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My Small C3 Thread


Hi there welcome to my humble thread. I'll likely update this as I think of stuff to show off.

Anyway for my first thing: a Foreground/ Background for the Chrome Dinosaur Game:

Night Theme:

A closer lock at the bird and star animating:

Both palettes in action:

I'm not explicitly looking to release it on the site but convince me otherwise in the comments?

Either way happy C3 everyone!
lmao good thing, looks like a nice parody

I thought of ripping the graphics from that "game" once, but never did it. Anyway, good job!
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Those are amazing-looking graphics.

I don't know how to say this, but I could not help but notice everything is in grey, white and black! What an odd choice of palettes. Did you fall victim to the color thief as well?

Wait a minute! I see now that Mario is in full color, is he the one behind this? No! It cannot be! Somebody must be framing him as the last time. This is getting more and more complicated. I will continue to investigate.
Despite seeming rather simplistic these graphics are quite well made. Especially you seem kinda new to the hacking scene, you did a very well job there #smw{:TUP:}

this is a pretty cute rip! i'm unsure of the practicality of it, but i think it could be accepted on the site nonetheless.
I really quite like the Dinosaur Game so even when my connection is gone I really don't mind playing this for a few minutes.

I am sure someone will use the GFX in a hack in some sort of secret or parody level.
Thanks for the nice words everyone; guess I should actually finish optimizing the gfx .bins now. :)

I couldn't think of anything else to show this go around so I guess I can post this spicy meme instead to close out: