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Real Pog Gaming presents: The Hertrone Chronicles (NEW Music Snippets Preview)
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - C3 Museum - Winter 2020 - Real Pog Gaming presents: The Hertrone Chronicles (NEW Music Snippets Preview)
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Real Pog Gaming presents:

Some people may remember this as Project DOWNTOWN RPG. A a lot has been going on since we last showed off this project.
For starters, we have a new member on the crew! Alongside PercentN and myself we now have Maxodex gifting us with his outstanding musical skills!

This makes our team now look as follows:
★ Tob: Lead Art Designer, World Builder
✿ Drew/PercentN: Programmer, Art Designer
♫ Maxo: Composer

Over the course of C3 each one of us will step forth and present different aspects all regarding this project.

"But just what exactly has been going on?" you may ask. Well, we decided to scrap the project! Heh, that sounds weird right? But let me explain: We eventually realized that our vision was too ambitious for at the time 2 heads that just started at writing and making a full game and all that. So we decided to still use the world and all the lore we have come up with but instead work on a different, simpler and definitely more realizable kind of game.
And what is that kind of game like? It's gonna be a platformer! I don't want to go in detail on its gameplay yet because we are way too early into development to show anything even remotely close to gameplay. But I can assure you that we will do our best to make this game become one of the best of its kind! With unique mechanics and gimmicks and entirely original story set in the universe we have been building for almost a year now.

We have some art and lore to share right here right now of our main character: Cleo

Cleo is one of the last living people of a forgotten race called Floszilles. Floszilles are a variation of the human race mainly located in the Caltryx Weald in the north-west of the Hertrone Kingdom. Their key signature is their hair that has a grasslike texture and can even bear fruits. Body mutations beyond that aren’t uncommon though. Many Floszilles have a body part that is partially or fully made out of plant-like material. This can range from a finger to an entire leg made out of vines or leafs. The functionality of these mutations are heavily tied to the Floszilles Heart and Soul. Because of that, it is speculated that a long time ago in the past, rituals were performed that would create an everlasting intense connection between the humans Hearts and the Caltrys Weald intense Flora, thus giving birth to the Floszilles race.

Cleo's weapon of choice will be a lance (design of the lance is a placeholder). She can use her mutated arm to reach even farther with it! That will be useful in both engaging bad guys and traversing the landscape.

This concludes all we have for you for now. As I've said already, we will keep this thread updated as long as C3 is happening. PercentnN will show you some more of the actual developing and coding site of things with an Importer he has finished recently, and Maxo will share some great music later on! So definitely stay tuned for more!

We hope you enjoyed this overview on the projects state and could make you just a little excited for what's coming in the future! Also feel free to ask any questions that may have been left unanswered.
// Layout by Maxo
As promised, got some stuff to show off.

So first off, the game is being coded using Unity. This is the engine I am most familiar with and it does what we need it to do. The only downside with built-in tilemap editors like in Unity is that they can be annoying to work with, and everyone on the project would need to learn a lot of Unity's little intricacies JUST to make a level. Realistically not everyone on the team should have to learn all the nitty gritty stuff about Unity since we all do different things.

Fortunately theres a program called Tiled that lets you easily choose a .png tileset, turn that into a Tiled tileset, and build a level straight away! So I made a TiledImporter script that will parse the Tiled .json tileset and tilemap files and create the level in Unity automatically! Not everyone is a coder or has touched Unity so this lets our teammates make levels easily without having to even touch Unity.

Here's some screenshots to show how it works.

Tiled: In Tiled you can create different layers on each tilemap. In order to generate the correct layer detection and sort order in Unity, custom properties are defined on the left side and are 1:1 to the values in Unity (obviously Tiled doesn't know about Unity, so we have a document specifying what the valid values are for people to reference back to).

Here is the importer in work! As you can see, the generated level isn't the same one but the one made previously in the Tiled gif. I also changed the values of that spritesheet thing in Unity. The reason I did that was to show that the importer will actually automatically slice that spritesheet based off the tileset.json file (which is specified within the smwc_c3.json tilemap .json file). All tile assets are generated before creating the level. This allows for many different levels to be made using the same tilesets! Makes prototyping and creating levels much more efficient.

Proof that the order_in_layer and layer_name properties work correctly. The importer grabs those custom properties from the smwc_c3.json file, and translates them to the appropriate values in the Unity GameObjects.

The tileset in action! The physics works as the layers (for collision detection) are generated correctly from Tiled.

This is just a video showing it all at once. Importing from Tiled, generating the level and stuff in Unity.
Link cuz its too big.

Obviously these are all prototypes. It may not seem like much but this is something I've been working on for a bit as it will make development of the game much faster than if everything was done purely in Unity. Nothing wrong with using 3rd party tools to make your life easier. Of course this is nothing what the game is going to be like, just showing off something to make everyones life easier on the team :D

Stay tuned! I might have something else to showoff, and then Maxo will share something as well!
I didn't know about this project. And that such a professional team is working on this. With the talente artists and Maxo as musician i'm sure this could become a quite impressive game even if there aren't many screenshots given so far.
I really hope this will lead somewhere eventually and not end up like a VLDCX collab lol. I sincerely wish you best of luck with it and a looking forward for more! #w{=3}

Hello I think it's my turn.

I joined the project not so long ago, so from my part I haven't made as much as these other dudes have (more so now with the decision to change focus). #ab{^^;;;} So for now I will share three short snippets of music, just to get a taste of what the soundtrack will most likely be. Two of these are unfinished still, but regardless I hope you like what you hear.


Jess's Theme.mp3 (play)
This one is actually based off of Tob's original idea of a song, which is meant for the character of Jess, a kind jester-witch hybrid girl person. She has embarked on a journey across the entire Hertrone Kingdom to bring joy and entertainment to as many people as she can, and this is her little theme song. #tb{^V^}


Groobee.mp3 (play)
I actually made this inspired by the battle screen from the previous RPG project, where I meant this to be some sort of groovy (boss) battle theme. Of course, it will need a repurpose now that this isn't an RPG anymore. Still rough around the edges in some parts!


Cleo.mp3 (play)
Probably my favorite of the three, even if unfinished. Inspired by pretty and magical forest drawings.
Could end up being for an important area, or even Cleo's theme? Who knows.


That's it from me this time. Stay tuned in case either Tob or PercentN decide to drop something else. (Also, open to feedback as always!)

(images to these coming soon btw!)
LINKS Twitter | YouTube | SoundCloud | Fortaleza Reznor
Space for rent.
I like what you've shown so far, especially the worldbuilding and the music! Both have a huge Fantasy vibe to them, so while making a smaller-scale game is definitely a smart choice, I hope you'll be able to come back to the original RPG idea eventually. Looking forward to see and hear how this turns out!

(I've said this before in the C3 stream chat: Groobee.mp3 reminds me a lot of Hey Bulldog)


Woo update.

So what's going on here? Looks like it's just a health system! Well, that's because it is. But that's not the only thing it is. This health system is based off of a Signaling system I built. It's important that this system exists because with the Signaling system, any other system that needs to be updated in real time is able to be more modular. Currency, inventory, checkpoint systems, etc ALL can use this Signaling system with ease making it faster to prototype and easier to implement.

If you're interested in the more technical stuff about what's going on keep reading, else just skip this last bit.

This Signaling system was built utilizing ScriptableObjects and Events. (Here's more on what ScriptableObjects are and can do if you're interested.) What this means is that game objects don't have to depend on other objects to tell when something is happening. For example, rather than putting a player object directly into a scene it's better to have a spawn point that spawns a player object. This means there is no player for the HUD to reference, therefor no way to get the correct heart container values. This is where the signaling system comes into play as it has no idea about the player, only the location where health and mana values are read from/written to (as they are stored as ScriptableObjects). This means when the system gets say a HealthSignal, it will then update the HUD heart container values based off of the new health values without having to know who sent the Signal or who updated the health, just that the Signal happened.

That's it for my update. As I don't really have anything else to showoff, have a sneak peak on some sketches for some other possible HUD stuff. Enjoy c:

This looks really, really cool! I didn't read most stuff yet, because I'm late for C3 and have to get my post out quickly, but I love what I'm seeing so far, and it's always great to see fellow SMW hackers breach out into indie game development. Good luck with the project, hope to see more updates in the future!

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!
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