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Rykon-V73's GFX rips 2020: Bonus Day

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Hey there. I returned with 4 GFX rips to show, all 4 of them from the game Ristar. Now I don't know the rounds where the BGs came from, but hopefully I can be helped here. Some screenshots do have garbage tiles, but I assure you they're not present in the submissions. I'll start with 2 screenshots:

First is the Ristar desert BG. Uses less than one GFX file and can be downloaded from:
Click me

The BG is used for a waterfall/crystal land. Uses almost 2 GFX files. Download:
Click me

BG is used for a piano-like room. Uses less than 1 GFX file. Download:
Click me

This is the last BG for today. It's good for future arctic lands.
Uses 1 GFX file and over a half. Download:
Click me

For day 2, here's what I have to show:

BG from Ristar, a city/canyon taken place in the future. Consumes a little over a Map16 page, but with the space available in LM used for SMW, it should be no problem. Keep in mind that my BGs work with the latest LM. Here's an in-game picture:

Click me

This last BG is from Ristar. I'll continue with 2 more today. Here are 2 pictures:

This BG uses a GFX file and a bit of 8x8 tiles. For easiness, I used the bush tiles from FG2, instead of empty space from BG2. Here's an in-game screenshot:

Click me

Now for a BG from the SNES version of Earthworm Jim. You might be wondering what BG is there to rip from that game? There's also the Intestinal Distress 'BG' from the Genesis version. Well, there's no BG there. Instead, here's this:

Hmm, it looks like the BG from Andy Asteroids, but... yes, there's also a planet. This BG is used in the battle against Psycrow. This does use almost 4 GFX files. You do have room for a FG though. Here's a Map16 screenshot:

This does consume over a Map16 page and a half. Here's an in-game picture:

Download link:
Click me

The last BG is from the SNES Earthworm Jim 2. There are a few BGs left, but I decided to go for the last stage BG:

It's the BG from the level See Jim Run, Run Jim Run. The BG can only be used like this. Uses almost 4 GFX files, just like the Psycrow BG. Have a look at the Map16 page:

Uses a Map16 page and over a half. It uses more tiles than the Psycrow BG. Here's how it look in-game:

Click me

Time for a day 3 or final day GFX rip. While it's one, which is sad, this took the most work around here. You already know this tileset, you saw it in TSRPR2, but mine can be used by anyone. I'll start with the BG:

It's the Oil Ocean Zone BG from Sonic 2. There's a .doc or .docx file that gives details about the BG. Here's the Map16:

Now for the thing that took the longest time for a rip: the FG. Here's some of it, starting with Map16:

Keep in mind that it's a lot, but not perfect. I'll post a video:
Click this link
If the video doesn't work, then I have 4 screenshots, beginning with:

You do have a lot of options with this one.

The FG can be arranged in many ways. If you do download this, then you should read about the 'mystery' tiles.

Mario can go behind the poles to the right.

Other combos can be also pulled off.
I used the screenshots from WizToad, as well as some pictures from GENS to get this tileset right. You can visit WizToad's sheet, by clicking here. Download from:
Click me

If you liked every tileset published by me, then you can download all of them as a collection. To do that, just click the download link below:
Click this link for collection
But I am not done. There's actually another tileset I need to release to make this complete. Check the screenshot below:

It's seen in the eye section of Metroid Zero Mission. Here's the Map16:

Uses about a quarter of Map16. Now for layer 1's Map16:

No eye decorations, as those didn't fit with the tileset. I ripped the Metroid-specific blocks instead. Now for screenshots:

Hmm... looks like a normal place... what?... eyes?

More eyes? It's the eye section from MZM.

Some eyes can be used as platforms.

Below you see a certain usage of M-specific blocks. Some coding is mandatory to make those work. Download from:
Click me

You can download those from SendSpace, but I'll also upload those on SMWCentral when I have the time. Feedback is appreciated and yes, that's all I have for this C3. Stay tuned for the next C3 when I might post something.

SMW version: Ristar - Desert
SMW version: Ristar - Waterfall/Crystal
SMW version: Ristar - Piano Room
SMW version: Ristar - Last Stage
SMW version: Ristar - Future City
SMW version: Ristar - Outer Base
SMW version: Earthworm Jim - Psycrow
SMW version: Earthworm Jim 2 - See Jim Run, Run Jim Run
SMW version: Oil Ocean Zone Tileset
SMW version: Metroid Zero Mission - Norfair Eye

Oh, if there's something wrong with the rips, I'll see if I can fix them.
I'm amazed no one responded to this. Perhaps I'm not as known around here. Anyway, check the first post for updates and also check for the special thread.
Yeah, you definitely deserve a response to these. Ristar's backgrounds were fantastic, so it's great to get more on the site. Not to mention those terrific Earthworm Jim rips. Do you think it'd be possible to flip a bunch of tiles on that last background to make it tile in every direction, then use it in extended levels?

Currently working on Æther: The Infinite Library!

Other Submissions of mine!
I wanted to go for the day 2 original rips later, but I'll guess I'll take a look at what you said. I think it's possible.
Edit: I looked at every tile and it's flipped. What do you mean by what you said?
Space Backgrounds are great so the more the merrier.
Really hoping people use these in their hacks as they are some really good quality rips. #smrpg{haha}
Nice rips as always rykon :)
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2021 TRENO vibe check thread
Thanks, SN and another thing: what I'm about to show is acually cute. It makes people do good things in real life, on the site, etc., including myself.
Check the first post for updates.
The Oil Ocean Zone rip you made looks GORGEOUS!!! I like this much better!
Rest in Peace, Technoblade. You left us too soon.
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I am absolutely using the Psycrow and Run Jim Run rips for something! They're so cool.
Thanks. Check the first post for a bonus update. Also, make sure you give my cat some love. Visit the link here.
All of these rip are well made, even if the space they partially occupy is terrifying. Especially the Psycrow BG is absolutely beautiful though and the perfect proof that beauty needs some space. #tb{:DD}

Thank you for sharing these and good luck with whatever you'll surprise us next #w{=3}

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