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dak's amazing thread ft. art

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oh shit its c3 and i have nothing finished to show.

well don't you folks worry im here to show stuff anyway, even though 90% of it is either one-off garbage or for my hack (gasp)

sike you only get two image of my traditional art and MORE, cmon and check it out still, we have stuff like this bad boy in here

This is so cool! It's a lot to read through but it's worth it to get a grasp on what kind of vision you have for a really interesting world. The little snippets you got there of tilesets is really cool looking as well as the sprites. They're giving me a very unique and also somewhat grim/creepy vibe (what is definetly a good thing!).
Sadly cannot say anything about the rainworld stuff other then that it's looking really cool! You are really good with rustic palettes that are pleasant to look at, in both the rainworld stuff and your hack stuff.
// Layout by Maxo
I love Rain World so seeing anything Rain World related is instantly amazing. #smrpg{<3}

Really liking that dark and ominous looking area.
It's stunningly creepy.

Looking forward to seeing more of this and from your future projects.

All of this looks insane, like, absurdly good.
I don't have anything much to say but I want people TO LOOK AT THESE THINGS BECAUSE THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!!!!
P much all of what I see is real good. Wish you had like, more support on this because you really are a rather skilled artist.
On Pixel Art Requests: I generally do not accept work unless I either have the time, if I see your project worth my time to contribute towards, and that is usually me doing the approaching to you on that.
-I also do not accept speculative work as I do have various art I made on-hand with me.
-I am more receptive to equivalent exchange of resources in which case, you can DM me wherever I have an active presence on for the details.
-Other times I'm availible for your project is C3 request threads I may run.

I have to agree on anything said above. All of this is pretty cool and especially your art is outstanding. These rips are absolutely excellent.
I really hope you can fulfill your plans. I wonder how great this hack from you would be #smrpg{:D}

The quality, variety, and level of detail on display here is astounding.
thank you guys so much for the kind words <3
i really plan on making my hack more than just some graphics and a written down plot, so stay tuned for that o:
You artist types always fascinate me. To view the progression of the gameplay experience in terms of "oranges/blues, dull reds, green/white" as opposed to "grassland, cave, forest"... It's not something I'd ever come up with in a thousand years, and it's intriguing to see someone work who has the intuition to set it up this way. There's also something to be said for a game whose environmental descriptions use words like "relay" more than they use words like "cave". Your appreciation of games like Ecco the Dolphin is apparent (so don't forget to include your homage to that literal 7+ minute slooooowly autoscrolling maze level).

This might be an odd question (and I know you're just starting out and all), but how much text are you planning on using in this game? For whatever reason I get the impression that this hack of yours will make its impact with a strongly built mood rather than an extensive narrative. Either way, while I hope this project turns out to be everything you're aiming for it to be, I think you'll come away from it learning a ton if you get through even a quarter of what you have planned.

I'm afraid I've little else to say, other than that you're a talented artist and that Blargg in particular is very well done. Keep fighting the good fight!

GraphicsSuper Mario WorldNon-Hack GameArtOther