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Rykon-V73's original GFX gallery 2020: Bonus Day(DKC2-like layer 3 in progress)

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Hi. I'm back, but this time, I'm going to show something I thought I shoudn't have done before. Just in mind: while the drawn GFX doesn't live up to its name like those from PercentN, StantheMacker, Gamma V, etc. I just hope they'll be enough for you. I will also try my best to give you more description this time, except for a few cases. I'll start with my Wooden Tileset updated further. Instead of screens, have a youtube video:
I've added darker poles, statues and sideways ladders. Here's the new Map16:

You can download this below:
Click me

Next is the Steampunk tileset you saw in the contest. I know it was the 2nd worst, even though I thought it looked very good. I did update all 3 layers. I'll start with layer 3:

The BG uses 92 tiles now and 5 palettes. You can still use the SMW status bar. Now for layer 2:

This uses 88 8x8 tiles. It does use 1 palette. You can also add golden levers to the BG pipes. For layer 1, here's a video:
And Map16:

It uses almost a Map16 file. I did arrage the tiles normally, but I respect the SMW contest rule of changing the palettes to the recommended ones. You can download from:
Click me

The last one for today is again another Steampunk tileset, but I just love the rule mentioned above so much, I did it again. Here's a screen of layer 3:

It does use 12 8x8 tiles and 3 layer 3 palettes. The BG is next:

It uses a GFX file - 1 8x8 tile. The wall is steampunk based. Now for layer 1:

The first screen also has Dragon Coins. If you get all then:

...the lights change colors. Another block is affected. I'll get to it.

I'm not that proud with the arrow, but what can I do. The light bulbs and gears are ExAnimated.

Bigger lights and big pipes. You can decorate the pipes.

There are also small pipes and sideways pipes. You can decorate those, too.

You can place ExAnimated spikes also. Now for the generators. The one above was the easiest to make. I'll get to the hard ones now.

Some blocks are recycled, liek the lightning and sign. Above you see the checkered blocks. Before, it was an x block. The 2nd generator took a while to do.

The generator to the right was a pain in the ass to make. It took over 2 hours to draw right and for it to use 9 colors is an accomplishment.
You can see the Map16:

It uses a Map16 page and 11 tiles.
You can download all this from:
Click me
Like with the ripped GFX, you can download from SendSpace. I'll put those to SMWCentral when I can. Feedback is appreciated.

Because it's day 2, time for more of my original drawn GFX, starting with layer 3:

It's a generic layer 3 with wooden logs, some cut off and some broken. At least it uses less GFX and a layer 3 palette. Time for layer 2 of normal grassland tileset:

Quite a shock, but it uses a palette. The GFX is a totally different story. It uses about 240 8x8 tiles, or BG1, FG2 and almost all FG1. Most essentials are kept. Now for layer 1:

A new feature is that you can change pipes from big to small and vice-versa. You should look at the Map16 for clearance.

You can place bullet launchers and special coin blocks.
One other thing that this set has:

You can place 2 sakura trees. Generic green and pink. The FG tileset uses 3 palettes. Download from:
Click me

Now it's time for a custom castle tileset, beginning with layer 2:

It does use about a quarter of Map16 tiles. Guess how many palettes it uses?
No... okay then.
The castle area, along with the lava uses palette 3, but the blue color, along with the swooper uses palette 1 and yes, it doesn't affect the SMW status bar. I was careful. While you can find the swooper on the net, mine is more detailed and has complete wings. But you might be thinking, shouldn't be there a layer 3 BG somewhere? Yes, there is and uses 2 layer 3 palettes, but you don't see it. That's because...
... that BG is a layer 3 smasher type:

I wanted this to be a surprise. Here it is. Now for layer 1:

The start. You can't pass through regular poles, but you can pass through darker ones.

You can place doors and also chandeliers. There's a version without lights to the right.

You can place line guides, bridges and pipes.

You can place lava also. While it does look like the one from SMW, mine is different and you also place decoration lava and is compatible with lava also.

Small pipes and sideways pipes, along with Os and Xs.

You can add pipe decorations.

You can do the same thing with big pipes. Here's the Map16:

It does use 2 palettes. Download from:
Click me

The last tileset is a special tileset, because I consider this one to be my tileset. It's quite close to a castle/factory hybrid. I'd call it: Rykon's factory. I'll begin with layer 3:

This can also be used with other tilesets as well. It uses 3 palettes, but you can only see the lightning and clouds use colors. That's because I used ExAnimation here. There are actually two lightning types there. Layer 2 is next:

It uses 1 palette and use 1 GFX file - 1 8x8 tile. Here's the Map16:

Uses over a quarter of Map16. Now for layer 1:

The beginning. You can see a barrel and blocks to the right. You can pass through the barrel. The tileset does remind me of something from SMWCP2, but done a bit different.

Here, you see other blocks and a laser. That laser kills you.

You can place diagonal walls and you see an industrial bullet launcher and another barrel. Mario can't go through this time. Now for the last 2 screens:

Pipes and darker pipes are compatible with lava and are on the same layer. It kills Mario.

You can decorate pipes and you can also see a vertical laser. You know what that means. Here's the Map16:

This tileset uses a full Map16 page. The FG uses 3 palettes and you'll have to play with the colors to experiment. Download from:
Click me

It's the final day and I have 2 tilesets to show. These should stand out from the rest. If you download those 2, then read the .docx for details. I'll start with layer 3:

It does look tasty. Time for layer 2 and its Map16:

There are bonus tiles that you can use, too. Time for layer 1 and it does stand out:

I aimed for a biscuit theme. You can place candy canes, lollipops, etc.

You can also select candy and other types.

I drew that napolitan tileset by myself if you're wondering and it does work well with biscuits and donuts. I had to look for those in real life, in order to draw them correctly. You can also place donuts outside.

You can enter napolitans if you want and slopes do work well both outside and with napolitans.

You can also place pipes here, too, as well as 2, 3, 4 or more donuts. You can configure the number. Here's the Map16. This uses almost 2 pages:

I organized it as best as I could. You can also place cookie platforms on biscuits. Want me to be more generous? Okay then, here's the palette:

You can download this sweet tileset from:
Click me

The last tileset is custom castle based, with a Metroid Zero Mission/Metroid Fusion feel to it. I'll start with layer 3:

This uses 3 palettes. Layer 2 is next, as well as the Map16:

Once again, it uses 1 palette. There are actually 2 red lights in the background. Those are ExAnimated. Layer 1 is last:

Mario is standing on the ground and platforms are attached to poles.

Here, you can see the ground a bit more. It has a MZM/MF feel to it and the ground is detailed. There are flags as well and Mario can go behind those. The Goomba was done by Worthless Nonentity with the name cut, but edited by me.

You can edit small and big pipes any way you want. The cannon and the football were drawn by me.

Those red things I call wall connectors. You can also place fences and also a broken cat statue. It's a shame I oculdn't do it all the way.

The fences can be edited any way you like and there's also a statue of a monk praying.

Here, you can see the fence in action and you can decorate the support that holds the fence.

Mario is about to enter the castle a bit more, indicated by the walls.

You can also place diagonal walls on the castle walls and you can use it to your advantage.

Those pipes are compatible with castle walls,...


...statues and fences. You can extend the fences even here.
Here's the Map16:

Use one Map16 page and a few tiles.
The palette is shorter than the candy tileset. Here it is:

To download this tileset,:
Click me

If you did like every drawn tileset, then you can download all of them as a collection. Just:
Click this link for collection

Also, check the secret message from the being. It should appear today.

I still think I'm not done here. There's actually another thing to show. No, it's not a tileset. This does have to do with sprites. Check the picture below:

Those goombas are wearing trousers. Those are actually steampunk trousers. That's right. I drew some sprites that respect the steampunk theme. Check for the next picture:

I drew the same trousers, but for a giant goomba. I'm not sure if I should draw trousers for the mega goomba.
If you do remember the steampunk springboard which was great for the contest, then keep in mind that I upgraded the giant springboard to use the same design. I hope it works.

I also drew a steampunk P-Switch.

It's a short thing, but I replaced the smiley coin with a steampunk aztec/mayan coin. It has a skull in the center.

You're looking at a steampunk message block. The 'I' says it all. It also has clouds. This is the golden version. There's also:

the version with copper-like colors.
There's actually another drawn sprite. It's in the ExGFX file, it respects the steampunk theme and you can use it, along with the drawn sprites. Download from:
Click me

SMW version: Wooden Castle - v1.5
SMW version: Steampunk tileset
SMW version: Alternate steampunk tileset
SMW version: Normal Grassland
SMW version: Custom Castle
SMW version: Rykon's Factory
SMW version: Candy/Sweets tileset
SMW version: Custom Castle-Metroid style
SMW version: Steampunk enemy graphics

If there are any errors, then I'll try to fix those. Should be easy.
Check the first pot for updates. Tommorrow you'll see the final day with 2 other tilesets, perhaps a bonus Monday and also watch for a special thread tommorrow.
Those graphics look almost neat, Rykon-V73! Great job! #smw{:TUP:}
Rest in Peace, Technoblade. You left us too soon.
Help us raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. #ДопомагаємоРазом / #HelpTogether
“Even if you personally are so dissatisfied with life that you want the world to end, surely the cruel reality is that it will continue on, unchanging. All the better for someone perfectly content, like me.”
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I'll accept even that, kamekku14. I'm no PercentN or someone else. He's a bit better(better than most people expect), even though I have some talent at this as well.
I'm surprised i didn't notice this thread earlier.
These are great GFX and one can see that lots of effort has been put into this.
I also love that you present them with so many screenshots. This gives a kinda vivid imagine how they can be used.
Thank you for this thread and i hope it will get some more attention.

If you drew all this yourself, that's actually pretty impressive! I especially like all the steampunk stuff; some very intricate pipe work there. The shrinking pipes are a neat idea too!

Thanks Sariel and WYE and yes, I did use some ideas here. I even thought about putting them into action. I also had attempted on drawing a layer 3 BG, but this time, trying to follow your format WYE, but I guess it's too late for that. I'll do that after C3. Also, I'll attempt to open a GFX thread of my own topic at the Graphics and Related topics, but the thing is not many people visit that forum, unless they request something. Some people do visit that forum for interest.
Check the first page for updates.
This BG will be released after C3, but it will be worth it. I'm in progress of making a BG, almost DKC2-like, look at the BG below:

You might be thinking: cheater! You just copied most of DKC2's haunted layer 3 BG and used it for your own. If you do look at the BG, then it's not the case. The original was 512x256, but I decided to do the changes below:
-use up to 5 palettes, making it compatible with SMW status bar-check;
-try to be as tile-conservative as possible-in progress;
-try to give the BG as much detail as I can-in progress;
-add a bit more decorations-in progress, but doing well;
-thinking of a way to fill the other empty space on the right-in progress;
-make the layer 3 BG 512x512;
-make it consume enough tiles, while at the same time making SMW status bar functional-in progress. Depends on the tiles.
The biggest difference in the BG is that my version is organized into files and rarely a book. The original has it organized into books, some broken. Some of my files are broken, too.
I hope this will satisfy most of you. Feedback is appreciated.
Thanks Brutapode89. Also, check the first post for a bonus update. Also, feel free to give my cat some love, by visiting the link here.

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