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COP MARIO (plus 2 bonus SMW hacks!)

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Yoshiatom's Post
CSketch, Smedis2 and Yoshiatom present...


Cop Mario is a brand-new fangame in which you play as the titular Cop Mario, who's back on the force to solve one last mysterious case! Features include:

- A full baker's dozen levels! Guide Cop Mario through 4 unique worlds to crack the case of the ancient baseball.
- A twist on Mario gameplay! Cop Mario can't run or jump on enemies, so instead he gets permanent Fire Flower powers along with the ability to aim the fireballs in arc. With his HP bar, he can also take some serious punishment!
- Powered by the Megamix Engine! Cop Mario uses the Megamix Engine, a high-feature engine designed for making Mega Man fangames. Yes, Mega Man fangames. You read that correctly.
- A high quality PDF manual! Need some understanding of the gameplay or convoluted plot? The enclosed instruction book may or may not help! JPEGs never looked so good.

Fangames not your thing? The Cop Mario ZIP also includes 2 bonus SMW ROM hacks! These hacks may look unrelated on the surface, but they both tie into the plot of Cop Mario. (They're also the reason the game exists in the first place, but that's another story)

Fun Game in it; Mario is the first SMW ROM hack from RED-FIRE creator Smedis2, in which you play Mario on a quest for vengance after an incident involving his wife and Bowser. If you're a fan of hacks like ChaosCompleXX, you might get enjoyment out of this.
This hack doesn't actually have much to do with the other games and was kinda retconed in at the last moment

CSketch's Graduation Gift comes from the mind of snoruntpyro, who you might know from the JUMP series. This hack is much more eleborate and features many suprises along the way. It's not easy though!
Cop Mario more-or-less exists to one-up this hack, as Cop Mario was made for snoruntpyro's birthday like how CSketch's Graduation Gift was made for, well take a guess

Have fun!

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<DeputyBS> I knew it
<DeputyBS> alcarobot is taking over the world through his truck dealership franchise
This is quite a lot of content to go unnoticed.
From the trailer alone I see a lot of creativity.

Like that Big Boo fight with the Balloons as constantly moving platforms? That is so clever and really puts a new spin on a rather old style of fight.
I'll have to look into all of this when I have some time off and really see what it is all about.

Fantastic Work. #smrpg{<3}

Super Mario WorldNon-Hack GameFull Hack ReleaseVideo/Trailer