).
I have a Discord server as well!

Back to working on my VLDC12 level!
Afraid I have no plans or interest in doing ports of LM for Mac or Linux. But from what I've heard Wine has been able to do an ok job of running LM for a fair while now (so long as you're not using a super ancient version of Wine).
Originally posted by FuSoYa
Afraid I have no plans or interest in doing ports of LM for Mac or Linux. But from what I've heard Wine has been able to do an ok job of running LM for a fair while now (so long as you're not using a super ancient version of Wine).

Hey, what if you allowed someone you trusted to port it to one of the other OSes? LM would remain closed-source, you wouldn't have to port it yourself AND it would make hacking more accessible. It should be fairly smooth sailing as long as you make it clear to the porter that you don't have time for you giving a bunch of feedback or bug-hunting on the port.

For what it's worth, while there's the possibility that the porter could maliciously leak out your source code, SMWCentral's mods are on top of their game regarding sniffing out illegal files. I've even seen someone get a warning for ACCIDENTALLY uploading a .smc for a contest level. Not to mention I'd think if anyone had the skill to port LM, they'd probably be a well-known person in the community (i.e. like Vitor) with eyes on their actions.
FanofSMBX - you may wish to redirect your post to the Lunar Magic thread. For what it's worth, however, I feel you'll be met with the same response from FuSoYa as they posted before you.

Also - bump. Closing this because "happy new year" time is over.
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