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Spotlight Nominations - Winter 2020

Welcome to C3! Here you can nominate C3 threads to be placed into the Spotlight up at the top of the page. I'll get the Spotlight up and running once we have a number of good nominations in here.

A few things to keep in mind before you nominate anything:

  • Please don't nominate your own thread, unless it is really being strongly ignored!
  • Explain why a thread you're nominating is worthy of the spotlight!
  • Try and nominate threads that are getting too little attention for how good they are!

Current Spotlight threads:

Winter C3 2020 Content Spotlight
Nameless's "Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Soundtrack"!

Winter C3 2020 Content Spotlight
Milon Luxy's "C3 Port Pack"!

Winter C3 2020 Content Spotlight
RussianMan's "Misc. Hacking Thread"!

Winter C3 2020 Content Spotlight
Darolac's "ASM Request Thread"!

Winter C3 2020 Content Spotlight
lx5's "Cosmic Clones for SMW"!

Winter C3 2020 Content Spotlight
MiniMawile303's "Celeste.smc" Demo!

Winter C3 2020 Content Spotlight
MarioFanGamer's "Multiple Midway Points Tool"!

Winter C3 2020 Content Spotlight
Green Jerry's "Technicolor Mario World" Demo!
I'll start off with some custom music showcases that caught my attention:

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Soundtrack Slowburn Sampler Sound of Screams - the Sonic nostalgia really got to me when I listened to Nameless's ports, plus this most of the soundtrack in great unsampled fashion.
C3 port pack - Milon Luxy's ports sound really clean to me. They're worthy of being put into the spotlight.

1st Kochobo Dourado Collab - C3 Release-

Good overworld, good levels, good memes. Definitely deserves a spotlight.

Trying out a new layout!
Russ' Misc. Hacking Thread Again - We don't see NES stuff too often, especially non-Mario games.
Darolac's ASM thread - really deserves the spotlight here.
Updated the spotlight to include everything that's been suggested so far. But we need more! I may add a few threads myself later on just to help fill out the spotlight more.
I would like to nominate xHF01x's pit hack - CATACLYSM. It's an extremely harsh and creative pit hack and the setups were well thought. It totally deserves that.
Hello! I would like to nominate MarioFanGamer's thread 'Managing Multiple Midway Points never has been easier' for nomination. The resource that is hosted here- the Multiple Midway Points Tool- is extremely useful for those who are working with or are planning to work with the Multiple Midway Points 1.7 patch; it simplifies the workload for setting up multiple midway points greatly and is packed with a good amount of features- such as the import and export of multi_midway_tables.asm files. An overall great tool release that allows for greater accessibility of a great patch.
Technicolor Mario World - Demo 2 for its creativity and challenge.