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A whole bunch of SMW styled graphics

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldResource Release

This is a big pack full of SMW styled graphics, all taken from my cancelled ROM hack. What's in it?

An airship tileset.

A beach/desert tileset.

A factory tileset.

SMB1/2/3 tilesets.

A snow tileset.

Most of the classic enemies from SMB1-3. I took a few liberties with the SMB2 designs.


I love those tilesets a ton. The SMB 1/2/3 tilesets are especially cute to me! I hope people will find uses for them in their hacks.
You did a great job replicating the graphical style of SMW! My personal favorites are the beach/desert and factory tilesets. And like FPzero said, the SMB1/2/3 tilesets are definitely cute.
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That's certainly a bunch of graphics. I really adore the aurora, despite it is relatively simple. Definitely all well made. Good job! #tb{;)}

Could have sworn I'd seen most of these before, but if they're from a recently-cancelled hack that makes sense.

You did a fantastic job on the SMW styled Hammer Bros. and giant Koopas! (also those snowmen are strangely cute)

These are great.
I just love the Smw graphical style, its very cool to see other Mario games stuff based on smw.
I will definetely use these if I make another hack one day.
I love these. The SMB2 enemies, airship tileset and desert/beach tileset are my favorites.
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Gregor wins c3 is closed.
This is WAAAAAAAYYY much better than AwesomeZack's ones! Great job, mate!
Rest in Peace, Technoblade. You left us too soon.
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Thanks everyone! Reinterpreting new themes in SMW's style was definitely the funnest part of hacking to me so I'm glad people like it!
I think you really have a great grasp on SMW and it's style.
All these tilesets and sprites look so fitting so I'll be using them for sure.

I really like the SMB1/SMB2/SMB3 inspired sets.

Nice work Gregor. #smrpg{:D}
All of these graphics look great, love the liberties taken with SMB2's designs, sounds like something Nintendo would have done.

Definitively they look more SMW than AwesomeZack/Nintendo's SMM. #w{=)}

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Hey, lots of great graphics here!
I think you nailed the SMW graphical style very well, and these graphics will certainly come in handy for expanding the tileset possibilities of SMW styled hacks!

My favorites have to be the SMB tilesets! You really did a great job in combining the original games' style with SMW!
But all others are also incredibly well done, the style is clean and consistent, and the decorative details are really fitting for them (Also, i love that aurora in the snow background!)

Great job!
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GraphicsSuper Mario WorldResource Release