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I got something cool worth showing you this C3!

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Hello, and welcome to my C3 thread! First things first, I think it is important to reintroduce myself.

Do you remember me? You think at first glance I might be new here, but I actually used to go by the notorious SwagAssMustafa, and earlier MasterSkodwarde and DaSpongeBobMan, who used to act weird overall and impatient for ASM resources and spam the GD forums in early 2017, getting seven or so teal bans, and a gray ban during Summer C3 2017 when some mods (such as Koopster, leod, et al.) thought enough was enough.

And when I pestered them to quickly unban me so I could get the spotlight for C3, it was a painful 2.5-year game over for me. I immediately regretted and cried for several days, but began to adapt to it. Ever since, I began joining several Discord servers, starting with RussianMan's Super Mario Lost World server (go check it out!) and afterwards, Katerpie's deprecated #kaizohax server and RussianMan's Basement. After a while though, as mentioned before, I became chill and just dealt with it.

At the month of my permaban, I created my own Discord server called SwagAssMustafa's General Server (SMW Central Hackers Only!). Ignore the "SMW Central Hackers Only!"; everyone's welcome! I also archive some lost ASM and music resources in #storage-house (such as Sonikku's Tryclyde and Mouser), so be sure to check that out!

During Summer C3 2018, I later joined Yoshifanatic1's server and finally, at the beginning of 2019, SnesLab. I had made an unban appeal to Eevee in October 2018, but it was not appealed because I said I wasn't certain to behave that better. I made another unban appeal to her eleven days ago from now, and at the beginning of this C3, Nameless informed me it was approved!

And where am I right here, right now? Back at SMWC!

The end... Now, for what you really want...

Ever since I joined SnesLab, I wanted to experiment with a very underused yet special SNES feature used only in a few games and subsequently a few SMW hacks: mode 0 - underused because all layers must be in 2bpp (only 3 colors + transparency) and special because it offers one extra layer aside from layers 1, 2, and 3 - totaling four layers.

I tried MolSno's code, but it didn't work properly from my perspective, so I asked LMPuny about it and he offered me his. There are plenty of things I was confused, but LMPuny clarified it for me.

I later used mode 0 in this level of mine for SnesLab's Power Mario Contest:

During the summer of C3, I needed to see which SMW graphics could be streamlined into 2bpp with as little and minor quality loss as possible. Luckily, I did.

A few months after SnesLab was established, a website and wiki were also established. Ever since, I decided it was time to write an article on how to use layer 4 for the lot of SMW hackers in and out of SMWC, and I drafted it on the night of my birthday, September 21st. I later finished and revised it all on December.

So behold, the guide of the ASM-unknowing hacker to mode 0!

If you have any questions or problems, I recommend you please ask publicly in the #asm-tech channel at SnesLab.

And some bonus stuff...

On May of 2019, I decided to lend a hand at porting music. My first port was Cave Dweller Concert from Donkey Kong Land (not Country; the song there is completely different). My first headache-inducing problem was transcribing the notes in FL Studio, with help from Wakana in #music-tech at SnesLab. After a few weeks, I managed it. In fact, in the span of one month from May to June, I got the hang of the basics of porting!

Now, although the port doesn't sound accurate to the original, it sounds good to me. I revised it a little on August.

On July, I wanted to do my first sampled port, and I chose Trees in the Depths of the Earth from Kirby Super Star. I grabbed the SPC from Zophar's Domain and ripped the raw MML data and samples with SPC2MML.

Now of course, it was a very messy deal of hard work to optimize properly - some blocks of notes that could be looped had inconsistent lengths as well as volume and panning changes which I couldn't transcribe into a proper loop. So if you see anything which you think could be looped but isn't, that's why.

Also, I had to worry about the note sychronization, which had to be done as precisely as possible. I even put the SNES SPC Player in 25% speed to check it. So please give me any possible feedback regarding the MML layout and optimization itself.

So without further ado...

...check 'em out!

Whew, this thread took me nearly 2 hours to write and put me into a mild trance doing so. Stay tuned for more!
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

This is worth giving a look. Great one, AnasMario130!
Edit: Is there a way to enable Mode 0 in SMW?
Edit2: Never mind, but is there a way to access Mode 0 in SMW?
Thank you Rykon! Please be sure to thoroughly read the wiki page and you will find three distinct mode 0 codes. Just directly paste one of those codes in a blank .asm file and insert it with UnerASMTool.
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

Hi Anas! I'm just here to listen to some music so I downloaded your C3 ports to listen to how they sound.

The Donkey Kong Land port is a bit loud, especially with that low @0. I also think the main melody is missing some psuedo-echo effects and it could use some release on the ADSR so that both @0s don't clash horribly.

The Kirby Super Star is definitely the better of the two. Sounds just like the original song to me which is good!
Anas... you're alive...

Seriously, though. Great job on showing off some mad ASM skillz, yo~! Keep up, man!
Rest in Peace, Technoblade. You left us too soon.
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Wow dude, glad to see you back here. And I'm really loving on the Mode 0 work here. I just hope that LM will better support it and maybe other BG Modes like Mode 2 and so.

I'm also very surprised to see a port of Trees in the Depths of the Earth. There was an old nintspc AMM port of the same song, but it wouldn't insert in the newer AMK for some strange reason. But I'm very happy to see it fully created for AMK now!
However, I think there's some sync issues with the percussion, most notably channel #0 and I think #1 is affected too. Just letting you know. But I love what you got so far!

I hope to see more from you soon!
Hey y'all, Scott here!

PFP by:
@Kamekku: Thanks! But that's not my ASM; it's LMPumy's! So give a big shoutout to him for helping me with Mode 0!

@Giftshaven: Thanks for the feedback! I am aware the first port could be improved, and I thought I could replicate the pseudo-echo effect just by changing between low and high volumes in-between the notes. Seems like that didn't work.

@AntiDuck: Thanks again! Trying to especially sync up the percussion killed me. And you say there existed an earlier port? By whom?
My Mode 0 guide.

My Discord server. It has a lot of archived ASM stuff, so check that out!

GraphicsMusicSuper Mario WorldResource Release