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CATACLYSM - An extremely difficult pit hack

Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseVideo/Trailer

This is the pit hack that I've been working on for the past year. It was made with two goals in mind: Firstly, I wanted this to be as stupidly difficult as possible (and I think I succeeded with that goal) but I also wanted to use as many weird glitches as I could. After lots of hours of being frustrated at my own setups, this is the result:

In case you want to play this or if you want to look at the playthrough in BizHawk, here's the download link:

DOWNLOAD v1.0 for legacy reasons
Holy cow. Now this is what I call a pit hack that lives up to its name. I had no idea what was going on as I progressed through the video. I'm obviously not playing it, but I had loads of fun just from watching all the clever rooms.
Any specific reason for you to pause sometimes? Is it just so you have enough reaction time for the next obstacle?

Great work!
𝓢𝓮𝓽 𝓶𝓮 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓮
Originally posted by Katerpie
Any specific reason for you to pause sometimes? Is it just so you have enough reaction time for the next obstacle?

I think it's to manipulating the sprites interaction frames as far as I know
EDIT: Great hack! It's certainly the hardest and the most creative pit hack I've seen in a while! I'm also not gonna able to play this since I'm still a really bad TASer...

Now that is a Pit hack! Extremely impressive work!
Originally posted by Katerpie
Any specific reason for you to pause sometimes?

Super Mario World has a terrible amount of frame rules, most notably that sprites can only spawn every other frame and that you only interact with most sprites (e.g. shells) every second frame. Pausing allows you to influence these frame rules as the frame counter continues to increase when the game is paused.

This is not a real issue in normal or even kaizo play but in a hack where a lot of jumps are pixel and frame perfect, this becomes a problem and pausing becomes a neccessity: Imagine you have to do a frame perfect shell jump but you literally don't interact with the shell on the critical frame. It also enables Mario to jump through the net koopa at 1:55, as he touches the net koopa for 2 frames, which is normally impossible. The pause at 2:41 is used to skip the spawn region of an impossible obstacle.
Waiting for KRUELA 2 and getting a pithack instead Kappa

Jokes aside this hack is amazing and Item Abuse looks like a sweet Kaizo Kindergarten compared to this. Really great job HF. I love your exploit of glitches and that you eventually make use of the highly underrated start-button.

Sad thing though this hack will never be released, since there's no one who could moderate it...

Haven't seen levels of this style a lot lately, and this was very welcome. You appear to have taken some LOTE-inspiration at the end, which I like. The music couldn't be more fitting if it tried. I also like the cape plus block duplication.
Legacy custom music
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SMW hacking channel

this looks freaking amazing and really freaking hard lmao, good work on this. i can only imagine it's extremely difficult even when doing it frame by frame

Never has Super Meat Boy music in SMW been so fitting.
Looks so brutal but I really do admire the aesthetics.

Was really fun (and impressive) to watch you play through that gauntlet. #smrpg{y}
Originally posted by TheBiob

A version 1.1 is coming soon™

EDIT: Done. It fixes the break by changing the spikes to act like castle spikes instead of acting like munchers. This should be compatible with everything that uses the intended route but the lag has changed (the second room now loads 1 frame slower and lags less). Nothing else has changed.
Who said pit hacks couldn't have mostly custom graphics? Who said pit hacks couldn't be innovative any more? Heck, the level of innovation here is overwhelming, e.g. using screen scroll to knock off the Koopa to bounce on the other one and progress (0:53).

Unfortunately, nobody's able to moderate this hack since Bruno Visnadi was demoted and you're the only Pit moderator now. Maybe Hack moderators could make a compromise with a TASer who plays this. I can't currently because I haven't been TASing for a while and I'm still a noob.
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Basically, I believe in peace and bashing two bricks together.
I had trouble with Kaizo Kindergarten...
now THIS looks like a real pit hack
and i must ask you this:
how many time were you testing this hack?, looks harder like your typical pit hack
Holy... wow! This hack looks insane! And insanely good! lol
This was really great to watch! The amount of creativity here is crazy! There are so many really impressive tricks that i haven't seen in pit hacks before, some that caught my attention were the eat cancel to Yoshi double shell grab, that double spring grab in the net which somehow launched Mario at supersonic speed, the block duping during flight with the P-Switch, as well as the whole deal with pausing to skip frame rules and screen-scrolling to kill the koopas!

This looks so brutal, to the point where i can't even have a vague idea of how hard it actually is! And i can't even imagine how much work and testing went into making all of this! Really great job!

Also, aesthetics look great! And you couldn't have picked a more fitting song for such a level! Super Meat Boy ftw!
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Kaizo/PitSuper Mario WorldFull Hack ReleaseVideo/Trailer